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Angels are different from other guides as they are not part of the human race, they work within light and are ever ready to offer help and guidance, they are benign entities that want nothing more than to offer, comfort, direction and healing. All of us have at least one guardian angel who watches over us, you can learn to attune your senses so that you can become aware of your angels. The energies are very subtle and you need to be still and quiet to become aware and open up to them.

To begin your journey to meet your angel it is necessary to create a sacred space, with an altar, candles, incense and oil essences. You can create a simple altar by placing a beautiful piece of fabric over a table and placing a candle, in a candle holder at each end of the table, you will need coloured candles, representing the four elements. Place a green candle to the north this represents the element of earth, a red candle south representing the element of fire, a blue candle west representing the element of water, a yellow candle to the east representing the element of air. Place a male statue on one side of the table representing yang, and a female statue the other side of the table representing yin, or the god and goddess energies. You can also place crystals on your altar to help generate spiritual energies. Before you begin your meditation it is a good idea to use a smudge stick to cleanse the area you will be working in and use the smudge stick againwhen you finish your work, to close your circle move the smudge stick around in an anticlockwise motion.

Light the candles, incense and oil essences, make sure they are all in safe containers, sit comfortably and gaze at the candle flames, do this for about ten minutes, let your breathing become regular and relaxed. This makes you more receptive to tune into angelic energies.

The angels can help us to expand our mind and give us a greater understanding of all that is, we just need to be still and find the angel frequency. Angels belong to a particular group of beings who honour a hierarchy, within the groups they are allotted different tasks, their energy emanates all that is good, kind, beautiful and spiritual. Angels are the messengers for mankind and want to imbue us with understanding, tolerance, peace and joy. As you understand more about angels and their different roles, you will be able to invoke the angel that you require for guidance.

The most highly evolved angels are those whose task it is to keep the stars, planets and heavenly bodies in balance and alignment, they work with sound and use musical notes to create a specific energy, they are the guardians of the sky and all that is in it. They are the keepers of movement and harmony in the universe, they are called Seraphim.

Next you have the angels who work with light, they help to maintain the light between heaven and earth, heaven is a higher vibration, earth a lower vibration. On a soul level we have a higher vibrational energy, but the light energy has to be diffused before it reaches us or it would be too overwhelming. The angels move through levels of vibrations to come to us, and by us moving into a heightened state of awareness we can more easily be aware of these heavenly beings. The more we meditate and strengthen our psychic abilities, the easier it is to create a bridge between the two dimensions. These beings who work with the light and direct the light are called Cherubim.

There are angelic beings whose task it is to watch over the planets and to help keep a correct balance between planet earth and the other planets. They are also there to offer healing in the case of disasters, and at times are able to divert these situations. Their job is to maintain universal equilibrium and to teach us how to care for the planet on which we live. These angels are known as Thrones.

There are angels who are assigned to every single being on the face of the earth, they offer support and they teach, they appear in our dreams, they are there when we are ill or frightened. They Angelsoffer counsel, encouragement and guidance, they help us to get in touch with the wisdom within and use it in our lives. They tirelessly follow us through our life and can be called upon whenever we need them. These angels are the Dominions and are the divine guides of every single entity.

Whenever you ask for help or you say a prayer and ask for guidance, if you are ill and require healing, you can evoke the Virtues, they work with individuals and offer specific support to individuals. They are there whenever someone is ill, their energy is particularly gentle in response to a parent’s call for their children to be healed. Meditate and send a message to these angels and if you are unwell you will feel their gentle healing energy.

There are the angels whose task it is to be present during birth and death, they help us to be inspired spiritually and awaken to the higher powers that are around us. They guide us as we enter the world and as we leave it. They are the keepers of the collective unconscious and document our life, they keep the records of all that we are, have been and will be. They are powerful beings who help us to understand our spirituality and integrate this into our lives. They are known as the Powers.

There are angels that take care of large organisations, groups, cities, nations, they help to maintain order and harmony, they can infuse calm into unstable situations. They are known as the Principalities.

