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Unveiling the Secrets of Graphology

Unveiling the Secrets of Graphology
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The Analysis of Handwriting (Graphology)

What does your writing reveal about you?

Handwriting analysis has been used since the 17th century and handwriting is like your fingerprint, no two people have the same style and there are no distinguishing characteristics to tell if the writer is male or female as handwriting is gender neutral, age also cannot be gauged by someone’s handwriting.

Handwriting analysis is used to detect the character of a person and is used by some companies as part of an interview and hiring process, in fact I read of one lady who became a graphologist after being turned down at a job interview, because of her handwriting. It is also used by the police force, especially as people can attempt to forge handwriting or a signature. A person’s character, as well as their mental health can be deciphered during a handwriting analysis. As you write you are placing your subconscious down on paper, your frame of mind, your health, your mental and psychological wellbeing, all show up in your handwriting, it is a window to your inner workings. No two writing styles are the same, each person has a style of writing that is peculiar to them and their personality type.

Before making any type of assessment you need more than one or two factors. Handwriting can reveal personality with great accuracy, it can reveal whether you are a clear thinker, or aggressive, whether you are a follower or a leader, an introvert or extrovert and so on.


Your handwriting moves along and it moves up and down. The middle zone is a, c, e, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, you first look for the height of the middle letters in relation to the height of the upper and the lower loops, you are looking at the relative size of the handwriting in comparison to the upper and lower loops.

The upper zone contains the upper part of all capitals and the lower case letters b, d, h, k, I, t, the lower case  is included here.

The lower zone contains the lower parts of the following letters g, j, p, y, z.

One letter that falls into all three zones is the lower case f.

Your handwriting falls into three zones each revealing different parts of your personality and you are looking for the dominant zone when doing a handwriting analysis, or the largest zone as this will give a good indication of a personality type.

The zones are upper – The spirit, dreams, desires, eclectic or abstract thoughts or actions, ambitions.

The middle zone – Social, daily interactions, rituals or habits, emotions.

The lower zone – Finances, the growth of wealth, the unconscious mind, acquisitions, sexual behavior, instincts.

Upper zone analysis:

Large upper zone meaning – A generous spirit, flamboyant, imaginative, intelligence.Graphology

Extra-large upper zone meaning – This person will be a day-dreamer and could possibly live in a fantasy they have extreme spiritual, intellectual or extravagant leanings and they must try to learn balance. This can often be a sign of the fanatic, they often lack the needed discipline to successfully fulfill their desires and dreams.

Middle zone analysis;

Large middle zone meaning – This person lacks self-awareness and believes they are always right, they are the  know-it-alls they have the gift of the gab, they believe totally in themselves even when they are wrong, there is an inability for them to overview themselves and critique their behavior, they are prone to exaggeration.

Ideal middle zone meaning – A middle zone that is the same height as the other two zones, depicts a well-balanced personality, someone who stays in harmony, usually they are calm, self-confident and in control.

Small middle zone meaning – This depicts a lack of drive, a person with this type of writing is having some self-worth issues although it also denotes a quiet achiever depending on other parts of their handwriting, they can have determination and pay attention to detail, they can also be quietly ambitious, this will only be revealed in a full handwriting analysis.

Lower zone analysis:

Dominant lower zone meaning – A dominant lower zone denotes someone who is full of life, sensual with an active libido and they always finish what they start, although it all depends on the rest of the analysis, which could reveal materialism and a pedantic personality.

Small lower zone meaning – With a small lower zone they lack drive and ambition there is a lack of sensuality and an inactive libido in some, this person needs to work on their self-confidence by finding something they are good at and believe in, otherwise they may make like difficult for themselves.

Overly long zone meaning – With an overly long lower zone shows a person possibly who has sexual fantasies although others parts of the analysis would have to be considered, at the very least they would be extremely sensual beings.

The Slant:

Right slant:

Right slant meaning- If the writing slants to the right the person would usually be an extrovert. This slant depicts a demonstrative person who has a certain ease around others, someone who is open with their thoughts and feelings, a balanced individual who has an empathic nature, (again remember to look at other aspects of the writing). Slant excessive meaning – The person with this type of slant is very likely an over the top personality, someone who loves attention they are also highly emotional and have a tendency to react first and ask questions later.

