Magical Creatures

Magical Creatures

Magical Creatures
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Magical Creatures

Magical creatures are all around us and they live quietly and happily in their chosen homes where they love to practice their magic.

Gnomes and Dwarves

Gnomes and Dwarves live deep underground where there is a climate that is suitable and they are perfectly content in their habitat. The reason you don’t see these wonderful creatures is because Gnomes - Magical Creaturesthey know how to make themselves invisible as they don’t like to be disturbed by the large human people who walk past them daily. Gnomes and Dwarves are also very secretive and if you tell a Gnome a secret they will never ever tell anyone else. They can be quite touchy and the tiniest slight unsettles them, they are worriers and warriors who are fiercely protective of their families. If you are lucky enough to befriend one of these creatures they will be the most loyal and caring friend you could wish for, they are also magnificent alchemists and have stores of gold hidden away. They are very good with their hands and can craft almost anything, often sending their wares into the world where the large human people gaze at the beauty of what they have made, before then purchasing an item not really knowing where the item came from. It is very lucky to own a piece of jewellery that has been made by a Dwarf artisan.

Gnomes are extremely intelligent beings and also have the gift of the “seer”, their psychic visions guide them and their family through life, they love opulent fabrics and will spend hours making the most glorious outfits, cushions and furniture covers for their beautifully cared for homes. In fact the Gnomes home really is their castle, they are happiest when they are with their family and are also wonderful cooks, many Gnomes are dedicated Astronomers and spend many happy hours gazing at the stars and passing their knowledge on to their children.



Ogres are carnivores so it is important not to get too close to them, as people have been known to disappear in areas where Ogres have been spotted. Luckily they stay in their particular Orge - Magical Creaturesenvironment and never venture into the real world, preferring their own magic place to spend all their waking hours. All Ogres are very wealthy as they have learned how to mine the treasures that are buried under the earth, they have the ability to mine silver, gold and iron. They are volatile and industrious, living in huge opulent homes and teaching their sons and daughters how to mine so that they can carry this on to their children. Ogres are particularly active during the full moon, the one thing Ogres don’t like is cold water so they always live inland and in the most hilly and overgrown area they can find. It is not widely known that Ogres, especially the females, have the most wonderful singing voice, and if you ever get close enough to see and hear an Ogre sing you will wonder how such a beautiful voice comes from such an ugly creature.



It is thought that the beautiful tinkling voice of the fairies can mesmerise humans and the fairies use this ability if a human stumbles upon their magical haven, sometimes the songs the fairies sing can be heard in the human world as though the sound is carried on the wind. South-west England is full of fairies and everyone who has a flowery garden in Devon has heard the fairies talking and singing, it is a rare occasion when the glimpse of a fairy is seen out of the corner of the eye. Fairies absolutely love to play with and talk to human children and they will often fly into the bedroom of children who leave the window open. It is a fairy that the child with a make believe friend talks to, it is rare and almost unheard of for an adult human to Fairies - Magical Creaturessee a fairy. As all fairies are very beautiful they can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, or gazing at their reflection in the water, their hair shines like gold, and their speaking voices are like honey. They are able to weave the finest silk and wear silken feather light clothes that shimmer when they walk and fly. If you have fairies residing in your garden you will have good luck, and as they love the scent of flowers, especially lavender, a flower filled garden will attract them. Fairies love to dance to the magic that they believe the new moon bestows upon them.

Fairies often make their homes high up in the trees, these are the wood fairies, then there are other fairies who like to live near the water and they are called water fairies, other fairies like to make their home on the ground in amongst flowers, surrounded by their magic fairy rings and these fairies are known as earth fairies. Other fairies live on the top of mountains near the sun and they are called the fire fairies.  Fairies, due to being so delicate and fragile, feel the cold in the winter so they wear wonderful long coats that are made from Ostrich down gathered for them by the pixies and the elves. Fairies make the most wonderful cakes and bake the most delectable bread, they love honey and will drink only full cream milk, and as they are so fragile the milk helps them to be stronger as it is nutrition for their delicate bones. Fairies don invisible robes when they need to venture into the human world and leave their magic world for any amount of time. New born babies are like magnets to the fairies and fairies around the world bestow their blessings upon all new born babies in the world.

