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The Witches Wand is a site I created to includes fine art works by me, Mary Jane Neumann-Cayton from my Studio in Cornwall, NY. My work is inspired by animals, folklore, and all things mystical and spooky.

A few years ago, my husband and I packed up our three dogs, two cats, dozens of house plants, and a giant tank full of fish and moved from our busy block in Harlem to the mountains of the Hudson Valley.

We bought the tiniest, ugliest house on a scenic country road and have been fixing it up ever since. We grew our family by adding a tiny human and a few more pets to the pack.

I have always loved to paint. When I moved out to the country, I was finally able to slow down enough to bust out my brushes and acrylics. In my work you will find inspiration from folklore, animals, and my love of spooky and mystical things.

I print my own work in my home studio. All prints are packaged and shipped by me. I hope we can connect on social media at @thewitcheswand on Instagram.

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