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Spell to draw money to you to bring about a comfortable life

Spell to draw money to you to bring about a comfortable life

This is a spell to help draw to you enough money to allow you to live comfortably, it is a spell of opportunity and timing. This spell works over a period of three months, it is a slow but steady spell. You will be calling on the element of Air to empower your spell. Cast this spell after dark on a Saturday night.

You will need:
Eight pumpkin seeds.
Two cinnamon sticks.
Eight grains of rice.
Eight silver coins.
Eight green buttons.
One clean empty jar with a lid.
Two red candles.
One stick of incense.

Place the two candles on your table or altar, with the incense in the middle, light the candles and the incense. Put the pumpkin seeds, cinnamon sticks, rice, silver coins and buttons in the jar without the lid. Gaze at the candle flame and imagine what comfortably wealthy would feel like. Take eight deep breaths and exhale in to the jar after each breath, then seal the lid on the jar. Shake the jar for one minute, this will strengthen your spell, then place the jar to the left of the table.

Recite the following:

Let the element of Air blow fortune my way. This night I do call upon. Guides and spirits one by one. Lead me to my money tree. Let prosperity come to me. Let this be done.

Contemplate financial comfort, imagine this vividly. Allow the candles to burn for one hour, then extinguish them. Place the jar in a cool, dark dry place. Once a month, for three months, shake it.

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