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A Journey into the Mystical Realm of Wizards

A Journey into the Mystical Realm of Wizards
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There have been many wizards over the ages, it takes a certain energy to be a wizard, they are born not made, the stereotypical wizard image is of course Merlin, who was King Arthur’s magician. Wizards possess certain abilities, for one thing they are all endowed with exceptional psychic powers and without any effort whatsoever they see into the future, their own and others. They have the ability to know when to act and when not to act, they have an acute sense of what will and will not work.

Wizards are able to astral project, they have the power to step out of their physical body and project themselves elsewhere faster than the speed of thought, they are also able to move through other dimensions. When a wizard astral projects he is unable to physically touch or move anything, but he is able to listen and observe others, the more powerful wizards can produce spells from the astral plane. Wizards are often immortal, and don’t be fooled by a wizard who looks old and frail, he is anything but, wizards are exceptionally strong. If a wizard wants to he is able to magically change his appearance, appearing as someone younger, either male or female.

Wizards are extremely intelligent, and posses extraordinary knowledge, wizards are born with the ability to spellcast, even before they learn how to speak their first words, a wizard has the capability to answer any question that is asked. And if they feel it is needed and necessary, they will bring about changes in the world with their powerful magic, wizards are often scientists and often consult with the wise alchemists, a wizard’s will is strong enough to make changes in the world.

Most wizards are male, but there have been some exceptional female wizards over time. There are two types of wizard magic, there are ritualists and sorcerers, ritualists are the more flamboyant wizards, wearing opulent robes and glorious hats and they spend much of their time and energy preparing and casting their power spells, their magic is big and splendid. Sorcerers are more spontaneous with their spells and do not conduct rituals, their magic is dramatic and theatrical, they are also very good at invocation, they can produce magic without saying a word  just by using their thoughts. Sorcerers sometimes take on a normal appearance and blend in with the everyday people who have no idea of their powerful magic.

Wizards and alchemists often work together and have a mutual respect for each other, alchemists use particular equipment to help them to create transformation spells, their aim always is to turn base metal into gold.

An English wizard known as John Dee was a practicing scientist and sorcerer, when he died he left behind much written work that is still referred to today. He was an astrologer to Mary Tudor and prepared a natal chart for her. In the mid 16th century he began to experiment with magic, he was also a most sought after astrologer and spent much time conferring with royalty, he was also an active alchemist and spent much time in his workshop trying to turn metal into gold.

You can instantly recognise a wizard by his clothing, they usually wear long flowing robes and look quite majestic, if the robes don’t alert you to a wizard, then the tall pointy hat that they usually wear will. The robes are usually made of the most sumptuous fabrics know to man, they are made of silk, velvet, brocade, silver and gold thread is always used to make a wizards robes. Their robes are usually embroidered with magic symbols, the robes themselves are imbued with magical powers. Sometimes the robes the wizard wears are part of the spell they are casting, the hats the wizard wears is usually made out of the same fabric as the clothes he wears, the colours the wizard loves to wear are deep green, mauve, royal blue, red, gold and silver. There are occasionally wizards who ensue the normal wizarding trappings and wear simple robes much like those of the Buddhists, these are the more low key wizards, these wizards are more likely to be spellcasters and sorcerers rather than ritualists, and they travel quite unfettered without any accoutrements.

A very important piece of a wizard’s equipment is his wand, the wand is vital to the wizard and an integral part of the wizard’s magic, the wand is used in various ways during magic making. The Wizardswand is a conduit, or is for focus as it helps the wizard to concentrate his energy, it also helps calm the wizards mind and it is imperative to create spells with a calm mind. Often during a spellcasting, magic is channeled down through the wand and looks not unlike a bolt of lightning. Sometimes magic signs are made in the air as part of the magic that is being created and at times the wizard produces magic so quickly it cannot be seen by the naked eye. The wizards wand is about the length of a person’s forearm, the wand tapers slightly towards the tip. most wizards wands are carved, engraved, painted and have magical symbols engraved on them. On occasion a wizard, usually the one who wears the simple robes, carries a staff instead of a wand, they also are marked with magical symbols, the bottom of the staff has a metal piece fitted so that the wood doesn’t break when the wizard is travelling. The wizard’s wand can also to be used if the wizard needs to protect himself for any reason.

