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Ghost and Spirits

Ghost and Spirits
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Ghost and Spirits

Things that go bump in the night

For some, the words, ghost, or spirit sends a chill down their spine, for others the words bring comfort. Whether you realise it or not, there are many different kinds of ghostly beings and guides, and they hover around us all the time. Some come to guide, others have specific messages to impart, others are here to heal or teach and others want to protect.

For you to be able to communicate with ghosts, spirits, or nature spirits it is necessary to create a sacred space to work from, have an altar, this can be any piece of furniture that you can cover with a beautiful piece of fabric. On this place candles, incense, crystals, statues and oil essences. Use this area only for your mystical practices, and before you begin light the candles, incense and oil essences use a smudge stick, sweep it in a clockwise motion to cleanse the area. Always work with subdued lighting, or better still with candlelight. Place one candle in a candle holderat each end of your altar, and four coloured candles for each of the elements. Place a green candle to the north of your altar, this represents the element of earth, place a red candle to the south of your altar, this represents the element of fire, a blue candle to the west, represents the element of water, and a yellow candle to the east, represents the element of air. Place a statue either end of the altar representing yin and yang, or the goddess and god energies, these are your power statues. Help yourself move into an altered state of consciousness through at least ten minutes of meditation.

Sit comfortably in your sacred space and gaze at the candles, be aware of the smell of the essences you are burning, let yourself become completely relaxed and removed from any distractions. Ghost and SpiritsImagine a soft pink light beginning at your toes and moving gently up through your body, it is warm and comforting, feel it moving up your legs and moving up to your stomach, feel yourself being filled with love, light and universal energy, feel it in your chest and going down your arms to your fingertips. The warm comforting pink light moves to the throat, face and up to the top of your head where it spills from the top of your head washing over you, putting you into an utterly peaceful state. As you become calm and peaceful, notice how the energy around you changes and how calm you feel, breathe in this wonderful calm and exhale deeply. Close your eyes and feel yourself shifting into that space between dimensions and imagine a loving spirit glowing white opening the door to the spirit world, step through the door and you are ready to begin. This is the moment when your senses heighten and you are able to receive messages from spirit, if you are going to see a spirit you will be compelled to open your eyes, while still remaining in a state of calm and stillness. If your other senses are heightened you may smell, hear or sense something. However spirit contacts you, work with your strengths, it will take a few times for you to understand which of your senses is the most finely tuned to the spirit world.

When you have finished communing with your spirit, visualise yourself thanking the spirit who opened the door to the spirit world and see yourself walking back through the door, see the point on top of your head, where the pink light spilled out, closing and see the light moving back down through your body from your head, to your neck, from your fingertips to your chest. Next see the light moving from your chest to your stomach and down your legs to your toes and into the earth, take a deep breath and come out of your meditative state. When you come out of your meditation state, give yourself time to sit for a few minutes then blow out the candles, you can leave the incense burning. Light your smudge stick and move around your space in an anti clockwise direction, while you focus on the word love. You will then have successfully closed off until the next time you enter your space and repeat the ritual.


When working with spirit energy, on occasion you will feel an energy that does not make you feel good, and possibly causes some stress or tension around you. If this happens to you, ask the spirit in a very firm voice, to leave and tell it to never return. When dealing in the metaphysical world not all spirits are benign entities and some of them are dark and exude a powerful energy, this particular type of energy is not difficult to detect. If you feel something like I have described when you are working, imagine a brilliant white light encircling you and acting as a barrier to deflect any negative energy directed towards you. Nothing can physically hurt you, but these energies can make you feel uncomfortable and you don’t want them polluting the energies of your sacred space. Always work from love and let your thoughts and action be positive and benign.


Loved ones like to let you know who they are by using a familiar sound, smell or sending you an image that you will recognise, or they will manifest in a form that you know, this way when they visit you will remember the smell, sound or image that is projected. Sometimes they will appear as a glowing aura and there will be a certain familiar smell, or a particular word will pop into your head, or an activity that you did together will be shown in your mind’s eye. However they present themselves it will not be difficult for you to recognise who they are and know their energy.

