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Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit
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Year of the Rabbit

The year of the Rabbit begins on the 3rd February 2011, and ends on the 22 January 2012. The Rabbit holds fourth position in the Chinese Zodiac, it is yin (negative), and its symbolism, abundant reproduction, Feng shui direction, east. The Rabbit listens to its own wise counsel, socializes when it wants and retreats when it chooses. People born in the year of the rabbit share certain characteristics, they have a fragile nature and a serenity that envelops those around them, they adore beauty and like to surround themselves with beautiful things. They are compassionate and rarely raise their voice, they are followers of fashion and enjoy maintaining their appearance. They are loving souls who will always remove themselves from situations of friction, they must have order, balance, privacy and a comfortable environment in which to live and work, their judgement is sound and they have a refined aesthetic.

Traditionally the year of the Rabbit gives you the opportunity to contemplate what took place the previous year, the Rabbit year is a time to commune with the inner you. If anyone has been considering meditation or spiritual contemplation, this is the year for it. This year you can stabilize your nervous system, it is a year for flexibility and reflection. This is not the year to push, it is the year to flow and encourage gentle growth with thought and caution preceeding action. It is a year to work steadily and diligently towards that which you desire the most. The year of the Rabbit encourages diplomacy and negotiation, a live and let live attitude. It is a year to look at what it is you truly want out of life, focus on what is most important to you, pay attention to your relationships with those closest to you. The home environment is of the utmost important in the year of the Rabbit, so it is important to pay attention and make the place you retreat to conducive to your wellbeing. It should be a place of harmony and tranquility, a place where you can remove yourself from the trammels of live and revitalise. The energies of the year of the Rabbit are conducive to mental and emotional strength and balance. Those born in the year of the Rabbit are indeed fortunate as they have longevity on their side.

Your dreams and wishes can come true in the year of the Rabbit, and for those who have been wishing for a long time, this is the year for you. When the Moon is full in the night sky, go outside and gaze at it, imagine you are absorbing the energies of strength, love, understanding, wisdom and compassion. There are two animal signs that signify the start of day and night, their symbols represent the Moon, Yin (the Yin of Heaven), it is the symbol of Magic.  The Rabbit symbolises the Moon, and the Peacock symbolises the Sun. Together the energies of the Sun and the Moon are intensified.

Not many people know that the Rabbit is the symbol of the Moon, while the Peacock is the symbol of the Sun, and that together, these two animal signs signify the start of day and night, represent the Yin and Yang of life.  It is said that anyone voicing desires for wishes to be fulfilled are certain to get what they want in the Year of the Rabbit. During the year of the Rabbit the wish-granting aspect of the Sun and the Moon combined is multiplied. The Moon is YIN, this is the Yin of Heaven and signifies magic. When there is a full Moon, these are the perfect evenings to go out into your garden and gaze into the as you visualise Moonbeams and the Moon’s energy, filling your whole body with light. Imbuing you with fearlessness, love, joy, anticipation and heightened intuition. This will strengthen your energy, your Chi, helping to align the chakras, your inner energy centers.

The year of the Rabbit 2011, is a sensitive year for love where subtle romantic gestures will bring better results than heavy handed overtures. If you are pursuing someone in the year of the Rabbit, do so with patience and tenderness, let love and romance unfold just as a rose bud unfolds when the Sun shines on its petals. This is a perfect year to stabilise existing relationships and to make long term plans. It is a year to welcome and embrace love, also to give love and be loving. The small gestures will count this year, thoughtful touches and considerate actions. Love someone for who they are, not for what you want them to be, approach love this year using your intuition and be confident about your choices. Be honest about who you are and what is right for you, this will ensure harmony within a relationship.

Constraint in any manner will be resisted by the Rabbit, who by nature likes to run free, before any type of commitment the Rabbit will make sure it has an exit strategy. Very sensitive, aware and highly intuitive, the Rabbit progresses with caution and rarely listens to the advice of others. If the Rabbit’s sensitivities are bombarded in a situation of frenetic energy or disruption, they will retreat to a place of calm to align themselves before they return to the frey. Rabbits have the ability to recuperate quickly, and feel restored, providing they are given adequate time to regenerate.

