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Divination for Signs of Danger Spell

Divination for Signs of Danger Spell
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Uncover potential danger in the future with this divination ritual, using tarot cards or a pendulum to interpret warning signs and gain guidance for avoiding harm.

Items needed:

A deck of tarot cards or a pendulum
A white candle
Lavender or rosemary incense
A quiet and dimly lit room

1. Light the candle and incense, and sit in a comfortable position in front of the tarot deck or pendulum.
2. Take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself.
3. Focus your mind on the intention of the divination, which is to look for signs of potential danger in the future.
4. Shuffle the tarot deck or hold the pendulum between your fingers, and ask the following question: “What signs of danger should I be aware of in the future?”
5. If using a tarot deck, lay out three cards in front of you. If using a pendulum, hold it still and wait for it to swing in a specific direction (e.g., clockwise for “yes,” counterclockwise for “no”).
6. Interpret the cards or pendulum swings according to your intuition and knowledge of divination symbolism. Take note of any messages or insights that may indicate potential danger or warning signs.
7. Say the following incantation:

“Spirits of the divine and unseen,
Guide me to what’s yet to be seen.
Warn me of danger that may come to pass,
And give me the wisdom to avoid any misfortune or harm.”

8. Thank the spirits for their guidance and protection, and blow out the candle.
9. Store the tarot deck or pendulum in a safe place.
10. Your ritual is complete.

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