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Hag Stones

Hag Stones
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Hag Stones

Hag StonesNames and Findings

Hag stones also known as Witch Stones, Holley Stones, Adder Stones Are Stones with holes found in them naturally. Hag stones can be found near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and maybe oceans. Such stones have been discovered by archaeologists in both Britain and Egypt. Commonly, they are found in Northern Germany at the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas.


When peering through a hole of a hag stone if you close the other eye you can see magical beings like faeries, spirits, and elemental beings. Depending on the stone you can also see other realms the most common being the faerie. They are used to see invisible creatures of the land of the Fae and open up a window to other realms.


You can also use a Hag stone for New Beginnings,  Connection to the Gods, Cleansing, Fertility, Protection, and opening your third eye. The hag stone is most connected to the element water and the moon. You can wear a Hag stone as a necklace to banish away negativity from you. Or you can hang it in your home to banish bad spirits away from your home.


Germanic legend says that adder stones are formed when serpents gather together and use their venom to create the holes in the center of the stones.  Hag stones are said to have many uses. They have been used by witches worldwide for centuries in both rituals and spell work.  They also have been used, ironically, as a toll to counteract a witch’s magick.  Legend has it that they can be used to ward off the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares.

There are some practitioners of Italian folk magic who also believe that fairy stones  can be used to see and ultimately  bind a faery to their service for a specific length of time; a dangerous practice for sure.  If you have a fairy stone, wear it around your neck when you’re out in nature looking for fairies.  To “fine tune” your faery attraction skills, gather morning dew in a container and gently pour it through the hole in your fairy stone before anointing yourself.

Tree Spirits

If your fairy stone was found in a forest, it can help you connect with Tree Spirits.  A charm of a hag stone suspended on a red cord is especially useful at Samhain, when the veil between this world and the fairy world thins.

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