Rabbits are exceptional diplomats and must always have a haven they can heal in, for them it is a necessity for inner communion and re-energising. Rabbits have a charming way about them and a deep understanding of others and what they may be experiencing at any given time. The harmoniously balanced Rabbit will choose companions carefully, tending to stay well away from chaos. Disruptive energies can have a devastating effect on the Rabbit’s. Artist Rabbits are the most affected by conflicts or confusion, their creativity is affected if they don’t limit their exposure to toxic energies.

Rabbits are careful with money and always feel more secure if they have and maintain a nest egg. When they do spend it is usually to enhance their surroundings, or on purchases such as property or cars. They enjoy the stock market and will carefully research before investing any money.

Many hypochondriacs are born in the year of the Rabbit, and the smallest health concern is attended to immediately. No matter how small the ailment a Rabbit will worry until it has been overcome, and will then worry about what may come next. Rabbits should always live somewhere quiet as they become unsettled if there is traffic or other environmental noises, that they have no control over. Rabbits do not respond well to sudden change in their career, business or in their emotional life. As they do not like to show their feelings it is rare for a Rabbit to embrace in public, they are ever conscious of their social standing.

The Rabbit’s Duality (the shadow side);

As with many personalities there can be a duality with those born in the year of the Rabbit, the less evolved Rabbits are aloof, they can also be very sensitive and touchy, reacting even to the smallest slight, and extremely secretive. If asked to make an important choice or decision they can go to pieces, absconding from the testing situation. The sign of the Rabbit means sensuality, and an open and unselfconscious attitude towards sex, however an unbalanced or disturbed Rabbit can exhibit extreme and debaucherous behaviour. Rabbits will pass things on to others, they enjoy pleasurable pastimes as long as they don’t have to take any responsibility. They can be quite manipulative when they want to get out of something. Rabbits having a say on a bureaucratic level makes matters very difficult for those on the receiving end, as they can be suspicious and cagey. Rabbits who’s energy is directed in this manner will have difficulty with relationships on all levels, especially maintaining a long term one. The more extreme Rabbits will do anything to save themselves and not care about the wellbeing of others, they are narcissistic, egotistical, materialistic, and commit to nothing and no one. The darkest expression is a Rabbit who is prone to drama, hysteria, paranoia, which may lead to personality disorders and mental illness, at times requiring professional treatment.

The Rabbits Positive Qualities:

The Rabbit is at its best when they can feel emotionally aligned, and create harmonious home and work environments for themselves, they are peaceful creatures who thrive without emotional extremes, drama or chaos. Situations of anger and fury, such as war would be unbearable to them as would being around frenetic energies, and loud people. Rabbits choose to lead a quiet life with plenty of time to think and to be and with their heightened intuitive senses, feelings run deep. If something unsettles their tranquility they do not respond well. The ramifications for the gentle Rabbit if they don’t remove themselves from upheaval, can be physical and mental illness, and psychological disorders.

Providing the Rabbit always has the time and a place to regenerate, it can be quite a social butterfly, witty, charismatic and utterly charming. The more extreme, outgoing Rabbits are involved in the arts, actors, powerful merchant bankers, stock brokers at the high finance level, diplomats and musicians. These Rabbits love to be the center of attention and enjoy chatting about anything, as long as someone is listening and paying them the appropriate amount of attention. Their more introspective Rabbit brothers and sisters use their creativity quietly out of the spotlight, they are the writers and artists who work from home, or behind the scenes.

The natural inclination for the those born in the year of the Rabbit is introversion and introspection, they present a calm exterior yet are very sensitive creatures who are easily hurt. It is rare that they will share their feelings with anyone, preferring to keep their emotions under control, when they due share, it is with someone they trust and feel comfortable with.