Archangels are the most well-known, especially Gabriel, they are the protectors and can be invoked to watch over our homes and lives, they help to give us direction and understanding. They want all beings to embrace their spirituality and merge it into their daily lives, with the intent of creating a more harmonious world for us to live in. Invoke Michael, Gabriel, Raphael or Uriel for greater understanding and wisdom.

There are angels that remain closer to the earth and the earthly vibrations, they are responsible for happiness, harmony, intuition, love, well being, dedication, honesty, joy and humour. You have an angel designated to you as you enter the earth plane, they are there for you throughout your life, ever ready to offer guidance, healing, understanding and protection. Once you are able to tune in to your life angel you will very likely be given their name.

The Archangels are the ones spoken and written about often, and many people evoke these beings for various reasons. Gabriel can be called upon if you are having difficulties emotionally, such as within a relationship or in your family life, he helps to bring reason and calm to erratic energies. Gabriel also helps to reveal hidden problems, thus forcing them to be dealt with so that a healing may occur. He helps to maintain emotional balance and harmony.

If you are unwell, undergoing treatment, have an injury, are going for surgery or have any mental, physical or spiritual dilemma, call on Raphael, he will be there to offer divine light and healing energy. Meditate first so that you can be more receptive to the energies of the angel that you evoke.

Uriel is the Archangel to invoke if you are looking for direction, he inspires the mind and encourages learning, he wants us to question and grow. He helps us to be in the world and to understand financial balance, he nurtures research, and for anyone who wants to be involved in medicine, or research, he is the one to call. He is also the great awakener of spiritual understanding, he helps us to be open to all possibilities.

Michael encourages us to know ourselves and to value our life quest, he wants us to ask the questions and find the answers. He teaches and guides us in our dreams, and it is especially helpful to meditate before bed and invoke Michael before going to sleep. He helps us to foster tolerance with others and to embrace the world in which we live. Call on him to help guide you to quest and live the best life you possibly can and to be the very best that you can be.

There are angels who care for the air that we breathe, these are the angels of the element of air, and if you breathe in and out being conscious of drawing in angelic air, it is as though you are breathing in the life force.

There are angels of fire who are drawn to the warming hearth fire and the glow of candles, the fire angels will be drawn to the candle flame and this helps you to open up the doorway to the angels. The warmth and light of a fire or the flame of a candle, attracts the angels of the fire element. Next time you are in your sacred space and you light your candles, think about the angels of the element of fire.

By understanding the varying roles of the angels you can summon the angel you need for a specific purpose, you first meditate in your sacred space, you then call on the particular angel you feel will help you.

When you are sitting in your sacred space, and you have lit your candles, incense and oil essence, close your eyes and visualise a pink light, feel and see the light moving upwards from the base of your spine, flowing upwards, opening your inner energy centers. Let your breathing become relaxed and rhythmic, feel the light moving up to your navel, then up to your chest, it flows from your throat through your third eye and up to the top of your head. Feel the light spill from the top of your head and wash over you, sit focusing only on your breath and the pink light, stay like this for at least ten minutes. You are then ready to summon your guardian angel.

Visualise a bright white light in front of you and ask your guardian angel to come to you, as you do this you will feel a surge of energy. See your angel emerging from the bright light, your angel may have a coloured aura, walk towards your angel and feel the warm, loving, protective energy. You may ask your angel a question, stay and wait to see if the answer pops into your mind, it may not happen immediately, it may be a gradual understanding that will penetrate your consciousness at a later time. Remain with your angel for as long as you wish and draw in the energy of love, joy, humour and healing that your angel will exude, there is usually a scent that angels emanate and you will notice this immediately. You can also ask your guardian angel what their name is.

When it is time for you to finish communing with your angel, remember the feeling, the energies, the colour, thank your angel for their loving guidance. Concentrate on your breathing and visualise the pink light moving from the top of your head down your spine to the base of your spine, this is your way of closing off. Gently come out of your meditation and open your eyes, if however you are someone who can see their angel actually, then meditate with your eyes open so that you are able to see your angel.

Try your guardian angel exercise at least once a week, you will find it will be easier each time that you meditate, and you will contact your angel more quickly the more often you do it.

