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The Witch’s Dog Familiar

A familiar is an animal or spirit that assists witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. Familiars possess magic and commune with the spirits, some have the ability to shapeshift. For the modern witch there are essentially three types of familiars: The physical, the astral/spirit and the artificial. The physical familiar can be any pet or animal you have a connection to. The astral/spirit is one that exists in the otherworld or beyond the world of the living. The artificial Familiar is one which is created through magic.

At some point during your journey down the path of witchcraft you may wish the companionship of a familiar spirit.

The selection of a familiar spirit is a personal matter. In some cases, the familiar might choose the witch instead. if you feel naturally attracted to make a particular animal your familiar, then it is Dog Familiarlikely you are being called into a relationship.

One of the greatest familiars is the Dog familiar. Once you decide to take a Dog as your familiar, you must first ask its permission, you will see either a positive reaction or a negative one. If you are of good heart they will most likely agree, those who treat their dog poorly will get an unfavorable result.

The Dog was domesticated as long ago as 12,500 BC and witches have been using them in their magic ever since. Each breed of Dog has its own unique magical qualities and can aid a witch in different ways, but one thing all breeds have in common is their powerful protective magic.

Dogs cannot be deterred easily, and they are particularly drawn to humans who show loyalty and generosity towards others. When a Dog chooses to act as your familiar you can be certain of loyalty, devotion and protection.  Your dog familiar will also help you with healing, communication and spellcasting.

Dogs are deeply psychic and have a keen sixth sense which make them the perfect companion for the witch. With the partnership of the Dog familiar all your magic will be empowered and you will have a faithful ally by your side. Start small and build a connection with your familiar, this deeper connection will also increase the power of your spells.

The best place to begin your journey with your Dog familiar is with protective magic. Begin with casting a circle with the dog by your side and you will notice the extra power almost immediately.

The Dog familiar will naturally take its role as protector and begin guarding you and your home. Whenever you are doing astral or dream work, keep your familiar near to offer protection. The Dog has exceptional psychic abilities and will often foresee imperceptible dangers, pay attention to a dog’s behaviour, if he is barking or appears agitated, take notice of your surroundings, the Dog may be warning of an intruder, a dark spirit, peril of some sort or could even be warning about a health issue, such as a heart attack or epileptic fit.

Dog’s also have the ability to see and hear spirits and you will often see the Dog barking at what appears to be nothing. This ability also makes them the perfect messengers to the spirit world, if you want to pass on a message to a deceased friend, the Dog will gladly pass on this message for you. The loyalty can be so strong that the Dog familiar you had in a past life is still watching over now in this life. You must be careful not to abuse the Dog’s trust or the Dog will bite.

Dogs have a great sense of smell and can know the location of items that are not even remotely visible.  Use this power to find lost items, people or to safely guide you through dense forest.

A Dog sees the good in everything and encourages you to do the same. The Dog familiar is also an excellent judge of character and will try to warn you if they sense deception in the person you are with, listen to the Dog and pay close attention to discover what is hidden.

I recommended that you keep a journal of your work with your familiar spirit. Review the journal monthly and note any concerns, challenges, problems and especially all that is positive.

At this point you should be aware of the seriousness of working with familiar spirits. ­ Mediate before taking any course of action and enjoy the journey with your familiar.




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