Protection Spells

Protection spell to strengthen the mind

Protection spell to strengthen the mind

This is a mind strengthening power spell for those who are feeling very sensitive and want to feel more resilient mentally. Recite the following.


Unseen powers are now released

Emotions that do ebb and flow

Wise witch creates for me

A spell of power and empathy

I re-evaluate all that is

Witches riding broomsticks swoop

I am encircled their power astute

I stand within enchanted space

Mind is clear

Mind is light

I feel new sense of understanding

A new resolve is now to be mine

Enlightenment I do embrace

Take me to the place of knowing

Take me there I now feel safe

A place of safety made for me

Mind feels still

Mind has direction

Nullify all untoward

A retreat whenever need be

Mind is light

When you have finished chanting light a black candle and gaze at the flame for several minutes knowing your mind is serene and your thoughts are positive.




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