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Spirit Begone Spell

Spirit Begone Spell
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The Spirit Begone Spell is a simple ritual that can be used to chase away unwanted spirits or ghosts from a space.

Items needed:

  • A small piece of black tourmaline or black obsidian
  • A white candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A small dish or holder for the candle
  • Salt


1. Set up your space by clearing any clutter and making sure you won’t be disturbed.

2. Light the white candle and place it in the holder or dish.

3. Take the black tourmaline or obsidian and hold it in your dominant hand.

4. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, centering yourself and focusing on your intention to remove the unwanted ghost.

5. Visualize a bright white light surrounding you and filling the space around you.

6. Sprinkle a circle of salt around yourself and the candle, creating a protective boundary.

7. Say the following incantation:

“Unwanted spirit, be gone from here. Your presence is not welcome, and I command you to leave. You must go now and never return.”

8. While saying the incantation, visualize the unwanted ghost being chased away by the white light and disappearing into the darkness.

9. Open your eyes and blow out the candle.

10. Leave the salt circle in place for a few hours, and then sweep it up and dispose of it outside.

11. The ritual is compele

Note: It’s important to be respectful and compassionate towards any spirits or entities that may be present, and to only use this spell if you feel threatened or uncomfortable.

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