Other energies that come through will be guides, wanting to help you with a particular task, they will let you know what to call them and will always contact in a way that is familiar, when your guide appears, in whatever way they make contact, pay attention to all your senses. What do you feel, see, hear, taste smell, or sense. Be aware also of your emotions and note what emotion you feel when a particular energy comes through. When a spirit gives you a name this gives you a platform to work from, and whenever you meditate you can call on them for guidance, the name the spirit gives you may be unusual and not something that you have heard of in the physical world. No matter how unusual or funny their name seems, that is the one for you to work with


These are the delightful creatures that are aligned with nature, and yes these beings do live in people’s gardens, they are known as elves, fairies, wood sprites, they appear in various guises, every tree and flower has its spirit, and such things as unicorns do exist, only they are in a different dimension, they are often seen by people especially those who need help.

Many of us have had contact with these creatures, especially during childhood, often they are seen from the corner of the eye. Nature spirits have the ability to create magic and are often the catalyst to creativity, they whisper in our ears when we are sleeping and our subconscious absorbs the encouragement and responds by doing all it can to help us respond creatively.

It may be that you have always thought that you could paint, sing, dance, write, become a doctor, composer or ice-skater, yet have been too fearful to try. Well if you wake up one morning with the uncontrollable urge to try what you have been too scared, until that moment to try, it may be that a nature spirit has been whispering to you while you were sleeping.

There are beings called Dark Elves who are drawn to people’s homes, they often choose cozy places around your home, such as a wardrobe, under the bed, or even in a drawer, they are what often cause that feeling of chills. Do not be perturbed by these beings as they are very lucky to have in your home.

If you spend time in your garden and you place yourself into a meditative state you will become more aware of the nature spirits that reside there, so when you go outside to commune with nature, you can become more aware of the wonderful creatures dancing amongst the trees and flowers, ever-ready to whisper in your ear.

It can happen that guides appear as an animal, they may come in dreams, during meditation, or appear as spirits, sometimes you may feel as though something has brushed against your legs, or hear the pitter patter or paws on the floor. Animals are very telepathic and often come in response to illness, or grief, they want to give comfort. The ancient Celts believed that each person was guided by an animal spirit.

People used to believe that guardian spirits watched over each person, they also believed that each garden contained nature spirits, and they left offerings for them to bring luck, health and prosperity to their household. Children were encouraged to make things to leave in the garden for the spirits, and to encourage the spirits to visit the children in their sleep and offer them encouragement.


The most prolific of the nature spirits are the earth spirits, they are very intelligent beings and are some of the oldest and wisest beings on the planet, they take care of the earth, they understand the movements of the planets and the rhythms of the earth. Earth spirits are the ones, often called fairies by those who catch site of them, that are most easily seen by humans, more often than not children, The Dark Elves, who take up residence in your home, are part of this group of nature spirits, they are delightful beings and are fascinated by humans, especially children.


Water spirits are naturally drawn to water, especially streams, lakes and ponds, they are lovers of flowers and plants and delight in music and dance, you can catch site of these beings where land and water meet, as these are magical places and where the different dimensions intersect. Have you noticed when you sit in a place like this your mind clears, your imagination fires, and your emotions are heightened. You are feeling the energies of the nature spirits all around you, their beautiful energies nurture inspiration.


These spirits are more difficult to make contact with, they prefer to remain invisible, their task is to create a bridge between the dimensions, they are the breeze that touches your cheek, or the gentle touch on your hair, they are the tickle you feel on your hand. They are a part of the air, whether gale force winds or the tiny breeze of a warm spring morning. They are delightfully gentle, with great compassion and empathy, they live to help and guide the people of the earth and they have a special affinity towards children. They are drawn to the sound of music, and especially the singing voices of children, the laughter of children is like a magnet to them, and they are the spirits that babies see causing them to giggle. If you are lucky enough to see one of these creatures, it will likely take the archetypical form of a fairy, sometimes they take the guise of a butterfly.

