Protection Spells

Spell to deflect negative energy

Spell to deflect negative energy
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Spell to deflect negative energy

Spell to deflect angry or uncomfortable energy being sent to you by someone.


One orange candle in holder

One black candle in holder

Seeds from one orange placed on a saucer

One black ribbon

Ritual: Tie the black ribbon into a knot, place the candles next to each other and light. Put the orange seeds on the saucer and place in front of the candles. Recite the following three times after 8pm.

I call upon the power of Zeus

Repel dark energy take away

Return all to sender now

Use your magic make for me

One lighted circle I am in

All untoward return to sender

three times three

This will be

Blow out the orange candle and let the black candles burn down.




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