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Spell to help ex-lovers reconnect

Spell to help ex-lovers reconnect
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This spell for lovers who want to try again after they have parted.


  • pink and red candles
  • a piece of paper
  • a pen.


1. Find a comfortable place and light the candles.

2. On the paper, write down the names of you and your ex-lover.

3. Hold the paper in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize your ex-lover in your mind and feel the love that you both have for each other in your heart.

4. Repeat the following words:

“Love, come back to me and be forever true
Our love will be strong and will renew
We will be together and never part
Our bond will be stronger from the start”

5. Blow out the candles when you are done and bury the paper in the ground.

6. Believe in the power of the ritual and let go of any doubts that may come.

7. Spend time with your thoughts and meditate on the love that you have for your ex-lover.

8. Feel the love and let it guide you.

9. The ritual is complete.


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