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The World of Witchcraft Unveiled

The World of Witchcraft Unveiled
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On a deep spiritual level our higher selves are influenced by the natural world, the stars, the Moon the Sun, and as we draw down their energies into ourselves to enhance our lives, we are tapping into a cosmic energy supply. Through everything the eternal life force courses, prana in Hindu philosophy, to the Chinese it is chi. It is a source continuously available for all of us, permeating every aspect of our being, enabling us to draw harmony, energy, and connection with others. Witchcraft is the oldest religion in the world, it has been kept alive through folk tradition, and by families who embraced and passed on the old beliefs of worshipping the Moon Mother. Witchcraft and Wicca, derive their names from the words for wisdom, witch is from the old English word wicca, meaning wise, the Wicca were known as the “wise ones.”

Our ancestors honoured rituals, such as burning Yule logs at Christmas as a symbolic gesture, and dancing around the maypole on May morning to stir the Earth’s energies. There were rituals witch wayencompassing the four quarters, the East gave peace and light, the South gave warmth, the West thunder and rain, and the North cold and wind, offering endurance and strength. The Earth was revered as the sacred mother, giver of life, linking life to the cycles of nature, and witches have the responsibility to use magic in a positive way. The basis of white witchcraft is the drawing on ancient wisdom, and the power of the collective mind that we can unconsciously access in our dreams. Rituals and altered states of consciousness are used in magic, enabling us to draw upon the cosmic memory bank, thus drawing on the accumulated power of many generations.

By accessing the power of the akashic records, or cosmic consciousness, a ritual may be created leading to the invention of a spell with the semblance of another culture or time, from this power source we are able to heal spontaneously. The gaining of this knowledge is “inner-plane” teaching, and requires nothing more than belief in your intuition. Using the deep wisdom of scrying during the full Moon, looking into dark water offers solutions to otherwise impossible dilemmas. When practicing witchcraft you are handling potent material while making magic, it is necessary to focus and give form to your desires and thoughts, and from this actualising them.

Morphic Resonance

This is the principle behind all white magic, positive magic enhances the benign energies of the cosmos and Earth, even banishing, or binding magic can be creative by transforming negative energy. Magic offers a never-emptying pot, like the legendary Cauldron of  Undry, in Celtic myth, the more put in, the more the increase in richness and quantity. When using magic take only as much as you need, the ability to create magic is in a state of becoming, and within all of us waiting to be accessed and nurtured.

When creating magic, ensure that no one is harmed in the process, if a black magic spell is cast the negative effects will rebound on you threefold. White magic allows us to extend the boundaries of possibilities, letting us tap the natural psychic powers of our childhood, when spanning dimensions was done with ease. Through practice our personal magnetism enables us to attract prosperity, luck, love, and to regenerate the natural healing abilities of the planet, the mind, body, and spirit.

When magic is practiced, we are responsible for our actions after sending our desires and wishes out to the cosmos, our talents and abilities must be turned into action, in order to bring what we requested to the Earth plane. Inspiration is required, and action taken to transform magical thoughts into actuality. To gain what you desire, it may be necessary to make a move, change jobs, send a letter, make a phone call, or adopt new behaviour. Will-power must be added to the power we draw upon. Expecting the cosmos to respond without us taking any earthly physical action, will not lead to our desires being met. The most successful spells are the ones generated by emotion, determination, and action on a practical level.

Through magic you have the power to shape your life, by using the power that comes from the Divine Spark within, or from a higher being, or a god or goddess energy source. In magic there are no absolutes, there is only that which works for you and enhances your spirituality and wisdom. It is necessary and important to honour the basic rules of witchcraft, truth, common sense, and wisdom. Always pay attention to the Threefold Law, which states that all that you do, whether good or bad, will three times it’s intensity come back to you. Your results will be potent providing you take responsibility for your actions, you can do this by learning to tap into the source of light and life, which makes anything possible. By letting the magic within flow, your spiritual power, understanding, and psychic powers will unfold, increase and guide you in your life.

