Love Spells

I want a lover spell

I want a lover spell

I want a lover spell

Recite the following.


Magic witch of love now chants

Ingredients of love she makes

Cauldron stirred seven times over

Lavender, bergamot herbs now mixed

Rose petals, primrose and fairy magic

Lover find me know I am here

Sense my energy feel me near

Universe conspires we are to be

Clear intentions ether receives

Witch holds her wand aloft

Wand waved three times this spell she binds

You hear my voice

Your lover I’ll be

Sensual yearnings I do send

Patiently waiting

Your lover I am

You hear my voice

Find me lover come to me

Find me lover take my hand

Find me lover I am for you

I want you lover the time is now

It is now to be




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