The traditional image of an angel is the way an angel will appear to you, it may not be a clear image, but it will be an outline of the archetypal image, as angels are pure energy you will feel them before you see them, and at times you will only feel their energies and sense their presence. Angels do not need a physical form, but they present a recognisable form for us to relate to and your guardian angel is always with you. The reason you meditate is to become more sensitive to other energies around you and to make you more receptive to sensations that would otherwise elude you.

Your angel cannot stop certain things from happening and as the earth is in a constant state of flux, certain natural changes will occur during your lifetime and as the angels honour freewill they cannot stop all negatives from occurring, as a certain evolution takes place. For instance an angel cannot and will not stop you from doing something that you are committed to do, what they offer is advice and guidance, it is up to you whether you listen and respond to them. When certain difficult or destructive actions take place, this is a person who has shut down and is unreceptive to higher guidance, again this is someone exercising their freewill even though it will have a negative effect on their life. There is light and shadow within everyone, some embrace the light, others embrace the shadow, the angels have no control over choices made. By meditating and welcoming the light, you are opening yourself up to your guardian angel’s guidance. If for instance you are heading towards an accident, your angel will do all within its power to make you aware there is danger and try to help you avoid it, and the more naturally receptive you are to their energies, the more likely that you will heed their warning.

If you have children you can talk them down into a meditation using the pink light technique, this will teach them how to be still and to listen. Most children enjoy the sensation of meditating  once they are introduced to. Allow children to use their imagination and to be open and receptive, children are surprisingly intuitive and in touch, nurture this.

Before working with metaphysical energies you may be apprehensive, although it is a good idea to be alert and to listen to yourself, there is really nothing to fear. Working with angels is a good way to begin as your confidence will build each time you commune with your angel guide. When you meditate you are moving into an altered state and the normal energies that surround you begin to change, this is you moving closer to that doorway between earth and beyond. It will help you to feel more confident if you use your smudge stick and at the same time visualise a white light of protection around you, you will then be assured only benign energies coming in love may enter your sacred space.

Your angel is your gentle guardian always near, always watching over you wherever you are, whatever you do, the angels align with the four elements, earth, air, fire, water. The more tuned in you are to your angel the easier it is to be open to another dimension, they then become more tangible.

There are certain activities that will help you to feel more in touch with angels, having living plants and flowers  in your home creates an ambient energy which draws angels, being loving towards those close to you and having kind thoughts, draws angels. Angels love beautiful things and beautiful energy, a home full of love attracts them, beautiful music and art draws the angels of literature, art, music, creativity and beauty. They are always drawn to creativity, both mental and actual, a lightness of spirit also attracts them, but nothing draws an angel more readily than pure love, and a loving and giving nature. Have an open heart and let in the light, when you perform your day to day activities think of the angels and you will build a connection. An energetic home with a flow of love, light and happy energy is a naturally welcoming environment for angels. Beautiful colours in a light happy home act like a magnet to angels, they are also drawn to the energy of crystals, any colour crystals that appeal to you may be used.

There are many angels playing many different roles, some are the angels that create calm after chaos, or those that hover if someone has had an accident or is ill. Some angels work with the energy and seriousness of responsibility, concentration, discipline, legal matters, work related matters, financial management. You can invoke the angels of balance, order, travel, healing whenever you need them.

There are special angels who keep our lives in working order and help us to maintain balance and harmony in all things, you could call them the angels of serendipity, as they help us to do the right thing at the right time. They try to ensure you meet the person who is to help you with a project or an idea or business, they help things to intercept in our lives exactly where they should. They are the instigators of surprise linkages and meetings that seem to happen by accident, or coincidence. Call on these angels when you want to be guided to be in the right place at the right time.

When you are having overwhelming difficulties in your life and you cannot see any way out, through or around these difficulties, invoke the angels of transmutation, they have a way of clearing away that which weighs us down. They help you through times of change and are especially healing towards those going through emotional pain. They are there to help you work through issues and remove negativity, they help new energies enter your life to clear away any negativity. They can help you to transform a negative state, they free you from that which blocks your progress.