Witchcraft Beginnings

Witchcraft began in the Paleolithic era, with the link between humankind and nature being embraced, early man used sympathetic magic via dance, chanting, and cave paintings of animals,Witch way offerings were made to the Horned God, and animal bones were buried, so like humankind they would experience rebirth from the Earth Mother’s womb. Political issues brought about the persecution of witches, especially women in medieval times, and with the rise of an organised male medical profession, the women healers who had acted as midwives and herbalists, became a threat to them. As the women had knowledge of herbs and healing, they were able to ensure less painful childbirth, this was thought to be contrary to the word of God, which was that children should be born in sorrow. This made midwives a target for persecutions, as they were accused of sacrificing babies to the Devil. This was due to the high infant mortality rate and the allegations could not be refuted, the grieving mother of a dead infant often blamed the midwife for the baby’s death. Land seizure was a penalty for those found guilty of witchcraft, and was a popular way of removing peasants and elderly women from the land that was rightfully theirs. A book was written in the fifteenth century describing in detail the tortures that could be used to obtain confessions from suspected witches, with the policy of the book being that it was better to kill an innocent person who would be rewarded by God, than to risk a guilty person remaining unpunished and going free. The book justified the tortures that accused witches underwent for a confession to be obtained.

The mid- fifteenth and late seventeenth centuries, was the worst period of witch hangings and burnings in Europe, around a quarter of a million people were executed, and many more hanged by lynch mobs. The mobs were formed by those wanting to lay blame for dying cattle or bad harvests, the  “Burning Times” is what this era became known as. Three quarters of all witches killed in Europe, and Scandinavia were women, they were older, lower class women, female healers, midwives, and wise women. When male physicians took over the midwives roles, ancient knowledge was lost and infant mortality increased, although any old woman living alone could be blamed for failure of crops, outbreaks of disease, or the deaths of animals. A woman with an immaculate house was said to have fairy help, and be consorting with the Devil. Some families managed to secretly practice the old ways, usually those in remote areas, the family covens could pass their traditions down through the matriarchal line by word of mouth. Those able to write would record their rituals in a Book of Shadows, which was carefully hidden and protected, if found it was burned or buried with a condemned witch on her death, occasionally knowledge and spells, were handed down to the eldest daughter.

Witchcraft and Wicca

The traditional method of Wicca is practiced by covens using learned invocations emphasising the Goddess, and with the High Priestess as the head. The named goddesses represent particular qualities of the Goddess in different cultures, the Horned God is her consort. A coven consists of 13 or less, this number is designated by the 13 Moon cycles that make up the year, and 13 is the Goddess number. A formal coven initiates a witch after one year and one day, from here the initiate moves up one degree at a time until they are ready to begin their own covens. Before starting a new coven, consult the phases of the Moon and use this to organise meetings, you may create your own rituals and ceremonies. During meetings members can meditate, practice magic, share spells, invoke, chant, or add anything they want to their magic gathering. If you want to join a coven and you are searching for one, first write down what type of coven you want to join, as you research various covens be sure they complement your spiritual and philosophical outlook. Some covens practice formal rituals, others do not, if you choose a coven and then feel you haven’t made the right choice, do not go back, always trust your intuition and beware of charlatans. Begin again and proceed with patience and caution, above all do nothing you do not feel entirely comfortable with and it should not cost anything to join a coven. Although if you are learning healing, such as reiki, or a particular form of divination such as tarot, astrology, runes or numerology, a fee would be expected, in this case use your instincts to decide what a valid fee is.

The numerous forms of Wicca and witchcraft draw upon ancient traditions, Dianic Wicca, was founded in the twentieth century, it descended from the nature religion of the Italian witches, who worshipped the Triple Goddess of the Moon Diana. Many practices have evolved in which those involved create their own spells, rituals and ceremonies, documenting everything in their Book of Shadows. The belief of many Wiccans is that from endings come new beginnings, and difficulties become a catalyst for change. Death and endings are as much a part of the life cycle as birth and beginnings. Positive and negative, light and dark, night and day, chaos and order, are two sides of the same coin, healing energies can be transformed from negativity.

Within the teachings of Wicca, The Horned God and Goddess are the creative male and female principles, that act and react, and are complementary parts of the whole. Some traditions regard the God and Goddess as equal, she the Earth or Moon deity, and he the Sun or Corn God, and Lord of the Underworld after his death, while others believe the Goddess to be more relevant. With the advent of Christianity, the Horned God along with other nature deities became demonised, the Goddess depicted as a wicked fairy, the Celtic warrior goddess Maeve, became the fairy Mab.