Right slant in the extreme meaning – This person has a tendency to be very reactive and emotional possibly prone to moments of hysteria.

Right slant overly extreme meaning – A difficult personality to deal with someone who doesn’t understand, or want to understand boundaries, possibly irresponsible, can be aggressive and egocentric.

Left slant:

Left slant meaning – If the writing slants to the left the person would be of a more retiring nature, but bear in mind other aspects of the handwriting are also to be considered before making an assessment.

Left slant meaning – This type of writing is due to the person’s personality and is not something that has been taught and learned in a school environment, it is unusual and not adopted by many as the natural flow for most writers is to the right regardless of whether they are right or left handed. It can depict immaturity and or repression, if used by an older person it can mean they are living in the past more than in the moment and they are very likely wary of others, they don’t trust readily.

Left slant male meaning – If a man writes in this way he will have a well-developed feminine side, making him in touch with his feelings, and the feelings of others.

Left slant female meaning – If a woman has a left slant she is likely to be cool, aloof and controlled in her manner, if this style of writing continues from teens to later life and continues it points to a neurotic and unstable personality or one who has conflicts with others, this is also someone who has many unresolved issues, other aspects of the writing will reveal how, or if the behavior is in the extreme or mild. In an older person with this type of writing they may very likely live in the past rather than the moment or the future.

Left slant in the extreme meaning – If a person has an extreme left slant it depicts and person who has difficulties with the niceties of normal society they are likely to be egocentric, have few friends and like to do things their way, they are not open to the ideas of others and are rigid in their thought process.

Upright writing meaning – If you are looking at upright handwriting the person would have a more stoic or controlled nature, upright consistently so is a rare occurrence, this type of handwriting would be someone who keeps control of their emotions, they would march to the beat of their own drum, their mind would be logical and there would be a certain aloofness. This type of person can be social but they would honor their reserved nature and be somewhat formal in social environments.

Very upright and regular meaning – If someone has very upright regular handwriting they very likely do not respond naturally to others and are rigid in their behavior.

More men than woman have upright handwriting.

Varying slant:

Varying slant meaning – There is some variation in the way handwriting slants depending on how a person is feeling at any given time and writing does change from time to time. If a person’s writing changes regularly they may have trouble keeping their emotions under control.

Line Spacing:

Line spacing meaning – The analysis behind the spacing is that it will show how a person acts in their surroundings, a loner will have large spacing and depicts someone who is not at ease in their environment, this person needs to work on trying to balance themselves emotionally helping them to them relax in their surrounding and to them relate more easily to others.

Line spacing evenly meaning – This is the writing or a very balanced individual they know themselves well and relate easily to their family and socially, they are very organized and love a challenge.

Overlapping lines with tiny to non-existent spacing meaning – With this type of writing it is likely that the upper and lower zone run into each other, this person does not analyze well at all and is not a clear thinker this can also depict someone who has some mental problems which need to be attended to if they are not already doing so. There is also a lack of impulse control with this type of handwriting.

Variations in line spacing meaning – The writer who varies their spacing if very likely extremely careful with money, they are not miserly but they are thrifty and know where every dollar is being spent, in other areas of their life they are less cautious and can make some unwise decisions that they have not thought through clearly. Some restraint is urged when making major life decisions, visualization would be helpful, allowing themselves the time to envisage something from beginning to end so that they can see ahead of time the consequences of their actions, they is a likelihood that they have difficulty expressing themselves and can be somewhat careless.

Word spacing:

Normal spacing between words meaning – This person is a good judge of character and socializes with ease, they are usually charismatic and very sure of themselves they can be quite gregarious and eloquent.

Narrow spacing between words meaning – This type of writing depicts a hyper-critical person who constantly judges others they can be berefit of tact and diplomacy and show an impatience towards others, they can be impulsive and erratic, wanting social contact yet managing to alienate those they want contact with. Some lessons in tact and diplomacy may be needed for the person with this type of writing.

