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Shield of Light: A Spell to Deflect Negative Thoughts

Shield of Light: A Spell to Deflect Negative Thoughts
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Shield of Light” is a simple ritual spell that uses visualization, essential oils, and a black cloth bundle to create a protective shield and deflect negative thoughts from people, returning them to their sender.

Items Needed:

  • A small bowl of salt
  • A small piece of black cloth
  • A piece of string or ribbon (color of your choice)
  • A white candle
  • A small piece of paper and a pen
  • A few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil


  1. Find a quiet and private space where you can perform the ritual without interruption.
  2. Sit down and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and focus your intention.
  3. Light the white candle and place it in front of you.
  4. Take the piece of paper and write down the name or names of the people who are sending negative thoughts your way.
  5. Fold the paper three times and place it on the black cloth.
  6. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top of the paper.
  7. Add a few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil to the salt.
  8. Take the four corners of the black cloth and tie them together with the string or ribbon.
  9. Hold the bundle in your hands and close your eyes.
  10. Visualize a bright white light surrounding you, like a shield that repels negativity.
  11. Recite the following spell three times:

“With the power of the earth and the light of the sun, I deflect all negative thoughts sent my way. May they return to their sender, with no harm done, And may love and positivity prevail.”

  1. Place the bundle in a safe and hidden place, where it won’t be disturbed.
  2. Allow the candle to burn down completely.
  3. Dispose of the leftover materials, and forget about the spell.
  4. Trust that the universe will take care of the rest, and remain open to positive outcomes.
  5.  Ritual complete.

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