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Gemini 21 May – 20 June

Twins Air Sign

Ruling Planet Mercury

Birth Stone – Alexandrine, Metal – Mercurium, Power Stone – Mossagate.


Above all Gemini likes to communicate, they have a myriad of interests and at times can be considered somewhat flighty, they are quick witted and can go from subject to subject while you are trying to catch-up . They love to learn they tend to draw an eclectic group of friends in their life and have a tendency to bore easily necessitating them to try something new, their charm always carries them through. They have a childlike quality to them and an engaging spirit, if you are feeling down in the dumps a Gemini will talk your ear off until you are feeling better. Gemini’s love to read and have several books on the go at once. Gemini’s tend to challenge themselves sometimes taking on more than they can handle. Their learning curve is to finish what they started. Nonetheless they engaging and joyous companions.


Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius


If you are in a relationship with delightful Gemini be sure to love the mind as well they are scintillating lovers and surprisingly open and loving towards their partners. They can at times be testing to be around because of their speed of thought. If you are the jealous type it may be difficult to maintain a relationship with Gemini as they are so magnetic people are drawn to them as if by magic. They also have a great deal of stamina they are generous and sensual lovers they are and expect an imaginative lover and if you love travel as much as Gemini does you will both be happy in the relationship, they love the idea of love but it takes fortitude to be with the bright spark Gemini.


In a work environment Gemini requires a mental sparring partner to keep them interested and motivated, they work exceptionally well under pressure, they are technically minded and often their work environment spills over into their social life. People and white noise are needed for Gemini to stay focused and motivated. Dealing with the general public in one way or another suits Gemini.

You Share Your Sign With; Queen Victoria, Henry Kissinger, Marilyn Monroe.

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