Words running into each other meaning – When the words run into each other is an extreme version of the narrow spacing personality, the person with this handwriting has the traits of narcissism, egocentricity and unpredictability, they may require help to emotionally stabilize themselves as they can be quite neurotic. There is likely an overwhelming need for social contact.

Words with overly wide gaps between them meaning – This person is creative and self-disciplined, at ease socially and quite open.

Words with overly exaggerated gaps between them meaning – Someone writing in this way has difficulty adapting to new situations and they may have difficulty giving something or someone, their full co-operation. They are very easily provoked and lack patience, they can react in the extreme when things don’t work out the way they would like them to.

Irregular loops and strokes meaning – This depicts an unusual person, possibly an enigma, they are very enthusiastic about life and give every project, and person, their full attention, they often dress in an unusual manner and they are far from main-stream.

Irregular loops and strokes in the extreme – Very considered thoughtful people who take time to make a decision and always act cautiously.

Handwriting size:

Large writing meaning – If the writing is large the person is very sure of themselves and rarely ask the opinion of others as their sense of self is their assurity in whatever it is they are doing, they like to draw attention to themselves and possibly there is an exhibitionist side to their nature. This person may be prone to overstatement in anything they do they take action with a lack of caution, they can be quite erratic. Those involved in the arts, particularly the film industry are likely to have this type of handwriting as they love to be the center of attention.

Extremely large writing meaning – A total egocentric personality, I am, I do, I will, I say, being their favorite words.

Small handwriting meaning – This person is very self-aware and sure they are liberal in their thinking and have a healthy degree of objectivity, they pay attention and have a good overview of reality, poets, writers, philosophers, researchers often have this style of writing. Although they can be somewhat emotionless and it is difficult to know what they are thinking or how they are feeling, they are careful with money and pay attention to detail.

Very small handwriting meaning – This is the writing of someone who is self-aware in the extreme always concerned about something whether it be their health, their career or business, and their finances, they are worriers, and are often lacking in self-confidence, they need encouragement to identify and tap their strengths to help them gain confidence and be more self-assured.

Larger initial letters, especially capitals, meaning – This is the writing of somewhat who is arrogant, effusive, self-aware and ambitious always liking to be the center of attention and they love to talk.

Small initial letters meaning – This writing denotes a genuine, honest, empathetic personality, very likely with a philanthropic nature, especially if they are financially viable, there may be a certain insecurity or low self-esteem.

Enlarged word endings meaning – These people are open effusive, reliable, funny, always there to help while being quite ambitious and daring when it comes to business ventures. They would do well in their own business, providing it is with a person, or people, they know well and trust. The person with this style of writing could very likely have a family business and run it from home very successfully.

Smaller than normal word endings meaning – This person is the consummate diplomat you could not wish to meet someone more tactful, there may be a certain reticence in their nature, they can be wary of others.

Horizontal writing, or the writing slope:

Reasonable level horizontal writing meaning – This writing belongs to someone with a healthy degree of self-control, they are sure of themselves and there is a certain aloofness or coolness to their nature, they have the need to be in control and to take control in most situations, they may have a defensive nature.

Writing that ascends from left to right meaning – This usually happens when someone is writing on unlined paper and most of us don’t keep the writing completely horizontal, to do so takes a great deal of concentration and then there will still be variations. The writer with this style has enthusiasm for life, they also possess a highly creative nature with a healthy dose of ambition. The enthusiasm these people have for life changes according to the words they are writing, the mood of a person at the time they were writing, a letter for instance, can be revealed by the variations in their writing, if they are enthusiastic it may cause them to write at a steeper angle, this can also reveal a nature that acts suddenly or impulsively when they are enthusiastic about something.

A gradually descending line meaning – This writing can reveal a person who is depressed or feeling generally down in the dumps, this can also happen if the writer is tired or unwell, old age can also cause a person to write in this way, especially if they are suffering from arthritis.

An exaggerated downward slope meaning – This can depict a person who is physically ill, or debilitated in some way, or a person who is mentally ill.