Wiccans believe in karmic justice, and feel that this is how balance is maintained either in this lifetime or the next. The Threefold Law is honoured, where magical intent, thoughts and actions, come back to the sender with an intensity three times stronger. All witches can choose to do good or evil, but are aware that the results of what they do will follow them from one life to the next. Followers of Hinduism and Buddhism, believe that thoughts and deeds accumulate each lifetime, and if our thoughts and deeds are good, we progress upwards towards spiritual perfection. If bad, we incarnate to learn lessons in subsequent lives during which we can right our mistakes. Merlin the magician, was said to have incarnated in several lifetimes, each time entering willing bodies. Other witches believe the afterlife is spent in eternal youth, joy and light, on another plane of existence which is like the Celtic Otherworld of eternal youth. Reincarnation is thought to be a bodily transition, with some choosing to complete unfinished work, or to teach.

Many witches choose to follow a solitary path, feeling more comfortable working in this way, finding they have no need to be involved with other practitioners of the craft. Solitary witches have carried with them into this lifetime much coveted knowledge relating to the art of witchcraft, and feel no desire to seek further than their own knowing. Solitary witches create their own form of magic, ritual and ceremony, with many possessing a knowledge of herbs, healing and potion making, they have exceptional intuition, and are often skilled in the art of astral projection, spell casting and divination. Witches always keep their magic tools in a special place where they are charged with positive energy for their magic work, and the witches who work with herbs know that dried herbs are better in sachets, but fresh herbs are more potent, and no witch would be without their trusty broomstick to sweep away negativity.

Practicing the Craft

Spells are carried out to heal, bring love, aid health, improve finances, enhance relationships, attract a better job, create a successful business or as a catalyst for movement and change. There are two things that all spells have in common, the first being, they must begin with an intention, without  intention there isn’t sufficient energy to create successful magic. The second is that under no circumstances are they to infringe upon the free will of others.

Book of Shadows (grimoire)

Every witch, whether solitary or otherwise, should keep a record of all spells, rituals, healing brews, herbs used, and what they were used for, incense burned, scented oils and scented candles used, and all that inspires or intrigues them. This will be your Book of Shadows, centuries ago these books were kept hidden and secret, except to the family member of a witch. Once you write in your Book of Shadows, do not remove what you have written as it is important to document everything religiously and to never remove it. When working with the energies of angels, spirit guides, familial ghosts, nature spirits, or gods and goddesses, document the name of the entity who guides you, or works with you.  Document any supernatural activity, whether invoked, or evolving spontaneously, include any automatic writing you do, in your Book of Shadows. If you work with the phases of the Moon, keep a chart of the Moon phases in your sacred book.

As you practice magic be aware that all spells or rituals begin with an intent, then the channeling of Divine Energy, or the life force that flows through all forms of existence, transforming it into spiritual energies. The spiritual powers include our evolved self, brought about through incarnations and higher cosmic energies, this energy can be channeled into the laying on of hands to heal. Witches work exceptionally well with angels and often invoke them during their magic rituals. They are called upon for healing and positive energy, or for protection, the power of the god or goddess can be evoked, chosen depending on the need of the practitioner and the nature of the deity.

For ritual magic which usually requires several items, you will most likely find that you have what is needed around your home, lemons, vinegar, seeds, flowers, coins, ribbons, oil essences, candles, jars, crystals, incense, salt, sand, fresh or dried herbs, scarves, pieces of fabric and buttons. You may choose to invoke one of the Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael or Uriel.

The Archangels

Gabriel is the archangel of the Moon, the messenger angel, he brings compassion and acceptance, Gabriel stands in the West. The archangel Michael is the warrior angel, and the angel of the Sun and light, he brings the power to overcome any challenges and obstacles, shining light on the correct path, Michael stands in the South. The archangel Raphael is the healer and guide to the traveller, he is the guardian of the young, he offers sustenance and assistance to all who ask, Raphael stands in the East. The archangel Uriel is the angel of salvation, his name means Fire of God, he is protector and keeper of sacred mysteries, he represents the direction of magic and all who seek, Uriel stands in the North.