Cauldrons are another necessary piece of equipment for the wizard, the pot itself is magically made and contributes to the magic during rituals, the cauldron is also used for transformation, whatever goes into it comes out transformed into something else. The wizard puts a number of items and liquids into the cauldron when he is brewing his magic potions, sometimes the potions are used immediately or stored away for later use. The wizard uses his cauldron to turn all sorts of things into other things and it is integral to much of his magic. Something as simple as water and herbs can be turned into a magic substance. It is said that if a person is immersed in the cauldron, they will then emerge wiser than before and have more power. Cauldrons can also be used to feed many people as they can produce a never ending supply of food. Most wizards use the cauldron for a transformation of energy, the wizard can use the cauldron to affect the weather, such as if the farmer is concerned about a dry spell affecting his crops the wizard can create rain. Wizards have on occasion been called on to help in battles and they have the ability to render useless, the weapons of the enemy. The cauldron is not an inanimate object and possesses knowledge and magical powers, and by adding the appropriate ingredients and spells the essence is simmered down for the wizard to use. Some wizards use very simple ingredients in their cauldron, such as simple herbs, oils and waters, the more flamboyant wizards use more exotic mixtures, such as moonbeams, a lock of fairy’s hair, and dragon’s scale willingly given. Cauldrons are predominantly black and round with a lip that curls outwards, around the top, they generally have three legs and in some instances have four, they are usually quite large and stand waist high, although they can come in many sizes, from as small as a saucepan. The cauldrons are rarely decorated, witches and wizards always use cauldrons as a necessary part of their magical practices.

Chalices, and cups are associated with emotion and imbued with psychic ability, wizards often use a chalice filled with magical water, to see into the future, or into the past, in fact a chalice can be used as a mini cauldron and is often used by a travelling wizard, they are usually made of clay, pottery, wood, silver, gold and crystal.

Seals are mystic designs engraved in stone or wax, or drawn onto the floor, they are often engraved with specific spell details, these designs often depict exact details that the spell is to produce. These inscriptions are also used to protect the wizard if need be, one of the most well known seals is a white chalk drawn circle in which the wizard stands when casting his spells. Sometimes the circles is made from various ingredients and with items of his equipment, some of the wizards equipment is made through supernatural guidance. A wizard likes to use a bell to add power to their spell rituals, they also use the light of lanterns and candles

A wizard always creates a sacred space to create his rituals and spells, it is an area specially consecrated and it will without doubt, have a magic seal, all wizards also create an altar to work from and is necessary for ritualistic practices. The altar is usually a desk or stone column on which magical items are placed, they also, like the cauldron, possesses magical powers usually gained through enchantments placed by the wizard. Sometimes altars are specifically build with areas for candles to be placed and with magical engravings on the wood or stone, most altars have secret compartments, most altars are quite elaborate, some altars are made of crystal, precious stones, or marble, they are inlaid with precious metals, and elaborately carved. If you are invited to stand next to the wizards sacred altar you will feel the energy emanating from it. For the more flamboyant wizards a sacred temple is built with a sacred room to be used for magical activity, it takes several weeks for the wizard to imbue the room with enchantments. All wizarding temples include an altar which is an integral part in the center of the room, they most always place a seal which offers them protection, some wizards work with a spirit and will generally have a statue to represent their spirit, the walls of the temple will be quite luxurious and will have velvet, silk or brocade fabric draped, the floor of the temple will often have intricate and elaborate designs which add to the power of their magic.

Most wizards do a great deal of experimenting and have been known to take years to perfect certain power spells, their researching is very elaborate and time consuming, but as a wizard has ultimate patience he will happily spend the time to create a specific spell. For this type of work the wizard needs a laboratory where he can do his research, this room is generally hidden from view as a wizard is very protective of his spells and potions. Usually the wizard will create his laboratory in the basement of his home,  there he keeps all his necessary tools of the trade for his spell and potion making, the laboratory requires plenty of bench space, if you are ever invited into a laboratory you will find that every flat surface will be covered with items, such as potions, diagrams, and any number of intricate instruments. In the wizards lab you will find alchemical apparatus in pride of place, here he will have burners, flasks, jugs stands, taps, various types of glassware and beakers and any number of other items necessary to his practice. The wizard will usually have a desk with his paperwork and his notes and if you have the opportunity to glimpse inside a wizards locked cabinet you will find an array of ingredients, specimens and various items necessary to practice his craft, you may even find the results of spells that did not work particularly well, as a wizard rarely throws anything away.

Wizards are solitary characters and rarely socialise, they especially don’t get on with other wizards and are particularly protective of their magic, a wizard will live in self imposed isolation learning and practicing his magic. Wizards are extremely powerful beings and they are extremely competitive and they at times can’t help showing off in front of another wizard. Wizards can be surprisingly paranoid and always think that if they come in contact with another wizard that wizard will want to steal his spells. On rare occasions wizards will gather together for the common goal of teaching and guiding young wizards and for protection, these wizards are an exception to the rule and are happy to share their secrets and will gladly trade techniques.

The world of the wizards is unique and fascinating and it is a never-ending journey of discovery to learn more about these powerful magicians.


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