Protection Spells

Spell to protect you from anger

Spell to protect you from anger

Spell to protect you from anger

This is a spell to protect you from anger, whether it is coming from you, or coming from an outside source.

You will need:
One small sodalite crystal.
One blue candle.
One stick of incense.
One small bowl filled with cold water containing a sprinkling of salt.

Place the candle in the center of your table, or altar, and light it. Place the incense to the right of your altar and light it. Place your bowl in front of the candle and put the crystal in the water. Gaze at the candle flame for 1 minutes, contemplating the word serenity. After 1 minutes of candle gazing, remove the crystal and hold it in your left hand. Imagine the crystal charging you with positive and serene vibrations, gaze at the candle flame then recite the following:

Crystal energy I do receive. Light positive I absorb. Anger banished be no more. So mote it be.

You should feel a release of anger immediately whether it is from you, or from another. Allow the candle and the incense to burn down. Carry the crystal with you, and hold onto it if you feel something, or someone, is making you angry, the crystal will help to dissipate the negative energy.

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