Types of Spells

Wherever you are in the world practicing your magic, the basic principles are universal. There are protection spells to drive away negativity. Attracting magic to draw to you that which you desire. Binding magic is done by making knots with knitting wool, or thread, this is to strengthen a relationship, and can only be done if both parties consent, or to bind someone from doing harm by visualising them being bound and unable to inflict negativity. Be aware though if you are binding someone to stop them doing something, you are interfering with their karma, always add to this type of magic, “let my magic become if it is meant to be.”

Sympathetic Magic

To do this type of magic you begin by drawing a picture of something that you desire, you then visualise it with as much intensity as you can, and with the belief that what you desire will be yours. This could be to do with love, money, property, business, health or anything that you would like to draw to you, bearing in mind not to in any way affect the free will of another.

Contagious Magic

This is done by absorbing energy from an object such as a crystal, amulet or talisman, or you may desire freedom, so you absorb the power of flight that a bird has, in order to set you free. Call upon the power of the tiger to give you courage and strength, enabling you to make changes in your life, or the gentleness of the dove, helping you to feel more tender and loving. There may be someone you admire and you would like their particular abilities, or traits within you, this could be creativity, confidence, empathy, compassion, dedication, strength or willpower.

Personal Magic

This type of magic performed for a personal nature, when you need something to assist you in your life, and you cast a spell to help you to attain what it is that you desire. This magic is usually along the lines of health matters, financial difficulties, issues associated with a relationship, children, career or business.

Magic for Another

This type of magic is performed to assist a person, family, or group, this could be to do with health, finances, something legal or a relationship.

Altruistic Magic

This magic is to increase benign loving energies, and is often sent to those who have been involved in disasters and desperately need love, healing, and financial assistance. This energy is sent out to heal the universe.

Spell Casting

A spell is something that can be cast without any tools whatsoever, all you need to do is to decide on the intention then chant the spell with feeling. Whereas a ritual requires particular words, actions, and tools prepared, laid out and used in a special way. Although all spells work best in a specially created sacred space, with candles, incense, crystals, and statues of the god and goddess deities. Each spell is as unique as the witch who is casting it, and no two witches work in the same way, the important thing is that all spells are cast with love.

The first step you take when you begin a spell or ritual is to concentrate on the intention, this is what you hope to attain with your magic, take your time and be very clear. The next step is where you send the energy out to the universe with your request, with the full expectation that your request will be met. Imagine magical energies whirling around carrying your wishes, transforming them to manifest your desires. Visualise the energy moving upwards and out where is will work magically on your behalf. The third step is to “Raise the Power”, you imagine the magical energies amplifying and being carried upwards, and out to then explode into what you have asked for. The “Release of Power”, is the final stage and you should experience the most wonderful sense of release and exhilaration, as your spell explodes into the cosmos.

The Four Elements

When working with the four elements in rituals, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, be aware of the qualities they each contain, this will add potency to your spell casting.

Earth (salt represents Earth in rituals).

Air (incense represents Air in rituals).

Fire (candles represent Fire in rituals).

Water (a water feature, or a small bowl of water, represents Water in rituals).

Earth is north, it represents stability, security and strength, it is associated with winter and midnight.

Air is east, it represents action, the power for change, the wind, storms and the stirring of all that is stagnant, associated with spring and dawn.

Fire is south, it represents the Sun’s light, inspiration, the flash of lightening, warmth, the fire that cleanses, the power of the Sun and light, associated with summer and noon.

Water is west, it represents rain, the ebb and flow of tides, waterways, rivers, streams, emotions, life cycles, the ebb and flow of energy, associated with autumn and sunset.

Your Altar

To practice your spell casting a special space should be set aside it need not be a large area it has to be an area that you will dedicate to magic. You will need an altar facing north, size does not matter, make sure it has a flat surface and you are able to place candles, incense, crystals, statues, flowers and plants. Make room for candles to be placed in the North, South, East and West, of the table, representing the elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water and the four watchtowers the archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, these are your protectors. Place altar candles one to the left of your altar, and one to the right, also place a statue of a god representing the yang (male energy), and a statue of a goddess representing the yin (female energy). Place an altar cloth over it in velvet, or any piece of beautiful fabric that has a look of opulence about it, it need not be expensive. By always using this space for meditation and magic practice it will become charged with magical and healing energies. With your altar in place you are able to practice formal and informal ceremonies, rituals and spell casting. Your altar is a perfect place to practice your scrying technique, working to enhance your psychic ability, or holding an item and practicing psychometry (reading the energy held within an object).