When they are around they engender gentleness and healing energies, they can also help heighten our intuition, they are the beings who watch over the shoulder of writers and poets, and inspire them to do beautiful work. They like to be around artists, musicians, singers, dancers and songwriters, always ready to whisper words of inspiration and encouragement.


Fire spirits are lovers of sunlight and they are the most mysterious and powerful of the nature spirits, they can be as tiny as match light, or as big as a bonfire. Wherever there is light and heat they are there, they can be part of a volcano or part of a hearth side fire. These spirits are the most difficult to attune to because like fire, they are ever moving and changing, they constantly dance like the candle flame, they like fire and are the most unpredictable of the nature spirits. Many children dream of these spirits, as they exude creativity and inspiration, they emit an extremely powerful energy and can at times be blamed for over-exciting adults and children.

When a fire spirit comes into your life they can often be the catalyst for change, the change that takes place can be subtle or dramatic, they are known to stir up strong emotions and passions. They are the keepers of ancient knowledge and in the right circumstance will impart wisdom to those they feel will be receptive and responsive to their whispers, often in dreams.


Regardless of the scary stories you have heard about ghosts and spirits, they are generally here to offer assistance, and rarely act with malice. Any being that acts on a non-physical level is a spirit or ghost. You might see Angels or guides may appear, a loved one may try to make contact with you to let you know they are safe and well or they may wish to give you a message. The more tuned in and aware you are, the more likely you are to hear their message.

Something that is not of the earth plane is a supernatural being, and there has yet to be a logical explanation for this. Scientists have tried for years to come up with the answers, but so far there are none. Often when people first see a vision, it is of someone that they were related to or had a strong bond with in this dimension. You may be shown a place or object that the ghost particularly loved. They could be beckoning you to follow them somewhere, they may even offer you a vision of a place they knew, loved and spent time there with you.

When a ghost hovers around the earth plane, it is usually for a particular reason, they have some loose ends to tie up, they can appear quite vividly, or as a hazy apparition. Other times there is just an overwhelming sense that there is someone near, often there is a scent associated with this, possibly a perfume or cologne that they wore when they were in physical form. Ghost,or spirit, is the term used for anyone who is no longer in earthly form.

You would very likely be surprised by the amount of people who have had an experience that is associated with a relative they were particularly close to, and it can be a quite unsettling event, it can also be very comforting. Imagine after losing someone you love very much, then feeling a gentle touch and the smell of a familiar perfume or cologne that they used to wear, a feeling washes over you and you know that they are safe and happy. Often when someone dies, especially if they die early and suddenly, they remain close to family and like to keep an eye on everyone, they still feel connected to their former life. Many act as guides for a time, and some just want to let us know that we are loved. However the experience unfolds for you, look upon it as a loving act meant to bring you solace.

Many years ago I attended a weekly meditation class, and one evening we had a new member, a friend of a friend of one of the group regulars, so no-one in the class actually knew this person. We meditated and after we had finished we were ready for the mandatory cup of tea. When the tea was ready, the new class member walked towards the table to pour a cup when he suddenly gasped as water was thrown into his face, from seemingly thin air. He took another step and his beautifully slicked back hair stood on end, as if someone had run their fingers through it. One more attempt was made to reach the table with the tea, and our new class member jumped and leaped left, much like a rugby player about to tackle an opponent, he got up, and with as much dignity as he could muster said, “a great big ghost jumped out at me. ” These words came from a man who had never been to a meditation class before, let alone had any involvement with ghosts. The man made a hasty exit, never to be seen or heard from again, a very determined spirit was with us that night and needless to say, felt the gentleman in question should definitely not be coming to our class.

One man in the same meditation class had lost his wife tragically in an accident, one night around three years after her death, he woke in the night with an overwhelming feeling that his deceased wife was in his son’s bedroom standing behind the bedroom door. He jumped out of bed and ran through the house to his son’s bedroom, at the same time his son bolted out of the bedroom and they both crashed in to each other, the son said, “Mums behind the bedroom door”, at the same time the father said, “You’re Mothers behind the bedroom door.” Both were extremely comforted by this visit from mother and wife,and it helped them to feel a little less sad knowing that she came to visit them and seemed at peace.

