Spell to deflect negativity in your work environment

Spell to deflect negativity in your work environment

This is a protection spell for those who work in a negative environment, it helps to disperse the negativity and replaces it with positive energy.

You will need:
One gold candle.
One orange crystal (the smallest you can find).
Gardenia essence.
Petals from a red rose.

Place the candle to the left of your altar, consecrate it with three drops of gardenia essence, light the candle. Hold the crystal in the palm of your left hand and with your right hand place the rose petals in a circle around the candle.

Recite the following after 8pm on a Sunday:

Guide and protect me Septu, god of protection and defence. Lead me to walk within the light. Break down negative barriers. Weaken evil intent. And it harm no one. It will be done.

When you have finished chanting, sit for 10 minutes and gaze at the candle, imagine yourself filled with a golden light of protection. Allow the candle to burn down. Place the rose petals under your pillow until they turn brown, then bury in the garden or in a plant pot. Carry the crystal with you at all times. Once a month, and leave it outside for the night to absorb the Moon’s rays.

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