Candles and Their Association

Element Earth:

Direction: North

Color: green

Angel: Uriel

Qualities: consistency, conscientiousness, perseverance, punctuality, caution, resistance, responsibility, carefulness, firmness, reliability, sobriety, ambition, respectfulness, matter-of-factness…

Element Air:

Direction: East

Color: yellow

Angel: Raphael

Qualities: vigilance, care-freedom, kind-heartedness, trusting nature, clarity, lightness, independency, dexterity, optimism, diligence, acuity, joy, smiling…

Element  Fire:

Direction: South

Color: red

Angel: Michael

Qualities: vigorousness, zeal, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, power of creativity, daring, sedulity…

Element Water:

Direction: West

Color: blue

Angel: Gabriel

Qualities: understanding, placidity, mildness, trusting nature, devotion, mercy, forgiveness, modesty, compassion, fervour, pliancy, meditativeness, internalization…

Colour and Energy

Colours Representing the Elements; Air – yellow, Fire – red, Water – blue, Earth – green. You may also use zodiacal candles for magic, by doing this you use the particular zodiac sign for its energy elements. When practicing your spells and rituals you may want to use the candle zodiac sign and colour, enabling you to absorb the energies of that sign.

Cardinal Signs; Aries – Cancer- Libra – Capricorn – like to take command of people and situations, and like to be the leaders.

Fixed Signs; Leo – Taurus – Aquarius – Scorpio – are balanced individuals, dancing to the beat of their own drum and sure of their path.

Mutable Signs ; Sagittarius – Gemini – Virgo – are flexible, versatile, and like to maintain the status quo.

Red – the colour for Aries – the Ram March 21 – April 20, a cardinal Fire sign, ruled by Mars, the focus is on matters to do with the self, they are innovative and assertive.

Pink – the colour for Taurus – the Bull April 21 – May 21, a fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus, for rituals associated with security, caution before embarking on the way ahead and all maters material.

Yellow – the colour for Gemini – the Heavenly Twins May 22 – June 21, a mutable Air sign, ruled by Mercury, suitable for spells to do with short distance travel, communication, choices, astute decisions and learning.

Silver – the colour of Cancer – the Crab June 22 – July 22, a cardinal Water sign, ruled by the Moon, use for protection spells concerning family and loved ones, and for loving energy.

Gold – the colour for Leo – the Lion July 23 – August 23, a fixed Fire sign, ruled by the Sun, suitable for rituals associated with leadership, determination and courage, and for sensual pleasures.

Green – the colour for Virgo – the Maiden August 24 – September 22, a mutable Earth sign, ruled by Mercury, for any spells associated with action, efficiency, healing (hands on and distant), it can bring order to chaos and is good for self-improvement and self-assertiveness.

Blue – the colour for Libra – the Scales September 23 – October 23, a cardinal Air sign, suitable for rituals concerning balance, relationships, harmony, healing relationships, and legal matters.

Red – the colour of Scorpio – the Scorpion October 24 – November 22, a fixed Water sign, ruled by Pluto, suitable for spells and rituals associated with psychic awareness, passion, all that is secret and hidden, for bringing to you what is yours, and for inheritance.

Orange – the colour for Sagittarius – the Archer November 23 – December 21, a mutable Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, use for spells concerning long distance travel and home moves or renovation, any creative enterprises, for growth on all levels, and for being open to new perspectives.

Black – the colour of Capricorn – the Goat December 22 – January 20, a cardinal Earth sign, ruled by Saturn, spells and rituals concerning any matters official, for prosperity, continuation, ambition and perseverance.

Dark blue – the colour for Aquarius – the water bearer January 21 – February 18, a fixed Air sign, ruled by Uranus, rituals and spells concerning self-possession and detachment, creativity, friendship and artistic pursuits.

White – the colour for Pisces – the Fish February 19 – March 20, a mutable Water sign, ruled by Neptune, for spells to develop psychic and spiritual awareness, and intuition, use for any form of divination, especially scrying.

Magical Meaning of Colour

White – suitable for family matters, it represents the life force, energy, insight and foresight and new beginnings. Perfect for protection, helps in contacting the higher self, and supernatural beings.