The well-known clairvoyant the late Doris Stokes, told a story about being called by Scotland Yard to help them at a flat in London, they didn’t give her any specific details other than the address. When she arrived she saw two red faced policemen standing on the footpath, they both looked at her and said they were not going back upstairs. Doris went to the flat and was greeted by objects in the home flying through the air, and drawers were clattering. She then became aware of a spirit, an older lady who was causing all the chaos, she asked the lady to tell her what was wrong, it turned out that the lady’s granddaughter lived in the flat and was engaged to a man, who was actually already married and had children, she felt she had to do something dramatic to gain her granddaughters attention.

Think about the times in your life where you felt something and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, or you were in an empty house and it seemed as though someone was there with you. Or you try to go to sleep at night and feel as though there is a presence in the room, all these sensations are the spirits way of making contact with you. It is up to you to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to the spirit energies, where the fine line between earth and spirit can for a time be bridged. Interaction between you and your spirit guides, nature spirits, or people who have passed over, can take place more easily if you become aware.

Have you ever thought about someone intensely and they have visited or called, because they couldn’t get you out of their mind. Or they were dreaming about you and came to visit you in their dream, this is astral projection. Astral projection is different to seeing a ghost or spirit and sometimes can be mistaken for spirit energy. Astral projection is done by those on the earth plane, it takes place when someone projects their energy to another place, usually when they are thinking about a person they love. Astral projection often takes place when we are sleeping and happens when we dream, it can also happen during meditation. Some couples actually have the same dream as each other. I know of one couple who were having the same dream of being followed by someone, in the dream the husband bit the person who was following them. In the same instance he and his wife woke up as he was biting his wife’s shoulder, they were both able to describe exactly the same dream in detail. This often happens with children, a parent thinks the child has woken and is standing next to their bed and when they go to check on the child, the child is fast asleep in their own bed. Often when people are unwell and sleeping a lot they astral travel while their body is healing.

Sometimes spirit communication can be a type of dialect with hand gestures, or objects being shown for symbolism, and it can take time to understand the message that is being imparted,  with practice you will learn how to decipher the message. It takes an open heart and an open mind to comfortably delve into the field of metaphysics, and no two journeys are the same, each person brings to it their particular belief system and this dictates the type of experiences they will have.

We have all been to places that give us an extraordinary sense of peace, and well being, somewhere we feel completely at home, we don’t want to leave. This takes place when you find that indefinable space between worlds, the veil has lifted and you are in contact with another realm. Your intuition is often heighted at this time, and everyone has experienced at least one moment along these lines. It can be as though something is on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t remember what it is. The place between dimensions is where we are most likely to have contact with spirit.


When you meditate you move into an altered state of consciousness, you become alert to things that you would otherwise not notice, it is as though curtains have been opened and you can see more clearly. This is when you begin to perceive energies you would otherwise not be aware of and psychic energy heightens. With heightened psychic awareness it becomes easier to see spirit. You are in the doorway between two worlds, physical and non-physical.

You may have found that sometimes when you are in the state between being awake and going to sleep you have felt a presence in your bedroom, this is the point where your resistance is low and you are more alert to other energies. When you are in state between awake and asleep, you have none of the normal distractions, making you better able to tune into the finite energies around you. When you are in your bedroom and are relaxed and ready for sleep, you may at times feel unsettled as you become aware of the change in normal energies, this is the space between one dimension and another.


The way you recognise a spirit energy is usually through your strongest sense, this will depend on what type of psychic you are, whether you sense, feel, hear, see things, or dream things. Spirits often appear in dreams if they aren’t able to gain your attention during your waking hours. Once you begin to be more aware, you can take the time to stop and listen, look, and feel. Your first contact with spirit can take place in a variety of ways, quite often people will speak of having items in their home moved around, such as an ornament, or a piece of jewellery. It may be that you see auras or flashes of light out of the corner of your eye, it could be that you feel as though someone has brushed past you, almost like a gentle breeze, it may be that you feel your hair or your face touched.

