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Spell to bring love into your life

Spell to bring love into your life
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This spell is designed to bring love into your life by invoking positive energies and visualizing the qualities you desire in a partner. By repeating the words of the spell and placing a red rose on the paper with your intentions written on it, you are setting your intention to bring love into your life.


  • A pink candle
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A red rose


1. Find a comfortable and quiet space to cast the spell.

2. Set up the items on a flat surface and light the pink candle.

3. Take a few moments to relax and clear your thoughts.

4. Take the piece of paper and pen and write down the qualities you would like in a partner.

5. Place the paper underneath the candle and repeat the following words:

“Bring love into my life.
Fill my heart with joy and delight.
Let the one I’m meant to be
Come to me with love and harmony.
So Mote It Be!”

6. As you say the words, visualize yourself surrounded by love, light, and warmth.

7. Take the red rose and place it on top of the paper.

8. Allow the candle to burn completely, then dispose of the paper and rose in an appropriate manner.

9. Take a few more moments to relax and thank the universe for bringing love into your life.

10. Your spell is complete.

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