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Witch’s Secret Names For Plants And Herbs

Witch’s Secret Names For Plants And Herbs

Witch’s Secret Names For Plants And Herbs

Witches have always hid their magical work from the foolish muggles, here you can learn the secret names for plants and herbs.


Witch Name

Herb/Plant Name

Adders ForkAdders tongue
Adders TongueDogstooth Violet
Ass’s Foot or Bull’s FootColtsfoot
Bat FlowerTacca
Bat’s WingsHolly
Bat’s WoolMoss
Bear’s FootLady’s Mantle
Beggar’s ButtonsBurdock
Beggar’s TickCockhold
Bird’s EyeGermander Speedwell
Bird’s FootFenugreek
Black MaidenhairBlack Spleenwort
Black SampsonEchinacea
Black Snake RootBlack Cohosh
Blind EyesPoppy
BloodElder Sap or another tree sap
Blood from a HeadLupine
Blood from a ShoulderBear’s Breeches
Blood of AresPurslane
Blood of KronosCedar
Blood of HephaistosWormwood
Blood of HestiaChamomile
Blood of a GooseMulberry Tree’s Milk
Blood of a TitanWild Lettuce
Blood of an EyeTamarisk Gall
Blood LeatherReindeer Moss/Rock Tripe/Caribou Lichen
Bloody ButcherValerian
Bloody FingerFoxglove
Bone of an IbisBuckthorn
BrainsCongealed Gum from a Cherry Tree
Bread and Cheese TreeHawthorne. Whitethorn, Hazels
Bull’s Blood or Seed of HorusHorehound
Bull’s FootColtsfoot
Burning BushFraxinella, White Dittany
Butcher’s BroomIrish Tops
Calf’s SnoutSnapdragon
Candelmas MaidenSnowdrop
Capon’s TailValerian
Cat’s FootCanada Snake Root and/or Ground Ivy
CheesesMarsh Mallow
Cherry PieHeliotrope
Chocolate FlowerWild Geranium
Church SteeplesAgrimony
Clear-EyeClary Sage
ClotGreat Mullein
Corpse CandlesMullein
Corpse PlantIndian Pipe
CourtesySummer Wind
Crocodile DungBlack Earth
Crow CornAgue Root
Crow FootWild Geranium
Crowdy KitFigwort
Crown for a KingWormwood
Cuckoo’s BreadCommon Plantain
Cucumber TreeMagnolia
Cuddy’s LungsGreat Mullein
Dead Man AshMandrake root poppet
Death AngelAgaric
Death FlowerYarrow
Devil’s AppleDatura
Devils DungAsafoetida
Devil’s EyeHenbane, Periwinkle
Devil’s FlowerBachelor’s Buttons
Devil’s GutsDodder
Devil’s MilkCelandine
Devil’s NettleYarrow
Devil’s OatmealParsley
Devil’s PlaythingYarrow
Dew of the SeaRosemary
Dog FennelAnthemis
Dog GrassAgropyrum
Dog’s MouthSnap Dragon
Dog`s TailCynosurus
Dog’s TongueConoglossum Officinale
Dog`s Tooth VioletErythronium
Dove’s FootWild Geranium
Dragon WortBistort
Dragon BushesToadflax
Dragon’s BloodCalamus
Dragon’s ScalesBistort Leaves
Duck’s FootMay Apple
EagleWild Garlic
Ear of an AssComfrey
Ear of a GoatSt. John’s Wort
Earth SmokeFumitory
Elf leafLavender, Rosemary
Elf’s Wort (Elfwort)Elecampane
Enchanter’s PlantVervain
Englishman’s FootCommon Plantain
Erba Santa MariaSpearmint
Everlasting FriendshipGoosegrass
Eye of the DayCommon Daisy
Eye of NewtWild Mustard Seed
Eye of the StarHorehound
Eye RootGoldenseal
EyesAster, Daisy, Eyebright
Fairies EggsMolukka
Fairie’s FingerFoxglove
Fairies HorsesRagwort
Fairy BellsSorrel, Wood
Fairy CupCowslip
Fairy SmokeIndian Pipe
Fat from a HeadSpurge
Felon HerbMugwort
FilwortCentory or Feverwort
Five FingersCinquefoil
Flesh and BloodTormentil
Fox’s CloteBurdock
Frog bitHydrocharis
Frog fruitPhyla
Frog OrchidCoeloglossum
Frog’s FootBulbous Buttercup
Frog`s LettuceGroenlandia
From the BellyEarth-apple
From the FootHouseleek
From the LoinsChamomile
Gazel’s HoovesQuickset, Albespyne
Goat’s FootAsh Weed
Goat’s LeafHoneysuckle
God’s HairHart’s Tongue Fern
Golden StarAvens
Gosling WingGoosegrass
Graveyard DustMullein
Great Ox-eyeOx-eye Daisy
Hag’s TaperGreat Mullein
Hairs of a BaboonDill Seed
HairMaidenhair Fern
Hair of VenusMaidenhair Fern
Hare’s BeardGreat Mullein
Hare’s FootAvens
Hawk’s HeartHeart of Wormwood
Heart of OsmundRoyal Fern
Herb of GraceVervain
Hind’s TongueHart’s Tongue Fern