Rabbit Family Life;

Rabbits take care of their family with an air of detachment, they love their families and want the best for them but find it difficult to adequately show their feelings. Even with their families they will stand back from situations that are unsettling or disruptive, seeming uninvolved. They do this to protect their own sensitivities for fear of being hurt. Towards their children Rabbit parents watch over them with a loving detachment, observing their children’s lives rather than actively participating. The ups and downs that go with raising children is testing for the Rabbit parent, crying babies, squabbling siblings, and all that is part of family life and raising a family, testing.

The Rabbit child desires a calm, quiet, harmonious environment, they cannot tolerate any shouting, loud noise or disruption, this child should not be subject to family tensions as they are unable to cope. Rabbit babies are a joy to behold, and as they grow they are wonderful children who have a tendency to behave themselves, needing very little discipline. They will always be the pacifists and retreat from upsets or tensions, they are often gifted in one or more of the fine arts. And once the parent knows their leanings should provide them with the necessary opportunities to cultivate their talents, whether they may be dance, art, music, singing or writing. The Rabbit child is ever the diplomat always able to see both sides of the situation and takes the role of diplomat, the Rabbit child will always look for the nice things in life, avoiding anything unpleasant. Rabbit children respond to beautiful music and beautiful images, if there is any interesting personal gossip you will have their rapt attention. As with the adult Rabbit, the Rabbit child needs a space in which to retreat and be, do not be concerned if your Rabbit child likes to spend time in its room. This allows them the time and space to decompress and realign, they will always emerge feeling happier and more relaxed. Observe their personal space with the same respect as you would an adults.

The Rabbit parent with an understanding partner who will allow them to retreat, recover and rest when they need to, is playful, innovative, funny, engaged and entertaining. The harassed Rabbit parent is moody, tense and in general not much fun for anyone to be around. All Rabbits need time to themselves, if any sign ever need a space in which to be, allowing them to do as they wish and be left undisturbed, to meditate, read, write, think and relax, it is the sensitive Rabbit. It is worthwhile for anyone who lives with a Rabbit to understand this side of their nature, no matter what type of Rabbit they are.

Rabbits love the night when everywhere is still, the Moon and stars are out allowing them to quietly commune with the Universe.

The Rabbit and Love;

The Rabbit in love always fights to keep its freedom and independence, and when pushed to commit will back away very quickly. Rabbits can often choose both older and younger lovers and partners. They actually enjoy all that comes with a relationship, the comraderie the sexuality, the comfortable haven that those in a relationship create around themselves. They can also be aloof in love, they are very aware and quite worldly with an unpredictable artistic streak. They are a paradox. They love to be pampered, nurtured, cared for and to feel secure, yet at the same time they will strain to keep their freedom intact. This can be confusing for their partner and create instability in a relationship, however once a Rabbit does commit, they give their all. The Rabbit is gentle, sensual, romantic lover who will be reverent and tender towards their partner. The suitable partner for the Rabbit is someone who understands the ambiguity of their nature and doesn’t push them to be any other way. Suitable partners for the Rabbit are the Goat and the Pig, Dragons and Roosters would be difficult for the Rabbit. And for deep and abiding love the wonderfully loyal, patient and attentive Dog is an ideal match and would be a devoted partner.

Rabbit Careers’

Rabbits are exceptional diplomats able to liaise with those from all walks of life, they are gifted politicians. They can take the role of diplomat, stockbroker, model, designer, many excel at interior design and fashion design. They are the philosophers of the world, and very competent administrators, those who are deep thinkers and philosophers are often interested in religion. The Rabbit will perform very well in any role as long as it is not required to fight, such as in the armed forces, any confrontational settings such as this deplete the Rabbit emotionally and they physically go to pieces. They are extremely adaptable except where there is friction, chaos, upheaval or loud noise. Rabbits are gifted, many turning to the fine arts, singing, music, dance, theatre, painting, often drawn to the artistic pursuits of other cultures. They are the consumate diplomats, handling with grace, dignity and ease, any situation requiring tact and discretion.

Well Known Rabbits;

Martin Luther, Arthur Miller, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Nicolas Cage, Oson Wells, Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Kate Winslet, Walt Whitman, Andy Warhol, Sting, George C. Scott.


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