Protection Spells

Spell to keep your enemies at bay

Spell to keep your enemies at bay

Spell to keep your enemies at bay

This spell is to protect you against an enemy, pay attention to detail when you cast this spell.

You will need:
One quartz crystal.
One black obsidian crystal.
Six peppercorns.
One teaspoon of salt.
The juice of one lemon.
One white bowl.
One red candle.
One wooden spoon

First place your candle in the middle of your altar, or table and light it, then tip the juice of one lemon into the bowl (without seeds), next add the black obsidian crystal, then the clear quartz crystal. Place the six peppercorns, then the teaspoon of salt into the bowl, stir with a wooden spoon, six clockwise stirs, two counter clockwise stirs. Place the bowl in front of the candle, not touching it. Take six deep breaths and exhale into the bowl after each breath.

Now Recite the following twice.

Air circles wind blows. Enemy be gone. You wrong me no more. Free me from evil intent. So mote it be.

Gaze at the candle for 5 minutes imagine the candle flame is burning any untoward energy and freeing you.
Remove the two crystals, and rinse them under a cold tap. Tip the contents of the bowl into the garden, or into a plant pot. When you go to bed place the clear quartz crystal under your pillow and place the black obsidian on your bedside table. Leave them both for one week, then use them as you see fit.

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