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Witch’s Shield: A Powerful Protection Spell Against Dark Magic and Witchcraft

Witch’s Shield: A Powerful Protection Spell Against Dark Magic and Witchcraft
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Witch‘s Shield is a powerful protection spell designed to ward off dark magic and witchcraft. It works by creating a powerful energy shield around the caster that blocks any negative or dark energies from entering. It is an effective tool for those seeking protection from any form of malicious energy, whether it be from a witch, a spell, or any other source. This spell is also great for creating a general sense of safety and security around you, allowing you to feel safe and secure in any situation. With Witch‘s Shield, you can trust that you are shielded from all forms of dark magic.


  • a black candle
  • a white candle
  • a piece of rose quartz
  • a bowl of water


1. Place the black candle in front of you and light it, and then place the white candle to the right of it and light it.

2. Place the rose quartz in the center of the two candles and say out loud:

“I call upon the light to protect me from all witchcraft and dark influences.”

3. Take the bowl and fill it with water from a natural source, such as a river or lake.

4. Place your hands in the water and say:

“I banish all negative and dark energies from me and my space.”

5. Visualize a white light surrounding you as you say the following:

“I am protected by the light and by my faith. All negative and dark energies are banished and no harm shall come to me. So mote it be.”

6. Allow the candles to burn out completely before disposing of them. Store the rose quartz close to you and use it whenever you feel the need for extra protection.

7. The ritual is complete.

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