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Release and Protect: A Ritual to Remove Lingering Spirits from Your Home

Release and Protect: A Ritual to Remove Lingering Spirits from Your Home
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“Release and Protect” is a simple ritual that uses the power of sage, salt, and intention to remove lingering spirits from your home and create a protective barrier against negative energies.

Items needed:

  1. White sage or palo santo
  2. A bowl of salt
  3. A white candle
  4. Lighter or matches
  5. A bell or chime


  1. Begin by cleansing the space with white sage or palo santo, starting from the back of your home and working your way to the front. Focus your intention on clearing out any negative or lingering energies.
  2. Next, sprinkle a line of salt across all entryways and windowsills, creating a barrier that the spirit cannot cross.
  3. Light the white candle and place it in the center of the room.
  4. Ring the bell or chime three times, calling on the spirit to leave your home.
  5. Say the following words aloud:

    “I call upon the power of light and love to protect my home from negative energies and entities. I ask that any lingering spirits be guided to the light and release their attachment to this space.”

  6. Continue ringing the bell or chime until you feel the energy in the room begin to shift.
  7. Once you feel the energy has shifted, blow out the candle and take a moment to ground yourself and offer gratitude for the release of the spirit.
  8. Ritual complete.

Note: It may take a few repetitions of this ritual to fully remove the lingering spirit from your home. Be patient and persistent, and continue to cleanse and protect your space as needed.

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