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Imbolc Ritual

Imbolc Ritual
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What you will need:

  • A White Altar Cloth
  • Light Green Taper
  • Goddess Candle
  • Light Yellow Taper
  • God Candle
  • 13 White 4″ Stick Candles
  • Brideo’ga (corn dolly), though not necessary
  • Small Woven Basket with White Flowers
  • Pentacle Candle Wheel
  • Handful of Acorns
  • Cauldron
  • Snow/Crushed Ice
  • Small White Pillar Candle
  • Potpourri Holder
  • Tea Lite
  • Basil, Bay, Heather Flowers, Cinnamon and Vanilla Potpourri Blend
  • Long Wooden Stick Matches

Prepare the space:

  1. Sweep area, moving in the deosil direction.
  2. Outline your circle with white cord and angelica leaves.
  3. Place the Pentacle Candle Wheel in the center of altar.
  4. Place the light green taper Goddess candle to the top left of altar and the light yellow taper God candle to the top right of altar.
  5. Put the white flowers in the basket as bedding for the Bride’s Bed, then place the Brideo’ga atop the flowers.
  6. Place the basket in front of the Goddess candle, to the left of the Pentacle Candle Wheel.
  7. Place the acorns in front of the God candle, to the right of the Pentacle Wheel.
  8. Place the tea lite in the bottom of potpourri holder, and put holder at front center of the alter.
  9. Place white pillar candle in the middle of the cauldron, fill cauldron about 1″-2″ with snow or crushed ice, and position on floor in front of altar.
  10. Put the container with potpourri where it can be reached easily.
  11. Place the rest of your tools and props according to personal preference.
  12. Bathe or shower for purification.
  13. Ground and center.
  14. When ready, put on some soothing music associated with this Sabbat and your ritual.

The Ritual:

Cast the circle by holding out your right hand and tracing over the cord or leaves in a clockwise direction. As you trace over the outline envision flames of pure white rising up along the perimeter. When the beginning and the end join the circle is complete. Step up to the cauldron and light the white pillar candle, saying:

“Amidst the darkness the Lady is stirring, Gently awakening from frozen dreams, All the world has awaited this moment The return of the Maiden, And Her promise of oncoming Spring.”

Call Quarters. As this is a time to honor Mother Earth as she wakes from her winter’s recovery of giving rebirth to the Sun King at Yule, start with North, the element Earth. Pick up the container of potpourri, step up to the altar and pour some into the holder, saying:

“Powers of Earth, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the light.”

Put the container back where it was. Light the white candle at the North point of the Pentacle Candle Wheel. Continue, by waving your hand over the potpourri as if to create a breeze on which to carry the scent, saying:

“Powers of Air, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the light.”

Light the white candle at the East point of the Pentacle Candle Wheel. Light the tea candle in the bottom of the potpourri holder, saying:

“Powers of Fire, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the light.”

Light the white candle at the South point of the Pentacle Candle Wheel. Pour some water into the holder with the potpourri, saying:

“Powers of Water, the Maiden awakens! Come join the circle and share in the light.”

Light the white candle at the West point of the Pentacle Candle Wheel. Remove the white candle from the top point of the Pentacle. Since Akasha is the omnipresent, it need not be invoked. Light the candle and invoke the Goddess and the God by lighting the lt. green Goddess candle and the lt. yellow God candle with the white candle. Place the white candle back in the top point of the Pentacle Candle Wheel, saying:

“Be with me now, oh Ancients, eternal, Hear now my prayers, hopes and dreams. The Goddess has wakened, once more as the Maiden By loving caresses from the strengthened Sun King.”

Light the inner cross points of the Pentacle Candle Wheel, starting with the cross point to the right of the North point. Light all 5 cross points in succession, saying:

“The Earth now grows warmer, as the Wheel again turns And as each passing day adds strength, To the Sun King’s rays The Maiden, of his gift of life, now silently does yearn.”

Take a couple of the acorns from in front of the God candle and place them in the Bride’s Bed with the Brideo’ga. Light the three aspects of the Goddess candles. All aspects are white because She is the Triple Goddess appearing as the Maiden, pure, and renewed. Step back from the altar and contemplate the light that is brought about by the re-union of the God and the Goddess saying:

“Behold the God and Goddess, Lord of the Forest and his Bride, Once again the Earth is blessed With life anew inside. Seeds shall soon begin to sprout And creatures shall young bear For this is the Promise, the Cycle of Life That is born of the love They share.”

Now is the time for meditation and any spell workings. Spell workings associated with Imbolc include those for fertility, defining and focusing on goals for the future, organization, health, and protection. Next, celebrate with Cakes and Ale (Poppy seed Cakes* and Spiced Tea*) Ceremony, saving some for the Wee Folk, outside. Thank the God and Goddess for Their presence snuff their candles. Thank and release the Quarters, saying:

“Though you leave this circle, tonight, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth Your symbols shall linger on a while Blessing my home and hearth. The herbs that scent this room tonight, Were chosen with loving care, To bless me, my family and my friends, And my sisters and brothers everywhere.”

Snuff each of the white candles at the directional points of the Pentacle Candle Wheel, starting with the candle at the top point first, then the West point and working in a widdershins direction. Snuff the inner cross point candles also in a widdershins direction. Finally snuff the three aspects of the Goddess candles. Step back from the altar and face the cauldron with the white pillar candle still burning brightly saying:

“I honor Thee, Maiden, most blessed Bride As your candle burns through this night And thank you for the renewed life you offer us all As you emerge from the dark to the light.”

Release the circle. Clean up, place the cauldron from the floor onto the middle of the alter. Let the candle burn out by itself. Place the potpourri in a spot where its scent and blessings fill the house. You are done.

How to make a Brideo’ga:

  1. Let it stand in water for some time for it to soften a bit.
  2. Take about 2/3 of the straw and tie it tightly in one end, and then turn it “inside out” so that the knot is hidden in the straw.
  3. Tie the bunch to make the “neck” of the doll.
  4. Take then the rest of the straw and place it in the bunch – make a cross of the two bunches of straw. This will be the arms of the doll.
  5. Tie again under the arms to make the waist and spread the “skirt” so that the doll can stand alone. Tie the arms by the “wrists” and trim the doll.


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