Downward slope at the end of the writing meaning – This can actually denote tiredness, or even a lack of enthusiasm, or someone who is feeling overwhelmed.

Words that keep descending meaning – This type of writing can reveal someone who is dealing with ill health or someone who is dealing with depression and they are dealing with issues of self-worth, they may be going through a time of life, and self-assessment. They may also be dealing with fears of failure.

Words that ascend meaning – The person who writes in this manner is enthusiastic about something that they are looking forward to release, they may be holding back for one reason or another.

Wavy lines that are frequent or pronounced meaning – This denotes a person is unsure, or undecided about what action to take, they are likely to be mulling over some matter, or they may have an unstable personality generally, they may be quite moody individuals, or alternately be creative sensitive types with a colorful imagination, it all depends on other aspects of their writing and what it reveals.

Writing that rises and falls meaning – This can show that a person doubts their ability to make effective decisions and they may be quite pedantic about decision making, they may also be showing signs of tiredness. Or they may be struggling with self-doubt and be trying to muster some enthusiasm.

Concave line meaning – This can mean one of two things depending on other aspects of the person’s writing, it can mean they are feeling melancholy, or depressed, or they are about to reveal something that they are enthusiastic about, possibly something they have been working on for a time, other aspects of their writing will reveal one way or another what is happening with this person.

Writing on lined paper exactly on the line meaning – This person’s writing reveals they have difficulty making a decision and have a tendency to procrastinate.

Writing above the line meaning – This writing reveals a person who is extremely independent, they rarely ask for help and can be thought of, and quite rightly so, as being stubborn, they must learn to turn their stubborn streak into determination.

Writing consistently below the line meaning – This writer has a good understanding of the real world, they understand the need to earn a living to live the life they want to lead, they have a good head on their shoulders and are quite self-assured, although at times lack concentration due to all the ideas floating around in their head.

Pressure on paper of a person’s handwriting:

Heavy pressure meaning – If the overall writing style is flowing and balanced, the heavy pressure can reveal someone who has a strong sense of self-worth and is comfortable in their own skin, theyGraphology a an optimistic view of life. If the downward strokes are heavy a person who may be egocentric is revealed, this is also the sign of a stubborn person who will not listed to reason and always likes to be right.

Medium pressure meaning – This reveals a person in harmony and at ease in their life, a reasonable person with a healthy dose of determination.

Light pressure meaning – The very sensitive people write in this way they may be solitary or somewhat introverted, they may be drawn to research if the writing is very small and light, large writing reveals someone who is haphazard.

Very light pressure meaning – This writing belongs to a person who is ultra-sensitive, controlled and diplomatic, they are modest in their approach to most things, and get on with life in a disciplined manner no matter what life presents to them, they are natural diplomats.

Extra light barely there pressure meaning – Writing like this reveals someone who is unsure of themselves and takes a great deal of time to make decisions due to uncertainty.

Thick writing as if painted on to the paper meaning – This writing style reveals an artistic, creative personality, it can also be the hand of the designer and writer.

Varying pressure meaning – This is when the pressure varies between the downward and the upward strokes, revealing somewhat with a short temper who may have a violent side to their nature and likely no self-control, it will all depend of other aspects of their writing style.


Shading meaning – This is the difference between the shades of the upstrokes and the down strokes and can reveal someone who has an active libido with a sensuous side to their nature.

Sharp strokes meaning – A sharp stroke is a thin stroke and there is no difference between the upstrokes and the down strokes, those with this type of writing keep a tight reign on their emotions, they think things through carefully before taking action, they take life seriously and have a balanced outlook they are. They are also perfectionists and those close to them may find it difficult to live up to their expectations.

Very thick strokes meaning – Thick strokes with no variance between the up and down strokes denote someone who is sexual and sensual quite charismatic with an empathic nature, they like people and people are drawn to them. They are lovers of all that is beautiful and their home is very important to them it is usually tastefully decorated and a comfortable haven for them and their friends and family they can at times be extreme in their behavior and be a little self-indulgent.

