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The Witch’s Guide to Defending Against Energy Vampires

The Witch’s Guide to Defending Against Energy Vampires
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An energy vampire is a person who is needy emotionally. They feed of the attention of others. With an energy vampire, it’s all about them. They believe that their needs are more important than anyone else’s and that the rules of polite behaviour and fairness apply to other people but never to them personally. They want everything right now, and will throw a spectacular tantrum if they don’t get what they want.  

It is unfortunate but there are energy vampires around us who will drain us of all our energy when we spend time with them due to their toxic personalities.  

Another issue is many of us don’t realise they are vampires.  

Your energy is what gives you the will to get through your day-to-day life – the less energy you have, the harder it becomes to cope with all the things you need to deal with. 

We have a limited amount of energy, so you need to choose carefully how you spend your energy resources. 

Energy vampires will take your money, energy, and demand all of your attention, twenty-four hours a day. These folks are extraordinarily high maintenance. Whatever victim is the easiest to control and drain dry is who they go after. The vampires are usually so charming that typically the victim does not catch on until it is too late. 

When you spend time with these people, they make you feel tied and unhappy. But it gets worst, when they take your positive energy, they replace it with negative energy. This can cause you to feel angry, sad, bitter and behave negatively to others. Soon enough, you yourself might become an energy vampire. 

These energy vampires are all around us, some are less apparent than others. They can be family members, co-workers and our closest friends. These people are experts at hiding their true self and fool you into maintaining contact with them just so they can continue to exercise their power over your emotions.  

It is important to learn how to identify these people and remove them from your life. Some people have these negative qualities from birth, others become that way through their family, friendships and faulty upbringing. These vampires are also known as narcissist. 

Energy vampires have an exaggerated esteem for themselves, an inflated sense of self-worth, an excessive need for admiration, and a severe lack of empathy for others. They feel they are more important, more talented and more beautiful than everyone else around them. This inflated ego gives them the view they have the right to dictate the lives of everyone around them. 

Once you identify energy vampires for what they truly are and deny them entrance into your life, then they become powerless. Their mind-control tricks won’t work on you, and they will eventually have to move along and search out other unsuspecting prey. 

Remember these people cannot enter your life unless you invite them. 


Identifying Energy Vampires: A Witch’s Insight

In the beginning these individuals can be very likable, which can make it hard to spot right off the bat. However, there are a few signs you can rely on to point out the energy vampire.

The first thing you may notice is, of course, the inflated self-esteem. 

These people feel they are better than thou in all aspects of life, may it be in their career, their status, or the way they look. The energy vampire will outwardly express these feelings.  

Their heightened sense of self-worth somehow gives them the right to talk down to others. Sure, they might be good at what they do, they may be attractive but rarely will these qualities exceed those around them. 

Another way to spot a vampire, is criticism. While most appreciate a bit of constructive criticism, the vampire will perceive it as jealously or an attack and take an aggressive stance against it. 

Their primary means of arguing when confronted with criticism is to either criticize, shame, and insult the person involved. They may try to highlight their own accomplishments to clear up any of the criticism 

Whoever offered the criticism, will be seen as the enemy and be shot down. They will hold a grudge against you and cut you out of their lives, at least for a while. 

The vampire can be hurtful and toxic to those around them, even on a good day, this is due to their incapacity to feel for others. They don’t truly understand the hurt they inflict.  

These people have an incessant need to control, to criticize and to put others down to highlight their own success and worth. This makes them toxic to be around. 

The tricky part of spotting the vampire, is they are very likeable, they make great conversation, there very funny and fun to be with. They want to be noticed for their good qualities, so they’ll put their best foot forward whenever meeting new people. What this means is that if you do meet someone who seems exceptionally likable, just keep your guard up and watch out for other possible signs. 

Another way to spot them is the conversations always circle back to them. They make great conversation and keep the conversation going because they like talking. But really, they mainly just interested in talking about themselves.  

The energy vampire can drain you because it’s exhausting to appease them and exhausting to deal with their criticism. These energy vampires, when allowed to continue their control and criticism, can affect all different aspects of your life, they make you feel emotionally drained and will have you second guessing your every decision. 

Spotting them early on and enacting the right steps to minimize their presence in your life can help reduce their impact on your energy and positivity.

Defending Against Energy Vampires

There are clever ways to deal with energy vampires, whether they are a colleague, a friend, a relative, or a romantic partner. 

The best way to deal with these people, is to avoid them and keep them at an arm’s length. By preventing them from being in your life, this will save you a lot of energy and keep you from having to bend over backwards to satisfy and please them. 

There will never be a completely clean break from these people, there will always be some drama involved, but the drama is a small price to pay to have these negative people out of your life. 

