Spell to bring love into your life

Spell to bring love into your life

Spell to turn you into a love magnet

Spell to bring love into your life. Recite the following.


From chrysalis state I do awaken

I see all there is for me

A shared love I do welcome

Thoughts of love do my mind fill

Let love now be for me

Come close share my embrace

Witches infuse this spell with power

Let it contain all I need

Fill it with love and warm desire

Sprinkle of tenderness moonbeams three

Camelopard hair and one hawk’s feather

Ring of power is now made

Love spell of power stirred three times three

Love’s arms to welcome me

Let love inspire

Love is now

Love is near

I call to Eros god of love

Sacred knowledge

Love is coming

Love’s call directed

Love’s call heard

The power of love is to now be

I will love to come to me




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