Fairy children are always born in the spring time as their parents believe that is the gentlest month for them to enter the fairy world, new born fairies are fed with dewdrops, milk and honey and they grow to full adult size in one year. It is said that the gifted children who turn into gifted adults, listen to the fairies who whisper in their ears when they are young and impressionable. Fairies absolutely love to dance and this they do within their fairy circle. Sometimes they invite human children who have wondered into their fairy world by accident. These children are taught fairy magic and they are allowed to use it in their life as they grow, but they are asked not to share their knowledge as fairy magic can only be passed on by the fairies if it is to be lucky.


All elves build their houses out of stones and leaves and tie them together with grass and mud, these homes are surprisingly sturdy and can withstand all weathers, this may also be attributed to Elves - Magical Creaturesthe magic spells they put all around their home to protect the house and the family that lives within.  Female elves are known to spin and weave the most delicate fabrics, their work is intricate and elaborate and they learn these skills when they are young, the males are taught the art of forging and make splendid swords with hilts that are laden with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. For such tiny beings the elves are particularly strong and can be quite ferocious if their loved ones are under threat, generally they are peace loving folk who want to get on with their lives and care for their families. Among the elves it is the males who are the musicians and they will strum the most wonderful melodies for hours and well into the early hours of the morning. It is said that if a human is within earshot of the elves magic melody that they can become bewitched, and a very powerful witch has to be called upon to remove the spell which leaves the human unable to speak or even move. After such an experience the memory of the human is wiped clean so that they won’t tell anyone where the elves live. All elves kingdoms have a king and queen and they decide how the kingdom is run, only the most benevolent of the elves can rule over the kingdom ensuring that everyone can live happily and in tune with each other. When the king and queen hold court only the most kind and ancient elves are received, and given the role of the wise elders of the kingdom of elves. Elves wield very powerful magic, and if an elf casts a spell on you only one of the most powerful witches is able to remove the spell, and this may take several days of cauldron stirring and chanting before you are completely spell free.


Mermaids are known as the magic creatures of the deep, they have been talked about and written about for centuries and people still wonder if they do actually exist, they Mermaids- Magical Creaturesdo. The time to see a mermaid is when the water is calm and there is tranquility in the air, mermaids are very peaceful creatures, and stay deep under the ocean when the weather is tumultuous and the wind is cold. When they sun shines they can be seen lazing on the rocks, well away from humans, combing their long luxurious hair, or putting fabulous combs in their hair with pearls and other precious stones attached to them. Other times they can be glimpsed floating on the water, especially were the foam meets the top of the wave. Mermaids have often helped fishermen and guided them away from treacherous waters, they have also guided the fishermen to areas of the ocean where they will find their best catch. All mermaids are benign entities who are loving and caring towards every being and creature that lives on the land or under the ocean and if you do happen to see a mermaid it is considered to be very lucky.


Halloween is a time when all witches come together, they fly on their broomsticks to sacred places around the world, to share spells and knowledge about the magical world, there are always guestWitches - Magical Creatures speakers at these events who are revered by other witches. It gives witches a chance to done their favorite outfits, kick up their heels and sing to the moon. Gifts are always brought and presented to the elder witches who hold court. Witches are said to be responsible for inclement weather that affects humans. When witches gather in this way, so as not to draw attention to themselves, they bewitch a large circle in the woods and they remain invisible and soundless to humans. There are one or two witches, usually the apprentices of the older witches, who are fascinated by humans and can’t help themselves getting too close, they are entranced by everything human. If you find one earring missing, or one shoe, or if your favorite scarf disappears from the clothes line, it is very likely one of the young witches who just couldn’t help herself. She is usually the person you catch a glimpse of out of the corner of your eye, when you say to yourself, “I’m sure I saw something”, you very likely did and it was a witch.


The goblins are the most mischievous creatures of them all, if you are wondering where your other sock, headband, your other shoe, or pillowcase went, you can bet a goblin took it. They are the scavengers of the magic kingdom and can’t help themselves, their homes are laden with anything that sparkles, much like the magpies, and they love bright colours, their favorite Goblin - Magical Creaturescolour being red. They do things like turning off your alarm clock, they then amuse themselves at your expense while you are running around trying to get ready to go out and not be late. They sprinkle magic forgetful dust onto you so you don’t remember appointments, or you buy a delicious cake and they sprinkle forgetful dust on you so that they can take the cake home for all to share. They are powerful magicians and can transport themselves and your sweet treat back to their colorful and sparkly abode. To keep pesky goblins away from your home sprinkle, and grow lavender around the outside of you house, goblins don’t like the smell of it because it makes them sneeze.


