Protection Spells

Protection spell to keep you safe

Protection spell to keep you safe

A protection spell to keep you safe

Recite the following.


I call on witch of strength and power

Create for me a spell so strong

One sprinkle of thyme one daisy petal

Two roses red and lavender too

Two unicorns guard with magical presence

I am protected

Two wizards stand on guard for me

A field of force they place around

I do feel strong I stand within

A new form is born

I do adapt

I am protected

My strength embraced

My strength intact

I am protected

When you have finished chanting sit for a moment and allow yourself to feel comfortable being alone, light a candle and gaze into it for a few minutes. The more you use this chant the stronger you will feel and if being alone has been daunting for you, it will be less so.






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