The more you communicate with the angels, the stronger will be the bond that you forge with them and the easier it will be to receive messages. The messages from the angels can be very subtle, they will whisper in your ear while you are sleeping, they will enter your dreams to help and guide.

You can use crystals to help you to contact the angels, you first meditate then focus on the crystal and imagine it drawing the energy of an angel. If you don’t know which angel you need at any given time, you can invoke the angels of love and light and the angels that you need will be there to heal or guide you, let the crystals intensify the energies you wish to invoke. For protection you can use an amethyst crystal and invoke the angel of protection, amethyst also helps calm and still the mind. To open the heart center use a rose quartz, they attract the angels of love, gentleness, they help us to be more loving. If in doubt use a clear quartz as they contain all the colours of the spectrum, these crystals work well as pieces of jewellery worn close to the heart. Use a green crystal to invoke the angels of protection, family unity and healing. Yellow crystals will aid the intellect and enhance your interaction within the world, they invoke the angels who will give you clarity in your life and direction, this crystal also clears the mind and gives a greater understanding of world events and scientific research. Use a red crystal to invoke the angels who assist us in our spiritual awareness and our psychological growth. For a powerful connection to your angels and an intense awakening of your psychic and spiritual awareness, use a black crystal. Use a blue crystal to open you up to receiving messages from your angels in your dream state, the blue crystal also helps your communication with others and creates an inner calm.

Oil essences, incense, flowers all create a welcoming and ambient setting that attracts angels, try to create an appropriate atmosphere each day and you will notice a lightness of spirit as you are closer to your angels.

Angels influence us in our day to day life, they inspire us to heal, write, paint, play music, dance, sing, to become doctors and nurses, homeopathists and acupuncturists, they help us to channel our energy constructively. The most powerful ability within all of us is the power to heal, whether this be a phone call to a loved one or an act of generosity. Encouraging words, a gentle touch when someone is unwell, kind words to make someone feel better, cuddling a child, stroking a pet, cooking a beautiful meal, creating a warm and welcoming home environment, are all aspects of healing.

In many ways we are all healers and use this ability in some way every day, and by being more in touch with our angels our healing ability is so much stronger. Just by placing your hands on someone and calling on your angel guides enables you to channel energy through you to the person who is unwell. The natural instinct when someone is distressed, hurt, or unwell, is to touch them, this is second nature within us all, by becoming aware of your angels you become aware of your true healing power. Whenever you want to heal and don’t know which angel to call upon, invoke the energy of light and love and ask for assistance, your healing guides will immediately respond.

Angels are around us always, ever-ready to assist in any way they can, commune with the angels every day, feel their loving and generous energies surround you, know they are your constant companions and that you are never alone


Invoke the angels of the zodiac and let their energies assist you in your life, have a look at the individual signs and the energies that are inherent.

There are mysteries all around us and much that is secret and hidden, by learning to be more in touch with your intuition and more receptive to the magic around you, you awaken yourself to unimaginable possibilities. Start paying closer attention and you never know what you might hear, feel, sense or see.

There are angels aligned to the signs of the zodiac and when the sun moves into a different sign of the zodiac every 30 days the earth feels the influence, the changes are barely discernible but they do affect our lives. Angels work with the monthly energies and there are 12 patterns of angelic influence every year, the angels work with the new energies each month. For each month there is a particular group of angels and you can meditate and imagine yourself looking at a bright light shining down from the sky and filling you with light, within that light there is an angel waiting to guide you. The angels of each month are working with the influences of the particular star sign.

The angels of Capricorn December 22 – January 21

Capricorn angels are responsible for helping us to commune with our inner being, call upon them to help with perseverance, they encourage us to believe in ourselves and to be dedicated and determined to succeed. They are the catalyst to helping us be the very best we can be. They guide us and show the way as we dream and urge us to find the magic in life.

The angels of Aquarius January 22 – February 21

Aquarian angels dare us to be different, they want us to be open to new things and they inspire ancient wisdom and encourage us to use it in our life. They let us know that there is an answer to every problem, and sometimes all that is needed is a more enlightened approach. They hold the key to our psychic and intuitive powers and can be called upon to help us strengthen these abilities inherent in every human being.