Don’t give in to their demands, if they throw a tantrum, treat them like a child, step over them and walk away. Once they realize you are not reacting or worried about their tantrum, they will become confused and stop. If they start complaining about how you are treating them, slap some boundaries in place and explain explicitly to them exactly what type of behaviour you will tolerate from now onDo not reward bad behaviour or manipulative behaviour. If they huff off, let them, you are better off without them. 

Psychic Vampires 

Psychic Vampires are different to energy vampires. They are people who have learned how to take energy from others and then use that acquired energy to raise up their own personal energy levels. 

Not all psychic vampires are aware of their actions, when they drain a person of their good energy, it is done unintentionally. They simply do not realise what they are doing or the harm they are causing. 

Then there are those psychic vampires who feed on whoever they wish, without permission and deliberately. These people get a buzz draining people of their energy and makes them feel powerful and superior to those around them. 

There is another type of psychic vampire who only feed with permissions. These people will respect boundaries and adhere to ethical behaviour, since they would like to feed again in the future. 

Spotting a Psychic Vampire 

Psychic vampires constantly will touch you or want a long hug. When getting a long hug, things to watch for are silence and stillness. They won’t talk, there won’t be a happy sigh. They will place their arms in middle of your back, right between your shoulder blades, where they can create a firm link to your heart chakra. Then they hold still, then breathe in and suck your energy along with the air.


Types of Psychic Vampire Energy Feeding 

Ambient feeding  

Ambient feeding is the most harmless type of feeding. An ambient feed is generally done at large public events, such as a concert, movie cinema or sporting event. Basically, the vampire will sense the energy from the crowd and draw in that energy right into themselves. If the crowd is really pumped or rowdy, then that is the energy they will receive. 

Deep feeding  

Deep feeding is supposed to only occur with express permission from the donor, anything else is considered as a form of psychic rape. This kind of feeding is typically done in a private or intimate location, where the vampire is literally feeding off the essence of the Donar’s life force. The Donar will experience a rush, but afterwards they will be left drained and tiredAfter donating their energy, they will need a break to rest and recuperate, otherwise they may experience physical side effects.  

This kind of feeding can also be an energy exchange, where both partners, by mutual consent, give of their own personal energies toward a specific magickal goal.  

Surface feeding  

Surface feeding is a sneaky trick the psychic vampire uses where the vampire selects a target and then creates a metaphysical link from themselves straight to another person’s aura. Once the link is established. the vampire will then focus and visualise the other’s energy streaming out of the victim and into themselves. This kind of feeding can be done at a distance of close up. 

A long-distance feeding act takes a lot of concentration. The closer a vampire actually stands to their target or even better, if they can look directly at them – the easier the surface feed will be for them. If they are touching you, mission accomplished: they already have a link right into your energy. 

Contact Feeding 

Contact feeding is when the vampire feeds off their target while making direct physical contact or eye contact with them. This kind of feeding is the easiest to accomplish for the uninvited vampire. They simply look into their victim’s eyes for a period of time or touch the victim’s hands. There are lots of opportunities for casual touching and contact feeding. 

The sneaky vampire will distract you with their charm, and find ways of touching you subtly, such as a handshake that hangs a bit too long, or they place an arm draped over the target’s shoulders, a hug or even a kiss on the cheek. Once the make contact, they will try to establish a link and pull energy through that attachment.

Protecting yourself 

If the vampire tries and give you a hug or hand shake, make up an excuse, like, I have a cold or sun burn. Stand back and fold your arms across your chest, this will close down your energy chakras across your chest and solar plexus. Tell them straight, you do not want to be touchedMost vampires need to touch to really drain your energy, so avoid all physical contact with the vampire. 

When they are psychically near you, focus on closing down your chakras, this will hinder their ability to drain you.  

You can further distance yourself by using props, you could hold shopping bags in front of yourself or a book to protect your heart, if you are a woman hold your purse across your chest. 

Another way to distance yourself is to take an opposite position to the vampire. If they are standing, sit down, if they are sitting, stand up. You should then cross your arms over your chest. 

If you are both sitting, put a table in-between the two of you. Cross your feet at the ankles, this will shut down your energy circuits so the vampire has a more difficult time trying to draw energy off of you. 

You can always turn the tables on them, touch them on the inner elbows or wrists, and drain their energy. They will not like this at all, and most likely will back away. 

Wearing a pentagram pendant around your neck or a pentagram ring, can help protect you from psychic attacks.  

There are many protection spells you can cast to protect yourself from a psychic vampire attack. 

If you feel you are being attacked by a powerful vampire, you can cast a guardian angel spell, to watch over you. 



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