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Witchcraft is one of the oldest religions in the world, and many of the ancient traditions such as the worship of the Earth and the Moon Mother, have been carried down through families and are still practised today. Wicca is a derivative of the word wise, witches were the wise ones. Witchcraft has appeared in different forms in many cultures over time and in all instances the Earth is revered as the giver of life, and is inextricably linked to the cycle of nature. Our higher selves are influenced by the cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the stars and the natural world, allowing us to tap into cosmic energy to recharge.

Witchcraft draws on ancient wisdom and the power of the universe, as you partake in magic rituals altered states of consciousness can be reached. This universal source of power can be accessed through meditation, the use of crystals and chants, also gods and goddesses can be called upon for their particular energy. By tapping the cosmic power source healing takes place. This power is known as Inner-plane magic teaching, the power can be used to heal yourself or others, it can help you solve dilemmas or give you visions of the future.

Most witches practice white magic as they believe absolutely in the Threefold Law of Return, simply put “what we sow we reap.” Those who honour the practice of Witchcraft live by these three rules. There are many different versions of the Threefold Law of Return, but it all comes down to, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Mind the Threefold Law you should.

Three times bad and three times good.

This is a warning to the few witches who practice the dark arts, they are being told that any magic practiced out of malice will come back to them threefold. The threefold rule is a karmic warning to witches who follow the dark path, alternatively witches who put out love and light will receive love and light.

Witchcraft is about goodwill and healing, it is also about the will to bring something about  through utter belief in the power of the cosmos. Positive magic increases the benevolent energies of the cosmos, enabling you to turn negative energy into positive. Cosmic energy is like a never ending cauldron filled with power, it is there for all to tap into whenever they need it. White magic allows you to go beyond your perceived boundaries and takes you to a place of unlimited potential. Don’t underestimate the power of the will to bring magic into your life, the will, coupled with positive earthly action, can give you a magical outcome. A witch must only request “enough for my needs and a little more” this is the moral code to abide by. Spells work best when there is need coupled with determination and application,  successful magic comes from playing by the basic rules of witchcraft.

    Practice Magic ethically and harm no other.

Sending your requirements out to the universe with the belief they will be met works, however it may be necessary for you to use your earthly form and align it with physical action, such as applying for the new job you desperately want, or changing the way you handle money in order to save for something special. There will be instances where you ask and receive, but don’t underestimate the power of decisive action in conjunction with your spell casting, you are in human form and it is necessary at times to take action to bring about the changes you want. The best spells are the ones where there is genuine need rather than want.

As in life there are rules associated with witchcraft and these rules must be abided by, magic can be a unique part of your life and work well for you, providing you honour the code of conduct. Use your wisdom, practice empathy, compassion and honesty. Always remember that whatever you send out to the universe will be sent back to you times three, practice with the intent to help and heal. Your magic is there inside you in a nascent state, once you learn how to channel this energy you will be guided by your spiritual power.

Witchcraft originated thousands of years ago at a time when mankind was more naturally connected to nature and the life force, people made offerings and prayed to the deities. Offering were made to the Horned God and the Mistress of the herds. Some of the ancient magical traditions are used by tribes today. There are also rituals associated with the Triple Goddess who is associated with the three phases of the Moon, waxing, full and waning. Scrying during the full Moon (looking into water and allowing images to form), is very powerful and can give answers to your questions, what may seem impossible becomes possible. By focusing then directing your natural inner powers, thoughts and desires can be given form and brought into actuality. Morphic resonance is the basis of all white magic, your energies become part of the cosmic consciousness, positive magic spills positive energy into the universe. White magic resonates lifting the energies of the Earth and the cosmos. The more you focus on love and benign energies, the more abundant will be your life.