Holy HerbYerba Santa
Holy RopeHemp Agrimony
Hook and ArmYerba Santa
Horse HoofColtsfoot
Horse TongueHart’s Tongue Fern
Hundred EyesPeriwinkle
Indian DyeGoldenseal
Jacob’s StaffGreat Mullein
Jew’s EarFungus on Elder or Elm
John’s BreadCarob
Joy of the MountainMarjoram
Jupiter’s FootHouseleek
Jupiter’s StaffGreat Mullein
King’s CrownBlack Haw
Knight’s MilfoilYarrow
Kronos’ BloodCedar
Jacob’s StaffGreat Mullein
Jew’s EarFungus on Elder or Elm
John’s BreadCarob
Joy of the MountainMarjoram
Jupiter’s FootHouseleek
Jupiter’s StaffGreat Mullein
King’s CrownBlack Haw
Knight’s MilfoilYarrow
Kronos’ BloodCedar
Lad’s LoveSouthernwood
Lady’s GloveFoxglove aka Witches’ Gloves
Lady’s MantleNine Hooks
Lady’s MeatMay Flower blossom
Lady’s SlipperAmerican Valerian
Lady’s TressesSpira Root
Lamb’s EarsBetony
Lion’s EarMotherwort
Lion’s HairsTurnip leaves
Lion’s ToothDandelion aka Priest’s Crown
Lizard’s TailBreast Weed
Little DragonTarragon
Love in IdlenessPansy
Love LeavesBurdock
Love Lies BleedingAmaranth or Anemone
Love ManGoosegrass
Love ParsleyLovage
Love RootOrris Root
Man’s BileTurnip Sap
Man’s HealthGinseng
Maiden’s HairMaidenhair Fern
Maiden’s RuinSouthernwood
Master of the WoodsWoodruff
MayBlack Haw
May LilyLily of the Valley
May RoseBlack Haw
MaypopsPassion Flower
Mistress of the NightTuberose
Mother’s HeartShepheard’s Purse
Mouse’s EarHawk Weed
Mouse’s TailCommon Stonecrop
Mutton ChopsGoosegrass
Newt`s TailSaururus
Nose BleedYarrow
Old-Maid’s-NightcapWild Geranium
Old ManMugwort
Old Man’s FlannelGreat Mullein
Old Man’s PepperYarrow
Old WomanWormwood
Organ TeaPennyroyal
Paddock PipesHorsetail
Peter’s StaffGreat Mullein
Pig’s Tail /td>Leopard’s Bane
Poor Man’s TreacleGarlic
Poor ManWeatherglass Pimpernel
Priest’s CrownDandelion leaves
Queen of the MeadowMeadowsweet
Queen of the Meadow RootGravelroot
Queen of the NightVanilla Cactus
Queen’s DelightSilverleaf
Queen’s RootStilengia
Rabbit’s FootField Clover
Ram’s HeadAmerican Valerian
Red CockscombAmaranth
See BrightClary Sage
Semen of AmmonHouseleek
Semen of AresClover
Semen of HeliosWhite Hellebore
Semen of HeraklesMustard-rocket
Semen of HermesDill
Semen of HephaistosFleabane
Seed of HorusHorehound
Serpent’s TongueAdder’s Tongue
Seven BarksHydrangea
Seven Year’s LoveYarrow
ShamefaceWild Geranium
Shepherd’s HeartShepherd’s Purse
Silver BellsBlack Haw
Skin of a ManFern
SkulSkullcap Mushroom
Snake’s BloodHematite Stone
Snake’s FriendIndian Paintbrush
Snake’s HeadBalmony
Snake’s MilkBlooming Splurge
Snake’s TongueAdder’s Tongue Fern
Snake/ SnakeweedBistort
Snow DropBulbous Violet
SoapwortComfrey or Daisy
Sorcerer’s VioletPeriwinkle
Sparrow’s TongueKnotweed
Spider LilySpiderwort
Squirrel’s EarWhite Plantain
St. John’s HerbHemp Agrimony (This is not St. John’s Wort)
St. John’s PlantMugwort
Stag’s HornClub Moss
Star FlowerBorage
Star of the EarthAvens
Swine’s SnoutDandelion Leaves
Tanner’s BarkCommon Oak
Tartar RootGinseng
Tears of a BaboonDill Juice
Titan’s BloodWild Lettuce
Thor’s Helper /td>Rowan
Thousand WeedYarrow
Thunder PlantHouse Leek
Toe Of FrogBulbous Buttercup Leaves
Tongue of dogHound’s Tongue
Tooth or TeethPinecone(s)
TorchesGreat Mullein
Tree of HeavenChinese Sumach
Unicorn’s HornFalse Unicorn
Unicorn RootAgue Root
Wax DollsFumitory
Weazel SnoutYellow Dead Nettles/Yellow Archangel
WeedOx-Eye Daisy
WhiteOx-eye Daisy
White Man’s FootCommon Plantain
White WoodWhite Cinnamon
Witch BellsFoxglove
Witch HerbMugwort
Witch’s AsprinWhite Willow/Willow Bark
Witch’s BrierBrier Hips
Witch’s HairDodder
Witch’s ThimbleDatura
Wolf ClawClub Moss
Wolf FootBugle Weed
Wolf’s HatWolfsbane
Wolf’s MilkEuphorbia
WormsGnarled, thin roots of a local tree
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