Dragons are the stuff of legends and they have been written about for centuries, different cultures have different stories. All dragons breathe fire, they hatch from eggs and have a scaly and feathered body, they have large eyes and are wonderful protectors of treasure. Dragons have major spiritual significance and dragon statues are considered very lucky. The origin of the word dragon is from the Greek word drakein, meaning “seeing clearly”, dragons possess several legs varying in number depending on the type of dragon they are whether Oriental or European. In many cultures dragons are revered as sacred entities, they are long livers and possess supernatural powers, the wisdom of the dragon overshadows that of humans, they can understand the spoken word.  Ethiopia was the birth place of many dragons and a species existed there that grew to the length of 180 feet, these dragons were said to live for a century.

Dragons are depicted with wings and are capable of soaring high above the earth yet they prefer to live in an underground lair or cave, this is where they are said to commune with nature. The Dragons - Magical CreaturesChinese culture reveres dragons and celebrate them at Chinese festivals. The Japanese favour the water dragon.

Dragons are so powerful they are able to swoop down and pick up an elephant in their claws, this animal has no protection against the magnificent dragon, the fire the dragons breathe is white hot and the noise a dragon makes is ear splitting. If a dragon allows you to ride on its back you will immediately be aware of a telepathic bond between you and the dragon, hence the dragon will be able to take you anywhere you want to go without you uttering a word. Witches often work with and ride on the back of their dragon friends. If someone tries to trap a dragon without its consent the dragon will fight to the death to set itself free of the confines that will not be tolerated. A dragon will always choose to be with a particular human, in this case the dragon chooses the human, the human must never ever try to choose the dragon as they are the most free-spirited of all creatures.

Dragons are such magnificent and splendid creatures, dragons come in various colours, the purple dragons from England are said to be the most dangerous, and I have it on good authority, that the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ is actually a water dragon who surfaces four times a year as the seasons change, and is sometimes caught on camera. In fact Nessy has a wonderful sense of humour and loves to hide in her underwater habitat while scuba divers and fishermen try to find her.

All dragons hibernate in the winter, they consume enough food to keep them going through the winter months, then they emerge refreshed on the first day of spring, you may not know it but dragons are very protective of their young and they are caring and nurturing parents. While the mother dragon takes care of the baby dragons the father goes out into the world to bring back food for the family. Dragons make the most wonderful guardians, so it is no wonder that many treasures have been guarded by them,

I personally keep four very well trained dragons around my home to make sure I receive no visitors unless I have invited them, which as a witch I never do. The dragon’s heart is the most vulnerable part of his body, it is where the skin is the softest that is why when a dragon is slain a blade is always pierced through the heart.

Dragons are the most misrepresented of all the creatures, they are content to remain in their own domain and to be left alone, they only become fierce when they feel their lair and their family is under threat.

The dragon has the keenest sight of all creatures, dragons and witches get on very well together, and if the bond is especially close the dragon will on occasion allow the witch to remove a scale or two from its body to use in spells or herbal remedies.


The mysticism of the unicorn has been written about in countless fairytales and it is very lucky if you are able to touch the horn of a unicorn, those who see a unicorn are guaranteed happiness and good fortune, but never harm or injure a unicorn as you will have bad luck. This beautiful creature is fearless, and they can cure humans of many ills, if a unicorn is close by when a woman is Unicorn - Magical Creaturesgiving birth she will have a happy, healthy intuitive and creative child. Unicorns love milk and this is one way to draw one to you when you are in the need of some luck, they are fast and powerful and will only be seen if they choose to be as they are capable of moving around and remaining invisible to humans. The unicorn will come to the aid of travellers when they are lost or hurt.

Unicorns are the size of a horse and they are pure white, as is their horn, they spend their time in the woods, near water and they are the friends of fairies,  gnomes and elves. Many tapestries and art works have depicted the beautiful unicorn it is very lucky to have the image of a unicorn in your home, especially if you want to draw abundance to you. Prehistoric bones of a unicorn have been found in Germany. People in different parts of the world still leave milk and gifts for the magic unicorn, hoping to bring some luck and abundance into their lives.

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