Magic can be a natural part of your day to day life, giving your life breadth and depth, your life is shaped by you, your thoughts and the power to project, this power emanates from a higher source. Magic can enhance your spirituality and you can adapt it to suit your life and lifestyle. Use the tools that work for you whether this be crystals, chants, incense, oils, runes, tarot cards, gods and goddesses and/or specific rituals. Magic should be moulded to suit the individual, only do what feels right for you while taking responsibility for your actions. The more white magic you practice, the more your spiritual and psychic powers will be enhanced and guide you in life. The power of magic is within everyone, it is just a matter of releasing it.

Wicca is one of the major forms of witchcraft that is performed today. The traditional method of Wicca uses ritual tools and specific invocations associated with the Goddess and the one who represents her, the High Priestess, her consort is the horned god and his representative is the High Priest. These ceremonies can be quite elaborate and within the covens there are particular practices which are strictly adhered to. Within the coven eight Sabbats are celebrated, they make up the Wheel of the Year, the Sabbats are solar seasonal and represent the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth. Formal Wicca follows a system of initiation, while less formal covens have evolved since the 1970?s, not always following a rigid learning systems.  Preferring to create their own spells and rituals instead of using the ancient ways, proving there is room for everyone who wishes to practice the craft. There are various forms of Wicca and witchcraft, often using ancient traditions. One such practice developed from the nature religion of the Italian witches, these witches worshipped Diana (the triple goddess of the Moon). The Goddess and the Horned God react as complementary parts of the whole. Folk magic was a major part of everyday life up until the 19th century, flowers and herbs were a mandatory part of folk magic.

The ones who practice witchcraft alone are the solitary witches, they are usually eclectic in their practice, dabbling with a variety of traditions in their own unique way. Magic is within everyone it just has to be released, and when it is it can bring about positive change to all areas of life. Be mindful of freewill when practicing magic associated with someone else, be aware not to infringe on the freewill of others. Spellcasting can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose, you can be as creative as you want to be, whether this be wearing specific magical robes or using particular candles and oil essences. You may find your spells work better with certain oils, candles, incense, gods or goddesses. The best magic happens naturally when you listen to your intuition. When working with gods and goddesses take note of what the deities stand for, be aware of what energies you are drawing upon. When calling upon a deity, specific energies can be concentrated and very potent. Many witches like to invoke angels to help them with their magic work, their benign energies are healing and powerful, deities can also be used in meditation as a focus.

Keep a record of all your magic work, this is your Book of Shadows (Grimoire), document what you do and how you do it, write down what oils or herbs have been used and what chants or magic words have been uttered. Keep note of what goddesses and gods you call upon and document how they worked for you, or with you, write down the date day and time of spell casting and don’t remove anything from your Book of Shadows, just keep adding to it. A coven keeps a single Book of Shadows, allowing newer members to take notes and copy them into their personal Grimoire.

Above all don’t be afraid to have one foot in the physical world and one in the magical, this is the perfect balance. All magic comes from a channelling of the life force, this force flows through everyone and everything, it is a divine spark. Most spells are cast to do with love, money, health and fertility. Witchcraft is unique to the individual and whatever the aim of your magic is, you can often find around your home items that can be used for your spellcasting. Apart from incense, oil essences, candles and crystals, you can use flowers, plants, statues, ribbon, herbs, coloured scarves, even your computer can be used. For instance if there is a toxic person or situation, you can type the name of the person or describe the troublesome situation, next visualise the colour green over what you have typed and place in the recycle bin. This is your magical way of ridding yourself of a person or situation. Use this technique to rid yourself of bad habits, write down in detail what habit you want to stop, visualise the colour green then move what you have written to the recycle bin.

The computer can be used in a positive way, such as writing affirmations for yourself and keeping them in your magic file, or sending positive magical messages to your email. Another positive magical use of your computer is to collect pictures of what inspires you and printing them out, keep in a book or frame and place on your wall. The best magic is performed with a loving heart and a genuine need, and focus is an integral part of a ritual, give yourself time to decide what it is you are asking for, and what it will mean to you to get it. Your ultimate aim is to fulfill your potential, and the words you utter give the purpose of the magic. Begin magic as you mean to continue, declare your intent with love and light then focus your energies.


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