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Spell to Enhance Good Luck

Spell to Enhance Good Luck
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This ritual spell will attract good luck into your life and bring you the abundance you desire.

Items needed:

  • Green candle
  • Bay leaves
  • Pen and paper
  • Small pouch or cloth bag


1. Light the green candle and sit in a quiet, comfortable place.

2. Write down your intention to attract good luck and abundance in your life on a piece of paper.

3. Take the bay leaves and write “luck” on each one with the pen.

4. Hold the bay leaves in your hand and say the following incantation:

“Fortunate charm, bring me luck and charm.
Bless me with abundance, good fortune and warmth.
With open heart and soul, I welcome the chance to flourish.
Let my energy attract wealth and joy with this bay leaf nourish.”

5. Place the bay leaves and the piece of paper with your intention into the pouch or cloth bag.

6. Hold the bag in your hands and focus on the energy you want to attract.

7. Blow out the candle and carry the bag with you at all times to attract good luck.

Note: You can repeat this spell whenever you feel like you need a boost of good luck in your life.

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