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Exploring the Mysterious World of Witches

Exploring the Mysterious World of Witches
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Witchcraft helps us to embrace the extraordinary and to transform the life we lead, there are more of us than you think in the world quietly going about our day to day life, and just as quietly being a witch. Many modern day witches choose to stay undercover and wear the garb of the everyday person, many witches these days are also business people, I wonder if you can pick the witch in a crowd.

Witchcraft starts in the mind, as when you create a spell you first have to focus your intention and when you focus your mind you are delving deeply into the unconscious and you are  able to create change from within and help yourself  to attain your dreams and goals. Taking charge of your thoughts is an act of magic in itself, you are in effect taking control of your mind and this can have a powerful spin off effect in the way you behave and the things that you do.

Witches really are able to fly through astral projection and every witch has her trusty broomstick. In your mind anything is possible, you are able to complete great feats of strength, you are able to travel from one country to the next in the blink of an eye, within your mind anything is possible and this is the beauty of witchcraft, it pushes the barriers of what you can do and allows you to contemplate infinite possibilities. It is thought that some modern day powerful witches are able to shapeshift and turn themselves into a cat or a bird, or for that matter a variety of creatures. Witches used to do this when they wanted to find out what kind of magic another witch was using.

Witches enlist the help of animals in their spell crafting to help make the spells more potent, and the animals are able to communicate through telepathy.

There are certain rules that all witches abide by, they will do no harm to others, they create through positive thoughts and actions, they are independent and strong minded, they understand the work ethic of first pay yourself, a witch understands the concept of what you put in so shall you reap. When you are spell casting your thoughts are just as important as your words, as thoughts and words resonate out to the universe with your intentions, therefore it is important to make your thoughts and words positive. Before practicing magic you must think magically, have you noticed how often what you think about does actually come about. Thoughts and words are potent and powerful therefore it is imperative that intentions are wise and good, as you project so shall you receive.

Through meditation you are able to strengthen your mind and thus have more control over your thoughts, when your mind is strong your spells will be stronger and have more power. To be a Witchespowerful witch mental strength is very important, you are working towards an unshakable core, if you have a strong core and you are going through turbulent waters in your life, you are able to keep your balance and keep your head above water. Remember as a practicing witch that the power comes from within not without. The more you stop to commune inwardly, the stronger you will become outwardly and the day to day trammels of life will not affect you, you must learn how not to be rocked by the behavior or words of others. It is necessary to have an inner core that is so strong that you have the utter belief that you can and will overcome anything.

Witches know that it is important to like and to accept who you are and to work with your strengths, all witches are acutely aware of their strengths and know how to work with them. It can be something as simple as having naturally curly hair, instead of spending your life trying to straighten your hair, work with the curls and accept that you are unique. If you are shorter than the average person then wear clothes that flatter your petite frame, if you have a deep voice work with it. Much can be learned from the witch’s acceptance of self and how important it is that you unconditionally accept who you are and each day take steps to make yourself better.

A witch is cautious and trusts their own judgement, they take care of their personal appearance, understand themselves and appraise themselves honestly, they have very good self-esteem because of their self-acceptance. Imagine how relaxed and at peace you will feel if you look at yourself in the mirror, and regardless of what you see, you accept. Stop struggling with what is wrong and focus on what is right. Whatever you have, whatever you are, you are stuck with for the rest of your life, therefore the sooner you stop struggling with yourself the more enjoyable your life will be.

The one thing a witch is not afraid of is change, if a witch decides to do something new, every ounce of energy and spell crafting will be put into making it happen. Stop and look at your life and take an excruciatingly honest appraisal, peel away the layers and see what you find, this in itself is an act of magic. Powerful witches ask the questions early in life. What are my values? What do I really what to do with my life? What do I need? What are my strengths? What are my perceived weaknesses? How much do I believe in my abilities? How much do I believe in me and my capacity to create a wonderful life? The most important journey you will take in life is the journey of self-discovery.

Most witches believe they can do absolutely anything, can you imagine how powerful thoughts like this will make you feel. Self-esteem is one of the most important tools of the trade the witch possesses, and if you have the opportunity to gather with other witches, you will find that no matter what they look like, no matter what shape or size they are, they totally accept who they are and feel entirely comfortable with themselves. It can be quite a liberating experience to witness, a witch does not need compliments or comments from others to feel comfortable or good about themselves, they have utter confidence in who they are, they are happy with who they are. A witch has nothing to prove due to self-acceptance, and a witch always think they look beautiful even when they first wake up in the morning, in fact the first thing a witch does upon waking is to go to a mirror and tell themselves how beautiful they are.

A witch takes great care of their personal image and you may be surprised to know that most witches have an extensive wardrobe of clothes, sewn by the fairies, and made from the most sumptuous fabrics imaginable. The image of an old crone on a broomstick with baggy black robes is completely incorrect, and I speak from experience, a witch’s shoe collection is much to be admired and if you look carefully at the front row of the European catwalk fashion shows, you will no doubt see several witches sitting there.

A witch not only takes care of the physical and mental state, they also take great care of their health and often slip into a gym for a quick workout early in the morning, most witches can recognise another witch as they have a certain aura about them. But the layman only recognises that they have that certain something about them, they just can’t seem to put their finger on it. Witches know that it is important to drink water each day, they also exercise for at least half an hour a day, they take the time to meditate, a witch loves to sleep and requires eight hours a night, every night, witches have a wicked sense of humour and love to laugh (or cackle), they often have hobbies, in fact one I know loves to sky dive, and takes ballet lessons, and paints under the name primrose. A witch is rarely roused to anger, and usually lets wisdom prevail. Witches make astute decisions very quickly because they trust their own knowing, a witch feels that any obstacle can be overcome, a witch trusts what they are good at. Witches always follow their dreams and witches know that their power comes from within, and trusts that premise.

Witches know that spells send messages to the unconscious mind, the unconscious mind takes these messages and focuses on what you want, then works towards manifesting for you. The unconscious mind takes the powerful words that you chant when spell crafting and helps you to create increasingly powerful magic. A spell works on the premise that what you focus on strongly and diligently will actually manifest. Before you cast a spell ask yourself, what you want to achieve by performing your spell and visualise what the results will look like, always chant with a sense of urgency. You may cast your spells indoors or outdoors, I personally like to perform mine indoors in front of my altar, when casting a spell it is important to believe absolutely in what you are doing. When spell casting you are creating power to work with, therefore it is beneficial to meditate before you make your magic, passion and emotion also go into a spell. There is an intention when constructing spells you will actually feel the energy building as you are chanting your spells and sending your message out to the universe, this message is then going to help you to manifest what it is you want. There is no particular way to practice your magic, although it is important for you to be totally present when casting as this adds power to the spell, with practice you will find a style to suit you. When you first begin spell casting, do so with no pre-conceived ideas, there is an element of faith and trust when you practice the way of the witch.

As a witch you are getting in touch with the deeper part of yourself, and when you are spell casting you are getting in touch with the energy of the universe, the way of the witch is a celebration of life, respect the powerful energies that you are dealing with. Practice witchcraft with a sense of fun.

When you practice spell casting you can create your Book of Shadows, record everything that you do, this way you can keep a chronicle of your magical journey and as you read over your work you will be able to gauge how you are evolving. Try to write in your book of shadows each day, as each day offers something new, date your book of shadows as it is how you will chronicle your progress.

Above all approach witchcraft with love and joy let it be a celebration of life, approach with a sense anticipation and always be prepared to learn something new.


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