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Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers
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Psychic Powers

Many people are psychic, but most don`t know it. I am a psychic and I am here to tell you all about it!

Most people mistake the word psychic to mean mind reader, which it most certainly is not. To be psychic is the power to see into the future, most psychics including myself use crystals and Psychic Powersoracle/tarot cards to do so. Some psychics have certain messages that come to them in visions or dreams.

I am here to hopefully help you understand my power a little better.

It can sometimes be quite scary to have nightmares when you get psychic dreams as well, just know that nightmares are very rarely visions of the future

Like in tarot-the death card rarely means death. And not all dreams are psychic ones.

If you do want to embrace your psychic side with oracle or tarot cards then try not to just read what it says on the card, think of what the picture looks like and what it could represent, what the card “says” to you, I have many cards that represent a certain mood or moon phase and by identifying what your cards are showing you, your reading will become more precise and reliable. 


Look at the card that you don’t understand or unsure of it’s place, and ignore the words, take a deep breath and clear your mind a bit, the pictures are not just pretty illustrations, they are the largest part of the message,

I have an anger card with a black unicorn surrounded by embers- this represents anxiety- whatever reading I am doing, if this card comes up I know there will be some kind of fear or worry if I don`t immediately identify the worry then I place down another card on top and it usually tells me.

The most important thing to understand with card reading is that they are only a way for you to connect with the universe and receive its message. 

At the beginning I said we sometimes use crystals- here are the types some psychics use and their basic uses.

Amethyst- A good “decider crystal, a crystal on the end of a chain that you train to answer yes or no questions (i will create a separate description)

Quartz- Good to cleans and protect your cards in between uses

Rose quartz- Good for protecting YOU from negativity while reading

I hope you found this interesting!

Little witch out X

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