Red – colour of the planet Mars, it enhances sexual passion, physical protection, self-belief, courage, change, health and action.

Orange – colour of the Sun, for sexual passion, the arts and creativity, mental enlightenment, fertility, confidence, being assertive and for integration and harmony.

Yellow – associated with the planet Mercury, winged messenger of the gods, communication, concentration, overcoming and assimilation. For rituals to do with intellect, logic, luck, movement to do with home or career, for healing of mind and body, medicine and technology.

Green – colour of Venus goddess of love, for rituals concerning love, marriage, relationships, romance, harmony, magical abilities and prosperity.

Turquoise – colour of Hathor, Egyptian goddess of wisdom, music and dance. For rituals to do with altruism, good for writing, inspiration, artistic ability, the integration of thoughts and wisdom, complements impartial decision making and increases the ability to tune into other dimensions, enhances original thoughts and actions.

Blue – colour of the Father God Zeus and other Sky deities, use for expanding possibilities, confidence, idealism, power, prosperity, business growth and promotions. Use in rituals concerning legal matters, and anything official, where there is chaos, blue brings calm.

Purple – colour of Jupiter, wise teacher of mysteries, for spells and rituals concerning all matters associated with divination and spirituality, linking us with higher dimensions, to enhance loving memories, psychic protection, for unveiling that which is hidden and for past life work. Perfect for healing and past life work and to aid the seer.

Lavender – for telepathy, empathy, and for rituals to invoke nature spirits.

Pink – for Venus goddess of love, for rituals concerning family, children, love, self-esteem, aids moving forward and letting go of the past.

Magenta – for rituals regarding the spiritual warrior, the counselor, the wise guide, for professions where the care of others is involved.

Brown – colour of Saturn, the Roman god of Cronus, god of time, use for protection, grounding rituals, to learn new skills, the home, property, security, material matters and for all work with the hands.

Grey – for rituals to do with erasing negativity, it ensures flexibility, offers protection, to aid the keeping of secrets, for quelling conflict, and for wisdom.

Black – for rituals associated with the attracting of wealth, use for rituals concerning regeneration. It is to aid the end which heralds new beginnings, use for psychic protection, for letting go, to repel negativity, for healing grief and repelling spells.

Silver – for spells associated with fertility, use as a catalyst to awaken psychic abilities, astral projection, for enhanced dream work and visions.

Gold – the colour of the sun the connection to the solar deities, rituals for worldly achievement, prosperity, ambitions, plans and male potency.
Fragrant Oils

Oils can be used in conjunction with zodiac candles, and coloured candles, for magic spells, and rituals, instantly adding a sense of ceremony, oils can be used during meditation practice and any form of divination, or healing.

Benzoin – for spells and rituals, to ensure confidence, prosperity both material, and spiritual.

Bergamot – for spells concerning communication and potential, cedar wood enhances wellbeing, is for spiritual and sexual awakening.

Citronella – suitable for repelling rituals and for creating invisible protective barriers.

Cypress – use for spells to aid grief and bring acceptance of that which cannot be changed, it is for healing and compassion.

Eucalyptus – use for rituals to repel negativity and psychic attack, it promotes decision making and action, it offers concentration and clear focus.

Frankincense – use for all ceremonial magic, it assists contact with higher dimensions, and attracts abundance.

Geranium – use for spells and rituals for restoring peace and understanding in various environments, it enhances emotional understanding.

Ginger – suitable for spells to do with passion, prosperity and innovation.

Jasmine – can be used in spells to deflect hostility and transform difficult situations, it increases the feelings of love.

Juniper – for protection, and to remove what is no longer necessary in your life.

Lavender – for love spells and relationship reconciliation.

Lemongrass – can be used for spells to enhance psychic abilities, and for astral projection, it helps in leaving behind negativity and destructive relationships.

Lime – used when casting healing spells, it protects against psychic attack, and heals the mind.

Marjoram – for spells associated with everlasting love and fidelity.

Mimosa – for spells concerning harmony and happiness, it also relieves anxiety.

Myrrh – a sacred ceremonial oil used for purification and healing rituals.

Neroli – use in spells for marriage and commitment, fertility, sensuality and wellbeing, it aids emotional balance.

Orange – used for fertility, happiness, confidence and abundance.

