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Spell to Increase Clarity

Spell to Increase Clarity
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This spell helps to increase mental clarity and clear confusion.

Items needed:

  • A clear quartz crystal
  • White candle
  • Essential oil diffuser or incense
  • Journal and pen


1. Find a quiet space and set up the crystal, candle, and diffuser/incense in front of you.
2. Light the candle and the diffuser/incense and take a few deep breaths.
3. Hold the clear quartz crystal in your dominant hand and focus on your intention for increased clarity.
4. Close your eyes and visualize a white light surrounding you and filling you with clarity and insight.
5. Say the following incantation:

“With this crystal and candle flame, I call upon the universe to bring me clarity in my mind’s frame. Help me to see clearly and make decisions with ease, let this energy bring me peace.”

6. Open your eyes and journal any insights or ideas that come to you.

Note: You can repeat this ritual as often as needed to enhance clarity and insight in your life.

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