I was often visited by the spirit of an older lady, she shuffled past my bed at night wearing her slippers, this used to happen when I was settling down to go to sleep. Some nights she was so noisy that it became unsettling, I would sit up in bed and thank her for visiting, then ask her to kindly leave please so that I could go to sleep, she always complied.

Spirit can be perceived through all your senses and as you begin you will become aware of which of your senses is the strongest, although seeing is the ability most people want. The two types of psychic vision are internal and external, internal vision is the perception of something with the mind’s eye, something like a daydream image, usually this is accompanied by a feeling that washes over you and the spirit then lets you know whether they are male or female, you will sense this. Sometimes you see nothing, yet you know there is a spirit near, you sense their energy and have a feeling about whatever they want to impart to you, dreams and meditation are part of your internal vision. If you meditate before going to sleep you can plant the seed of intention to dream about a loved one, or you can call upon your spirit guides.

Seeing spirit actually and not with the mind’s eye is your external vision, a glimpse of someone next to you in the mirror, something flashes past the eye, there are shadows in a room that seem to be moving, there is a hazy white glow in the shape of a person, the side of a couch, or bed has an indent as though someone is sitting there. A chair moves, the glimpse of a face appears and disappears, light appears where there are no lamps, a milky cloud turns into person as though they are actual. Some see spirit so clearly as if an actual person is with them. Some see auras in the shape of a person with a white glow, others see the aura in colour, often these auras pulsate with energy and with this energy messages often come, words come to mind as though someone is talking. As much as people want to see with their external vision, it can be quite disconcerting and it is necessary for them to learn how to close themselves off. To close off you can visualise closing the veil to the other dimension, thanking the beings who have communicated with you and saying, “I now close off with love and light.”

There are steps that can be taken to attract spirits and to assist you in creating a suitable atmosphere, this can be done by lighting incense, candles, and oil essences, lavender, rose, geranium and jasmine are especially effective. Although any may be used, you might like to combine fragrances, and it is a good idea to use a smudge stick before you begin, by using a smudge stick you are cleansing the area to make it ready for meditation and spirit contact or any type of psychic work.

We all give off electromagnetic energy, every single person and item has an energy field, this is how clairvoyants are able to read people, every person you come in contact with gives you a different feeling. Our energy is left wherever we go and left on whatever we touch, think about the people you like being around and how good they make you feel. Then there are people and places that have entirely the opposite effect. You can go into an empty room and feel a particular energy there, this isn’t always a ghost, it can often be an intense energy that the person the room belongs to has left, when people are going through a difficult time their energy changes and the difference is palpable.

When you prepare your space for meditation and spirit work you imbue it with a particular energy that will create a sacred space, when within this space you will notice how it feels quite different to other areas of your home. The objects that you place on your altar will be imprinted with a peaceful vibe aligned to all matters metaphysical, you can charge your amulet and talisman here and use crystals which are excellent conductors of energy.


Those who are more naturally clairaudient will hear spirits, it often sounds as though there is a voice inside your head, and words will pop into your head, sometimes whispers can be heard and this causes you to listen more intently. There could be sounds in your home or your car, and you don’t know where they are coming from, night is the time that the noises may be louder, everywhere is quiet and it is easier to catch these sounds. Sometimes the words that you hear can be quite cryptic and it may take time for you to work them out, especially if you are a beginner, but over time you will begin to understand the messages that you are receiving, be patient with yourself until you can gauge where your strengths lie.

When you are new to hearing spirit messages you will find that you will be dreaming that a noise has woken you, you may wake up thinking someone has spoken to you, in this semi-conscious state sounds are more likely to penetrate your consciousness. It could be that you begin by being woken, then you start to hear things, if you keep a pen and paper next to your bed you can write down any messages that pop into your head, this can be part of your book of shadows.


