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Securing Your Possessions: A Protection Spell Against Theft

Securing Your Possessions: A Protection Spell Against Theft
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Protect your belongings from those who would seek to take them with this powerful protection spell against theft. This spell will create a magical barrier around the items you wish to protect, allowing only those with your permission to access them. Whether it be your home, car, or even your wallet, this spell will ensure that your belongings stay safe from any potential thieves. With its easy to follow instructions, even an amateur witch or wizard can cast this spell and feel secure in the knowledge that their possessions are safe.

Items Needed:

  • A white or silver candle
  • An athame or dagger
  • Sage
  • Protective stone (such as an obsidian)

Ritual Steps:

1. Begin by cleansing your space with sage.

2. Place the candle and the protective stone in front of you.

3. Light the candle.

4. Hold the athame or dagger in your dominant hand.

5. Visualize a protective shield surrounding you and your property.

6. Speak the following words aloud:

From this day forth,
My property shall be safe from theft.
Only those with pure intentions may enter.
No harm shall come to me or mine.
So it is done.”

7. Let the candle burn down completely.

8. Cleanse and ground yourself.

9. Spell is now complete

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