Thin upstrokes meaning – This denotes an artistic personality, with a serious and hands on approach to family.

Connecting strokes, the writer’s social attitude and aptitude is revealed in their connecting strokes, they are arcade, angular, thread and garland.

Garland balanced connecting looped strokes meaning – People with this type of writing can at times be influenced by others, this is something for them to be aware of. They are also social with a live and let live attitude, they are compassionate and patient.

Angular connecting strokes meaning – In the extreme there is a stubborn tendency, the more positive side they are motivated and reliable people who are extremely loyal, they are joyful friends and caring family members.

Arcade neatly joined leaning handwriting meaning – This writing style belongs to a disciplined, aware, quiet and self-possessed person, they are sensitive and make their way through life with a quiet determination, they are solitary personalities who prefer to work from home. They can at times be referred to as anti-social.

Thread writing straggling connections meaning – This person is highly motivated and likes to work alone doing their own thing, they don’t play by the rules, they are quick-witted and intelligent loving to learn something new. In the extreme, depending on other aspects of their writing, they can be a little erratic or unpredictable, in the ultra-extreme cases prone to hysterics or overreaction to situations they feel they can’t control, although they calm down as fast as their ayre rises.

Unconnected writing:

The unconnected writing style meaning – This type of writing denotes a creative individual who is a lover of all that is beautiful, they always look at the big picture and are original thinkers who pay attention to detail, they can be perfectionists.

Initial strokes:

Initial strokes the beginning stroke a long lead-in meaning – A pedantic personality is revealed, a thinker, a careful person.

Long lead-in stroke touching the paper for a few moments without writing meaning – This denotes a person who may be unsure of themselves and questions all their actions, they could have a fragile nature and lack determination depending on what the other aspects of their writing reveal.

Writing speeds:

Writing speed slow meaning – This is someone who plays by the rules and takes time to make a decision, they deliberate before taking action there is a tendency towards procrastination.

Writing speed fast meaning – Quick of thought and action.

Lower zone slow beginning meaning – This is a person who lives in the past and ruminates about the past rather than living in the here and now.

Hooked leading stroke meaning – This denotes someone who would be referred to as a character, charming and over-the-top.

Ornate leading stroke meaning – This denotes, especially in the upper zone, and creative and artistic personality, they are likely demure and like to do their own thing.

Initial stroke beginning on the base line meaning – A follower who is methodical in their approach to all things, they pay attention to detail and are perfectionists, their writing overall is likely to be quite neat.

Missing lead-in strokes meaning – This person is original in all aspects of their life, they are creative and outgoing personalities, highly intelligent always coming up with new and innovative ideas.

A beginning stroke that wavers or wiggles meaning – Someone who is uncertain of themselves, and often unsure of what action to take, they may deliberate for long periods of time.

Terminal strokes:

Absent terminal stroke meaning – The terminal stroke reveals the person’s attitude towards the future, an absent stroke reveals someone who is in control and sure, they can be direct and sometimes lack tact, a complete last letter reveals a person who is possible impolite or downright rude to others.

Hook on terminal strokes meaning – A contentious person.

Slight upward curve in the last stroke meaning – A self-conscious, generous personality.

Last stroke with a downward curve meaning – This reveals intolerance and impatience.

Ending with an extreme curve meaning – A perfectionist.

Ending with a point meaning – A determined, purposeful personality.

Ending stroke turning to the left running through the last letter of the word meaning – This person is an introvert and doesn’t trust easily, it takes time to get to know this person.

Slight upward curve in the last letter meaning – A kind reticent personality.

Speed of writing:

The speed of the writing is in correlation to the speed or slowness of thought of the writer, this shows up also in the dotting of the i’s and the crossing of the t’s, fast thinkers usually have a haphazard dot or cross of the t, more deliberate thinkers are more accurate and neat with their placement.


Legible or illegible writing meaning; Actually whether or not the writing is legible give no clue to the personality, it can be an indication of the health of a person, as shaky writing could be to do with illness, or age.

