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Aries 21 March – 19 April

Ram Fire Sign

Ruling Planet Mars

Birth Stone – Diamond, Metal – Iron, Power Stone – Red Jasper


Headstrong, impetuous, fast, adaptive, prone to scattering their energies in several different directions at the same time, Aries always has one project or another on the go. Ruled by the planet Mars they are dynamic personalities and draw people to them like bees to honey. For the more sensitive souls they may seem a little brusque or tactless, underneath they have a soft center. They have a temper that dissipates as fast as it surfaces, they are also visionaries who love to lead, they also love to win and don’t mind how many toes they stand on to reach this end, they at times come across as arrogant. Arians are very strong both the male and the female personality. They can be a little hasty making decisions and need to learn the art of stillness and contemplation, especially the consequence of actions ill conceived and activated. Always ready to leap into the unknown, they enjoy sport and martial arts, many like the water, fast cars, boats and airplanes. Fearless contributors to life they at times have problems with the head such as headaches or problems with the teeth. All in all they have a dynamic and enterprising spirit and those who enjoy them appreciate their sense of fun and speed of action,


Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio.


When in love they are loyal but extremely egocentric, they are ardent and passionate lovers you will find them inventive and playful. They will not stray from a partner who understands and matches their curiosity and passion, they require a meeting of minds as well as bodies. The best partnering for an Arian is with someone who is very sure of themselves mentally and physically, a relationship with Aries is not for the faint-hearted. They respond well to a strong minded partner who is not intimidated by their forceful energy and exuberance in the bedroom.


Arians can do almost anything with their boundless energy, they can fly planes, pilot boats, they would be suited to the police force, they are leaders and they thrive on work that is original and has an ever changing landscape, they are best in work that allows them a voice and a sense of personal development, they make excellent entrepreneurs.

You Share Your Sign With: Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Bette Davis.

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