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Meditation – Your Guide To Inner Peace

Through meditation the mind becomes strong and is able to take control of wondering thoughts, even the most intelligent mind wanders. The mind can be trained to focus on a particular thought or state, the most chaotic mind can be tamed through meditation. Through regular practice self-control ensues. By clearing the mind of incessant chatter and blocking out all external influences, you are open to channeling energy, and you can’t help but dwell in a place of serenity. While in a meditative state new images, people and scenes will appear in the mind’s eye.

When meditating you begin with wondering thoughts, you then move to a place of fixed attention, from there you are open to other dimensions and you let go of the ego. This is a blissful state to be in and through this serenity there comes understanding. There is strength in silence and meditation assists you in adopting a more contemplative existence. Meditation allows you to harness a particular mental and physical healing energy.

To assure successful meditative practice, relaxed posture with arms comfortably on your knees is necessary. Most meditation advocates will tell you to keep the back, neck and head vertical, this allows the energy to flow upwards through the chakras (inner energy centers).


Sit in a firm chair, keeping your head and back straight (good posture is essential), put your knees together, place hands on knees and close your eyes. Your posture should be firm but not strained. MeditationYou will find when first meditating there will be minor sensations such as itching and fidgetiness, this will soon stop as you flow into a state of deep meditation. If you haven’t meditated before, try to do so for a minimum of 15 minutes, then graduate to 20 minutes, ideally you will do 30 minutes a day and longer, even up to an hour if you choose. Through perseverance with meditation you will find that you are able to detach from the body, there will be a state of blissful serenity. Meditation quietens the usually noisy mind, leaving you encased in a bubble of calm and stillness, this is beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.

Once you are seated and have adopted your meditation position, it is a good idea to have a mantra, you may repeat any calming words you choose, the mantra that you focus on helps to still the mind. The mantra should be rhythmical and not too long and while reciting the mantra concentrate on slowing your breathing. Recite your mantra at least 20 times, 50 times would be ideal, after doing this you will begin to feel detached from your physical form. By the time you have finished reciting your mantra you should be perfectly still. The word Aum (Om) repeated over and over is a universal mantra, however it is up to you to use whatever feels right. Another mantra you may use is, Aum (Om) