Spell to remove non physical entities

Spell to remove non physical entities

This is a spell to chase away non-physical entities that make you feel ill at ease.

You will need:
Three quartz crystals.
One purple candle.
One white candle.
One stick of incense.
One glass of water.
Lavender essence.

Consecrate the candles and the crystals. Place the candles at opposite ends of your altar or table, and light them. Place the glass of water in the center of the table or altar and drop the crystals into the glass. Place the incense stick behind the glass and light.

Recite the following:

Return to the ether. Be gone I say. I protect my home from negative entities. This will be. And so it is. And it harm no one. It will be done.

When you have finished chanting remove the crystals from the glass and place them in your right hand, close your fingers over the crystals, feel the energy and know this energy will remove any untoward entities from your home. Sit and contemplate this energy for 10 minutes, then open your hand and place the crystals on a windowsill, preferably where the Sun can reach them. Allow the candles and the incense to burn down. Leave the crystals for one week, this will intensify your spell. After one week rinse the crystals under cold water for one minute and use them as you see fit.

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