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Foresight Divination Spell

Foresight Divination Spell
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Unlock the secrets of the future with this powerful divination ritual, using a crystal ball or scrying mirror to gain insight into what lies ahead.

Items needed:

  • A clear crystal ball or scrying mirror
  • A black or purple candle
  • Frankincense or sandalwood incense
  • A quiet and dimly lit room

1. Light the candle and incense, and sit in a comfortable position in front of the crystal ball or scrying mirror.
2. Take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself.
3. Focus your gaze on the crystal ball or mirror, and let your mind become still.
4. Visualize a white light surrounding you and protecting you from any negative energies.
5. Say the following incantation:

“Divine spirits of time and space,
Grant me a vision of the future to embrace.
Guide me with your wisdom and light,
And reveal what’s hidden from my sight.”

6. Continue to stare into the crystal ball or mirror, and allow any images, symbols, or messages to come through to you.
7. Take note of any insights or revelations that you receive during the divination process.
8. When you feel ready to end the ritual, express your gratitude to the divine spirits for their guidance and protection.
9. Extinguish the candle and incense, and store the crystal ball or mirror in a safe place.
10. Your spell is complete.

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