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Dreams of the Future: A Ritual Spell for Prophetic Dreams

Dreams of the Future: A Ritual Spell for Prophetic Dreams
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This ritual spell uses mugwort to help you access visions of the future in your dreams. By setting a clear intention and creating a peaceful sleeping environment, you can receive valuable insights and guidance.

Items needed:

  • A small bag of mugwort
  • A comfortable and quiet sleeping environment

1. Before going to bed, create a mugwort pillow or sachet by filling the bag with dried mugwort.
2. Hold the bag of mugwort in your hands and focus on your intention to see the future in your dreams.
3. As you hold the bag, repeat the following incantation:

“Mugwort, herb of prophecy and sight,
Guide me through the veil of the night.
Reveal to me what is yet to be,
In my dreams, let the future I see.”

4. Place the mugwort pillow or sachet under your pillow or beside your bed.
5. Lie down in a comfortable position and relax your body.
6. Close your eyes and visualize yourself receiving visions of the future in your dreams.
7. Focus on your breathing and allow yourself to fully immerse in the experience.
8. When you feel ready, slowly return to your physical body and take note of any messages or insights you have received.
9. Upon waking up, write down your dreams and any visions or symbols you have received.
10. The ritual is complete.

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