The angels of Pisces February 22 – March 21

Pisces angels let us know that in some way we are all healers, and they imbue us with the energy to release in order to heal. They show us how to be more giving and loving and can be a catalyst to those who want to go into the field of healing. However you equate these energies they will encourage you to feel more loving towards your fellow man. They have the ability to activate our third eye and heighten our psychic senses. They show us the beauty of all that can be through the visions they send.

The angels of Aries March 22 – April 21

The energies of the Aries angels is powerful, they assist us in taking action and bringing things to fruition. They help us to shift our parameters and to see things in a lateral fashion, making the impossible seem possible. They encourage us with our spiritual growth and urge us to embrace our spirituality, their energy is pervasive and helps us to find the strength to overcome barriers, where there was resistance there will be flow.

The angels of Taurus April 22 – May 21

Taurean angels help us to get in touch with our capabilities and urge us to believe in what we can do. They remind us that there is a bigger picture, help us to expand our thinking and get in touch with the joys life has to offer. They teach us to care for others and they foster empathy and compassion. They are magical beings who want us to get in touch with our own magical abilities.

The angels of Gemini May 22 – June 21

The Gemini angels help us to commune with ourselves and to learn how to be still and listen, they guide us to connect with the nature spirits. They temper us and teach us to be flexible in our approach to life, they want us to have fun and appreciate our life on planet earth. They have knowledge of all the magical beings that are and have been, and stir us to delve into matters mystical.

The angels of Cancer June 22 – July 21

Balance within the home environment is what the Cancer angels are concerned with, how to manage our emotions and use our intuition effectively. They often trigger the need for spiritual nurturing and psychic development, they send messages to us in our dreams, these messages help us in our day to day life. They urge us to create and maintain a sacred space to work from.

The angels of Leo July 22 – August 21

The angels of Leo help bring to the surface all that needs to be revealed, especially our creativity, they help us to be more proactive in our lives. If you hide your light under a bushel the Leo angels will help you to shine and be all you can be. If you need to be more assertive in your life these are the angels to call upon.

The angels of Virgo August 22 – September 21

The Virgo angels conspire to help us to manage our lives more effectively and encourage us to bring a little magic into everything we do, they stimulate the intuition and help bring order to chaos. They help us to re-assess our approach to everything we do, they inspire us to question and look for new answers to things that baffle us. They urge us to use wisdom in all we do and remind us to always keep learning.

The angels of Libra September 22 – October 21

The Libran angels inspire us artistically and want us to find the beauty in all things, they are the seekers of harmony and help us to maintain equilibrium in our lives. When things look a little shaky they teach us how to restore harmony. Anyone with artistic pursuits in mind can call on these angels to help them have the dedication to pursue their art. They are the spiritual and magical beings that help us to find these qualities within ourselves.

The angels of Scorpio October 22 – November 21

The Scorpio angels trigger deep transformational energies, they help us to commune with our inner being and to seek answers, they want us to probe and to question. They urge us to strengthen spiritually so that when there are tumultuous times in our life we are able to remain strong and trust ourselves. They foster strength of mind, knowing, understanding and courage. They inspire us to believe in ourselves enough to go after what we desire, and to believe it to be attainable.

The angels of Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

The Sagittarian angels encourage us to never give in, no matter what is taking place around us, they want us to think more expansively and make the seemingly impossible, possible. They want us to push ourselves and re-focus if something doesn’t work, they guide us to trust our own wisdom and to use it well. They want us to awaken each day with the knowing that we will prevail, and to let us know there is always guidance available.

We all need the guidance of angels in our life and it is nice to know that our guardian angel is with us always, they accompany you through your entire life and are there through your transition to the next plane of existence. These divine beings want nothing more than to assist all entities whatever species they may be. Embrace the light they shine into your life and respond to the inspiration they offer. Co-operate with your angels and let the natural energy flow they will lovingly direct you in your life’s journey.



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