Regularity of writing:

The regularity of someone’s writing can be checked by the examination of the following;

1.    Height of middle zone letters.

2.    Positioning of down strokes in comparison of the other letters.

3.    Consistency of slant.

4.    Spacing between lines.

Regular writing meaning – This person does not show much emotion and gets on with things in a pedantic, I can manage manner, they pay attention to detail.

Irregular writing meaning – Here a balanced individual is revealed, someone who is social and in control of their emotions, it takes a great deal to ruffle their feathers.

Excessively erratic writing meaning – These writers are quite restless and overreact, they do not like to be caught unawares and often don’t know how to act in difficult situations, they are creative and social.

Erratic writing in the extreme meaning – This writing belongs to those who are extremely imaginative and creative, to thrive they need a calm and tranquil environment and don’t react well to stresses inflicted upon them by others, there is a tendency to avoid these people, they are often loners preferring to work on their creative projects which can be wide and varied, and they have to take care not to be influenced by others.

Width of letters:

Narrow writing meaning – This denotes an introverted personality with good concentration and good judgment they can in the extreme be intolerant and are likely to avoid social contact often working from their home.

Wide writing meaning – Outgoing self-assured people have this type of writing, they are social and to the point, they are fantastic managers of all things. They can be impatient and want things to happen yesterday, they can in the extreme, be quite intolerant and argumentative.


Full middle zone loops meaning – A caring generous, empathic utter individual.

Overly full middle zone meaning – A daydreamer.

Full upper zone loops meaning – A balanced and self-assured person who is quite creative.

Overly full upper zone loops meaning – May confusion fact with fiction, this writing style denotes a lack of realism, they need to learn to be more down to earth.

Full lower zone meaning – Sensual being with a healthy libido.

Lean style in any zone meaning – A cool well-balanced person who would be fantastic in business, they are likely to be aloof.


Smooth clearly written numbers meaning – Reliable and responsible.

Small and neat numbers meaning – These are the numbers of a mathematician, accountant or book-keeper, they are serious minded individuals.

Difficult to read poorly written numbers meaning – This person is likely to mismanage finances, if they are made aware of this they can change their behavior.

Heavy pressure numbers meaning – This type of pressure denotes an emotional personality who very likely has self-worth issues that need to be worked on.

Capital letters:

Large capital letter meaning – Capitals are looked at in relation to the size of the other letters, capitals should be two times as high as the middle zone letters, the shape reveals the creativity and self-awareness of the writer. Large capital letters denote a person who is self-motivated, determined, quite ambitious and quite possibly, is going to be or is, successful in business. This person has foresight and insight and makes calculated decisions that are usually right.

Broad and large capital letter meaning – If the capital is broad and large it denotes someone who is egocentric, determined, over-bearing and quite critical of themselves, they set high expectations and try to live up to them, they are quite outgoing and have a vivid imagination.

Large ornate capital letter meaning – This type of writing is done by someone who may have an overblown sense of self or at the very least be very self-confident, they have bursts of gregarious actions and are quite generous towards others, this is a very capable person.

Long thin narrow capital letter meaning – This is the writing of the introvert, they keep to themselves and are quite self-sufficient preferring to be alone, they are also sensitive and compassionate.

Small capital letters meaning – This writer lacks confidence and likes to quietly work behind the scenes.

Capitals joined to the following letter meaning – Precise thought process, good organizational skills.

Capitals standing alone away from the rest of the word meaning – This person acts on their intuition and act accordingly.

Capitals normal sized and narrow capitals meaning – This person is careful in thought and deed.

Capitals redone, touched up meaning – This person has self-worth issues they need to work on.

Capitals wrongly place or inside other words meaning – This person pays attention to even the most minute detail and could possibly be under stress or hiding something.

Printed capitals instead of written meaning – This person is creative, artistic, loving all things beautiful, a knowing and cultured individual.

Ornate or humorous capitals meaning – An open and easy going personality someone who is easy to get on with and socializes well.

Large gap before and after the letter I, this person is a loner.

Extra-large gap before and after the letter I, this person fears being alone.