Patchouli – used in prosperity spells, it brings employment and increases business opportunities, it restores balance.

Peppermint – is used in protection and prosperity spells, it is used for repelling negativity, it aids perseverance and courage.

Rose – for love spells, all partnerships and fidelity, rose, use this for spells associated with justice, balance, memory and career.

Rosewood – for all forms of magic, it calms mind and body, is used for negotiations, it removes conflict and engenders an acceptance of life.

Sandalwood – used in spells to enhance passion and meditative abilities, it increases spiritual awareness and aids contact with the higher self and spirit guides.

Tea tree – used for absent healing spells, channelling, it also removes energy blockages.

Ylang-ylang – enhances spells for inspiration, increases confidence, awakens possibilities.

Use incense for spells and rituals, choosing a specific scent for the type of spell, meditation, ritual, ceremony or healing you will be doing.

Allspice – for money and action spells.

Apple blossom – for fertility, love and inner peace.

Basil – for prosperity and fidelity rituals.

Bay – for marriage, protection, healing and prosperity.

Benzoin – used in rituals to increase concentration, and for attracting money.

Bluebell – used for marriage rituals, it has the energy of faithfulness in love, carnation is used for healing and strengthening rituals.

Cedar/Cedarwood – used in rituals for healing, and to repel negative thoughts.

Chamomile – attracts money, and is used with spells associated with family matters.

Cinnamon – for spirituality, psychic powers, intuition, money and love, cherry is used in love and divination spells.

Copal – for protection and purification spells, cypress use for spells to enhance transition leading to a new phase.

Dragon’s blood – especially potent for protection and love, also enhances male potency.

Fern – often used in fertility rituals, attracts wealth, enhances potential, protects travellers, initiates change.

Fig – used for fertility spells, creativity and harmony.

Frankincense – aids spell power, it is used for success spells and for courage.

Freesia – for spells to lift the spirit, and to overcome loss.

Heather – use in spells to enhance passion, fidelity, love and good fortune.

Honeysuckle – use in spells for heightened psychic powers and protection.

Hyacinth – for spells to aid desire and reconciliation.

Hyssop – is used for rituals and spells used for healing, it helps protect against psychic attack, and is used for love commitment.

Ivy – for spells to do with fidelity, love and permanence in relationships.

Jasmine – used in spells to enhance prophetic images, it attracts money and passion.

Juniper – protects against psychic attack, it is suitable for healing spells.

Lavender – is especially good for any spells and rituals to do with reconciliation.

Lemon/lemongrass – for protection spells, and to increase psychic awareness, protects travellers.

Lemon verbena – for a spell to break a run of bad luck, it offers protection against negativity.

Lilac – for spells to heal domestic difficulties, and to be more accepting of the frailties of others.

Lily – is useful when casting spells to repel negative influences in love.

Lily of the valley – for spells to enhance clear thinking and to bring happiness.

Marigold – used for protection and fidelity spells, and is effective concerning legal matters.

Mimosa – for protection, love and prophetic spells.

Mistletoe – is used in rituals to heal a broken heart and for male potency.

Moss – for spells concerning prosperity and permanence, in health, relationships and business, suitable for water divination.

Myrrh – for healing rituals and protection spells.

Myrtle – use in spells concerning fidelity, and marriage, it is also useful for matters to do with property.

Nutmeg – use in spells for healing, fertility and prosperity.

Orange blossom – for marriage spells and rituals, helps to increase confidence.

Pine – for healing, protection, and money spells.

Poppy – use in divination, fertility, and psychic protection spells.

Rose – for spells associated with love, attraction, and reconciliation.

Sage – use in spells to increase mental acumen, and wisdom.

Sandalwood – is very effective for psychic awareness spells, and enhanced sexuality.

Tamarind – for love spells, it is especially suitable to bind new love.

Thyme – use in spells for divination, love, healing, prosperity, and courage.

Vetivert – for love spells and to break a run of bad luck, it attracts money and protects actually, and psychically.

Violet – is used in spells to uncover hidden abilities and talents.

