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Candle Colours and their Magical Strengths

Candle Colours and their Magical Strengths
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Candle Colours and their Magical Strengths

The different candle colours have their own magical strengths and properties. By using the correct colour candle in your magic you will add extra power to your spell work.

Below is a magical correspondences of candle colours in magic.

Blue Candle

For Magic: Healing, Communication, Inspiration, Peace of Mind, Calm, Forgiveness., Dreamwork, Intuition, Peace, Loyalty, Spirituality, Wisdom, Balance, Trust, Tranquillity, Honesty, Trust, Sleep, Mental obstacles, Pregnancy, Leadership, Justice, Career, Marriage.

Green Candle

For Magic: Money Magic, Good Luck, Prosperity, Success, Good Health, Healing, Fertility, Growth, Prosperity, Fast Money, Past Lives, Abundance, Acceptance, Action, Agriculture, Beauty, Change, Creativity, Family, Harmony, Longevity, Environment, Nurturing, Partnerships, Peace.

Red Candle

For Magic: Lust, Potency, Love, Good Luck, Willpower, Strength, Courage, Strength, Passion, Charisma, Passion, Fertility, Conquering Fear, Bravery, Love Magic, Assertiveness, Business, Creativity, Energy, Desire, Loyalty, Motivation, Romance, Power, Action, Survival, Change and Overcoming obstacles.

Pink Candle

For Magic: Unconditional Love, Romance, Affection, Friendships, Happiness, Forgiveness, Intimacy, Reconciliation, Caring, Nurturing, Self-Love, Beauty, Compassion, Partnerships, Meditation, Honor, harmony, heart connections, family, love magic, Acceptance, Children, Fidelity, Family, Femininity, Kindness, Marriage, Passion, Sensuality.

Purple Candle

For Magic: Psychic Powers, Third Eye, Meditation, Divination, Knowledge, Influence, Wisdom, Connecting to Higher Self and Higher Beings, Intuition, The Divine, Guidance, Power, Ambition, Astrology, Authority, Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Psychic Protection, Emotions, Imagination, Influence, Independence, Power, Spirituality, Truth, Wisdom, Writing, Addiction and Overcoming Fears.

Yellow Candle

For Magic: Intelligence, Focus, Wealth, Success, Enlightenment, Personal Power, Learning, Comfort, Hope, Attractiveness, Clarity, Happiness, Intelligence, Travel, Persuasiveness, Intent, Action, Communication, Friendships, Learning new skills, Loans and Credit, Business, Happiness, Inspiration, Intuition, Knowledge, Wisdom, Pleasure, Stimulation.

White Candle

For Magic: Protection, New beginnings, Harmony, Goddess Magic, Spiritual, Cleansing, Purification, Truth, Reflecting Energy, Spirituality, Serenity, All-Purpose, Attracting, Balancing, Clarity, Divination, Grounding, Guidance, Healing, Cleansing, Higher Self, Hope, Innocence, Optimism, Peace, Spirituality, Truth, Will Power and Workplace Magic.

Black Candle

For Magic: Protection, Banishing, Binding, Breaking Hexes, Removing Negativity, Removing Bad Habits, Acceptance, Spirituality, Self-Control, Patience, Karma, Strength, Absorbing, Anger, The Afterlife, Challenges, Determination, Death, Endings, Justice, Loss, Release, Security, Grief, Rebirth, Secrets.

Brown Candle

For Magic: Protection, Animal Magic, Family, Stability, Material Goods, Abundance, Friendships, Gardening, Grounding, Pets, Stability, Decision Making, Emotional Balance, Decision Making, Material matters, Endurance, Hard Work, Balance, Courage, Finding lost objects, Stability, Material Protection.

Orange Candle

For Magic: Good luck, Career, Legal Affairs, Joy, Positive Energy, Business, Celebration, Ambition, Justice, Opportunity, Adaptability, Success, Positive Thoughts, Abundance, Ambition, Celebration, Confidence, Creativity, Courage, Discipline, Vitality, Independence, Freedom, Goals, Money, Positivity, Pleasure, Reconciliation, Stimulation, Strength and Travel.

Silver Candle

For Magic: Dreams, Femininity, Moon magic, Intuition, Psychism, Clairvoyance, The Goddess, Resolve Inner Conflict, Persistence, Awareness, Healing, Divination, Money, Purification, Hidden Potential, Fertility, Stability, Success, Sea, Moon and Star Magic.

Gold Candle

For Magic: Wealth, luck, Happiness, Masculinity, Power, Happiness, Healing, Rejuvenating, The God, Luck, Intelligence, Moon Magic, Abundance, Fame and Fortune, Ambitions, Positivity, Creativity, Divination, Power, Influence, Luxury, Masculine Energy, Sun Magick.

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