Overly tall letter I meaning – Can possibly look down on, or feel above others, they could also be hiding some self-worth struggles by over-compensating and appearing aloof.

Where there are several letter I variations meaning – This person does, and says the unexpected, they have an open, they are easy-going personalities.

Smaller than normal letter I meaning – A person who doesn’t feel comfortable around people, lacking in confidence.

Heavy pressure letter I meaning – This person is either under stress, or their behavior may be on the side of obsessive compulsive.

Light pressure letter I meaning – This person is unsure of themselves and their actions, they may have a meek nature.

i dot differences:

Missing dot meaning – A forgetful nature.

Meticulously placed dot meaning – Careful, perfectionist.

To the right dot meaning – Quick of thought and action.

To the left dot meaning – Someone who deliberates with care before acting.

A weak dot meaning – Confidence issues.

A heavy dot meaning – Possibly this person is feeling down or anxious, they could also be under pressure from someone.

Arrow head dot open to the right meaning – Someone with a wry sense of humor who speaks their mind.

Accent dot meaning – This person becomes annoyed or irritated easily, critical outlook possibly difficult to please.

Grave accent dot meaning – Devil-may-care attitude to life.

Circle dot meaning – Someone with an artistic flair.

Heavy oblong dot meaning – This dot reveals a passionate personality.

Horizontal dash dot meaning – This do belongs to a highly sensitive individual.

Vertical dash dot meaning – Can overreact or behave in a pedantic manner.

Connected to the next letter dot meaning – This dot belongs to a well read, intelligent person with a quick mind.

High dot to the right meaning – A gregarious person with a welcoming personality.

Low dot meaning – This is a get on with it earthy person.

The t bar:

No t bar meaning – This denotes a rebellious personality.

t bar to the left meaning – This person could well be feeling down in the dumps or depressed, and have difficulty making decisions.

Slightly to the left t bar meaning – This person is not confident and feels uncomfortable around others.

Short t bar meaning – This belongs to someone who is self-conscious and possibly a little shy.

Long t bar meaning – A very confident high energy outgoing personality.

Light t bar meaning – This writing belongs to a gentle in tune sensitive person one who should be aware of being influenced by others.

Heavy t bar meaning – This person has a dominant personality and should learn to temper this trait as is overwhelms people, this is an extremely determined person.

Balanced on stem t bar meaning – This person was born to lead.

Hooked t bar meaning – This person is ambitious.

Concave t bar meaning – This denotes an introverted personality.

Convex t bar meaning – This person has an active imagination but can lack impulse control.

Low t bar meaning – This style belongs to a somewhat moody individual.

Low t bar meaning – This writing can be attributed to depression or low energy levels.

Wavy t bar meaning – An effervescent personality with a good sense of humor.

Knotted t bar meaning – Determined, a will to be first, a will to win always.

A t bar curved to the right meaning – A difficult to please critical personality, they need to learn how to relax and be more flexible.

Looped t bar top of stem meaning – A gregarious personality and quite emotional.

Curlicue t bar meaning – This denotes someone with a big ego.

Double t bar meaning – Someone with self-worth issues, need to build their confidence by focusing on what they are good at.

Long t bar detached to the right meaning – Someone who procrastinates when having to make a decision.

Short t bar detached to the right meaning – This person always rises to the challenge and embraces change and challenges.

Short t bar attached to the right meaning – A pedantic person.

Star shaped t bar meaning – This person does not take criticism well even when it is constructive, as they suffer from low self-esteem, once this is recognized it can be worked on.

Long triangle stroke t bar meaning – This person does it their way and no-one can tell them otherwise, they can also be quite aggressive.

Copybook t bar meaning – This belongs to someone who is quite emotional and egocentric.

Upside down t bar meaning – Possibly manipulates they truth or exaggerates.

Single stroke stem and loop t bar meaning – They can be stern or aggressive, extremely independent, often extreme in their behavior.

Almost like an s,t bar meaning – An active mind, with an exuberant nature.

Straight stem t bar with bottom loop meaning – This person does not show emotion and always remains in control.

Single curve t bar incorporating bar and stem meaning – This person has difficulty making decisions and can have a far-away demeanor.


