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Protection Spell Against Bad Luck

Protection Spell Against Bad Luck
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This spell will protect you from any bad luck that may come your way.

Items needed:

  • White candle
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Amethyst crystal


1. Begin by grounding yourself and setting your intention to protect yourself from bad luck.

2. Light the white candle and let the flame illuminate your space.

3. Take the sage and rosemary and begin to smudge your body, starting at the top of your head and spiraling down your body. As you smudge, say out loud or in your mind

“I am surrounded by a protective white light of safety and protection.”

4. Take the amethyst crystal and hold it in your hands, visualizing the crystal absorbing any negative energy and bad luck.

5. Place the crystal in your home, near the entryway or in a location where you spend a lot of time.

6. Close the ritual by thanking the elements and expressing your gratitude.

7. The spell is complete.

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