Creating Your Circle

When using incense place it in the position of East on your altar, and before spell casting create a magic circle, this is done by lighting incense, then holding it and walking clockwise making a circle, an athame or wand may be used to create your circle, within this circle you will be working. Call upon the Archangels by name, or call upon the goddess deities by name, choose the ones you are most drawn to. These beings are called upon to offer protection when you are performing rituals. Once your magic spells, or rituals, have been completed the circle is closed, you do this by holding the incense, athame, wand or crystal and moving in an anti-clockwise direction. Extinguish the candles representing the elements, put them out in reverse order, let the altar candles burn down. Calling upon the goddess energy can help you to focus when casting spells and performing rituals. When invoking a god or goddess, familiarise yourself with what they depict, you then call upon specific deities for spell casting and performing rituals, only call upon those with positive qualities.

Preparing your mind and allowing yourself to shift into a relaxed state is a prerequisite for making magic, you then shift from your logical left brain activity, and allow the right, intuitive side to do the work for you. This assists you in reaching a deep psychic state, concentrate while visualising yourself being filled with white light, this allows you to reach an altered state of consciousness. By breathing in light you are creating a point of power, this is then released as healing power.

God and Goddess Energies

When the god or goddess energy is invoked, they act as complementary parts of the whole, while representing the principles of yin and yang, and when summoned their nature and qualities are taken into consideration, depending on the type of magic being performed. If you were casting a circle associated with love, you would call on the gods and goddesses of love.

Aphrodite –  Goddess of love and beauty, invoke  if you are beginning a new love relationship.

Artemis – The twin sister of Apollo, summon for a spell to encourage a new love.

Freya – Viking goddess of  love and sexuality, use when casting spells to do with passion or fertility.

Venus –  The Roman form of Aphrodite, she is the goddess of love, and represents sexual pleasure, often invoked for love rituals.

Apollo – God of prophecy, can be called upon for spells to do with psychic enhancement, healing and divination.

Helios – For a ritual associated with the life force and to renew energy and health.

Horus – Can be invoked for a spell to uncover something that is secret, hidden and to uncover illusion.

Myesyats – The Slavic Moon God can be invoked for healing rituals and for spells concerning psychic awareness, inspiration and intuition.

Selene -Greek goddess associated with the full Moon.

Cerridwen – The Welsh mother goddess the goddess of inspiration, wisdom and knowledge, she is invoked for rituals involving psychic awareness and divination.

Juno – The Roman queen of the gods, protector of marriage, women and childbirth, summon her for spells concerning marriage, children and fidelity.

Odin – The Viking father god of inspiration, wisdom, poetry and war, for all spells involving divination.

Oya – African goddess also known as (Yoruba), ruler of the winds of change, invoke for spells involving change and financial gain.

Lakshmi – Hindu goddess of wealth,  beauty, pleasure and good fortune, for spells associated with gain, prosperity and good fortunes in life.

Sekhmet – Ancient Egyptian solar and lion goddess, invoke for psychic protection spells.

Mercury – The Roman messenger god, call upon him for all matters associated with trade and commerce.

Venus – The Roman goddess of love, call upon her for all matters associated with love.

Witchcraft your Way

You may choose to create your own spells imbued with your energy, and always with awareness of the Threefold Law of magic. First decide on the type of spell you want to create, love, money, protection, psychic enhancement or health, and the intention of the spell. Choose before you begin spell casting, the marked candles of the zodiac, oils, incense, coloured candles, crystals, and the deities you will call upon, the spell may be conducted in any way that feels right to you.  Document everything you do and use, in detail from start to finish, making sure that the words you will be using are easy to read as you chant. Night holds the most powerful psychic energy, therefore I suggest all your spells be undertaken after dark. Prepare your altar by lighting your candles, oil burners and incense, cast your circle, invoke the elements and the angels, or archangels, stand within your circle, regulate your breathing and allow yourself to relax completely, you are then ready to begin.

The premise of magic comes from the phrase written at the beginning of The Emerald Tablet, as above – so below, it contains all magical knowledge and the principles of alchemy, stating that what occurs in the heavens, is reflected in human actions. By sending out positive intentions that the cosmos will then reflect back to you, you are energising your magic rituals and spells. Angels, spirits, gods and goddesses, can be invoked to enhance your magic. It is important for all witches to work in a way that inspires and enlightens, and to only do what feels right to them, no two witches work in the same way. Allow yourself to evolve in a way that empowers and generates an ever evolving psychic and spiritual energy, and above all work from Love.


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