Your signature is in relation to how you want to be seen by the world but is provides little information for the graphologist who looks at it in relation to your normal sized writing, slant, regularity,Graphology embellishments and direction are all considered.

A large signature meaning – Good self-esteem, likes to be noticed.

Signature smaller than other words meaning – This can reveal a self-deprecating personality.

A signature that is comparable size to the writer’s normal writing meaning – This signature belongs to a very reasonable, honest, with a good self-image they do not need direction from others and are astute decision makers.

An emphasis on the first name signature meaning – This person can possibly ruminate over the past and possibly think often of childhood. If a married woman has taken her husband’s name it can reveal tension within the relationship.

Large ornate signature meaning – This person is entirely egocentric.

The surname over emphasized meaning – Has a healthy self-respect, could possibly hold a prestigious position.

Last letter of surname flourish towards the right meaning – A generous and open personality.

Last letter of surname going up at a sharp angle meaning – A sign of aggression.

Last letter extended extremely in a curving motion meaning – A determined and forceful personality.

Very ornate flourish surname meaning – This is the sign of self-importance.

Flourish cuts back through name crossing it out meaning – This is the sign of a person lacking in confidence and or, someone who is in need of emotional help, they may also be isolating themselves from others.

Underlining or partial underlining of the signature meaning – This shows signs of inferiority.

A single line of normal pressure meaning – The emphasis is on the person’s ego.

A single line of heavy pressure meaning – Shows a sure and assertive personality.

A long rising line meaning – This line reveals someone with ambition.

A short line meaning – This line reveals someone who is unsure of themselves and looks up to others.

A double line forward and back meaning – This reveals someone who is self-assured and does everything their way, they can also be drama queens.

A heavy double line meaning – This person thinks first of themselves.

An ornate line with scrolling meaning – An egocentric, artistic personality.

Lines above and below the signature meaning – This signature reveals low self-esteem, the person needs to work on aspects of themself they feel good at this will help them and their self-esteem issues.

Dot at the end of the signature meaning – A decisive person.

Central signature beneath the writing meaning – A cautious personality.

Signature to the left meaning – This signature reveals an introverted personality.

Signature to the right of the page of writing meaning – A go-getting personality with an impatient nature.

Signature close to the other writing meaning – There is a bond between the recipient and the writer.

Signature place low with a wide gap – This is a way for the writer to distance themselves from the rest of the letter they have written, this is often done when sending official mail.

Beautiful signatures meaning – This type of signature often reveals an artistic and creative person.

A right leaning letter with a left leaning signature meaning – The writer is attempting to overcome some challenges.

A leftward leaning letter with a right leaning signature meaning – A quiet shy personality, quite aloof, they try to put overcome their introverted nature for business reasons.

An upward written letter with a rightward signature meaning – This is an introverted person trying to be more outgoing.

A right leaning letter with an upward signature meaning – This person is consciously behaving in a businesslike and professional manner.

Large signature meaning – Outgoing personality.

Small signature meaning – A more introverted personality.

Addressing an envelope:

Neat central clearly written with no extra embellishments meaning – Down to earth quick thinking organized personality.

Lines of the address steeped upwards meaning – A wariness of people.

Name and address placed high up meaning – A day-dreamer or careless personality.

Very low positioning meaning – This person is likely worried at the time of writing and may have some issues to deal with.

Placement to the right meaning – An extrovert.

Placement to the left meaning – An introvert.

Address place large spaced out taking up most of the envelope meaning – This is someone who likes attention and may behave in a way to draw attention to themselves.

Any underlining, unless required meaning – This person pays attention to detail.

If within your own handwriting you have discovered traits about yourself that you would like to change you can cultivate a new style of writing that is more acceptable to you. If you do have some negative or less than acceptable traits, now they have been revealed to you, you can work on them to help lead you towards a more effective way of life. Collect as many different types of handwriting that you can to give you a wide scope to work with and you will be fascinated by what is revealed within peoples handwriting, it is very hard to hide anything when someone is able to read between the lines.

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