As each of us is surrounded by an energy field and we are tactile beings, this is often the first way that a spirit will make contact, you will often sense something then you will feel a light touch on your hand, hair, or face. This happens often to people and they just brush it aside thinking it is their imagination, when you start paying attention to the different types of phenomena you will begin to feel the presence of spirits, elves, fairies. It could be that you feel a cool breeze or you become chilly for no reason, you may feel the hairs on your arms stand up on end, or feel as though someone has tickled you. When someone you care about dies you often get these feeling for a time after their death, this happens when the emotions are intense and raw. If you are someone who senses spirits you may find that your mood changes when this happens, this is because you are tapping into the feelings of the spirit who you have made contact with. We all have the ability to detect even the most subtle presence, it means letting your guard down and allowing the veil to drop away  yourself enabling you to stand for a time between two worlds.


Our sense of smell can trigger the strongest of emotions and we can offer identify times in our life through our sense of smell. There are smells that make you happy and there are smells that cause you to feel sad, sometimes the scent of a flower causes you to inhale deeply or a certain essence or perfume penetrates your consciousness. When you suddenly smell a scent wafting around you it could be that there is a spirit present, nature spirits have a particularly delicate scent, they often are preceded by the scent of the most delicate jasmine.

If a loved one has died and you identified them with a particular scent, they can make their presence known by exuding that particular scent. If someone smoked, or used a particular hair product you can smell this when they are close by. My paternal grandmother died suddenly and unexpectedly when I was eight, I was very close to her and spent time often with her. She would dress in a red suit, red lipstick, 4711 perfume and take me shopping, each time she bought me a pair of shoes, usually with sparkle on them. One day she bought me a pair of red boots that were two sizes too big and I slopped around in them until I wore them out. I identified my grandmother with red lipstick, 4711 and shoe shopping, she called me the shoe queen. I found that after she died I often smelled the scent of 4711, on other occasions it was the distinct smell of red lipstick. I am still a shoe queen and whenever I buy a pair of shoes I feel my grandmother around and often detect her inimitable scent. Become more aware of all your senses and you will find you will notice subtleties that you would not normally be aware of.


Taste associated with those who have died isn’t as common as the other senses, a certain taste will suddenly be in your mouth, without you having actually eaten anything. If this has happened to you, you will have been aware of the taste of a certain food that a loved one used to cook, or enjoyed eating, such as raspberries and you suddenly feel as though you are tasting raspberries. It could be that you get a sweet taste in your mouth and think of the loved one who made the delicious chocolate cakes for you. Sometimes you might find you have a craving for a certain food that you associate with a loved one and this is their way of making contact with you.


Anyone can call on the spirits and ask for guidance, especially if you are going through a difficult time and don’t know where to turn. By calling and communing with spirit it can help you to prevent the inevitable pitfalls in life. It is comforting to know that whenever you need a supportive energy you can sit quietly, meditate and speak to your spirit guides.

When you are working with the spirit realm you are the one who is in charge, no spirit can overwhelm or take over, always be polite when speaking to spirit so that there is a courteous exchange both ways.

If you ever feel uncomfortable or fearful when you have summoned a spirit for healing, or guidance, thank the spirit for coming then ask it to kindly leave. Sometimes spirits carry through unpleasant traits that they had in their life, these are not the spirits that you want to be dealing with. Most spirits are benign, gentle and eager to assist.


There are as many types and personalities in the spirit world, just as there are on the earth plane, and sometimes it takes time to find the guide that you feel most comfortable with. The beauty of having a spirit guide is that they are there always, and whenever you need them you can call on them. Your spirit guides are not there to take all the responsibility from you, it is necessary for you to take the initiative in your life and to make your decisions based part on the guidance you receive combined with your own wisdom gathered over the years.

Meditate daily and become acutely aware of your senses, this way you will better be able to reach that place between the two dimensions. Practice becoming more psychic and as you develop your skills you will find it gets easier each time to reach the spirit realm. Be guided by your intuitive knowing and only do what feels right for you.


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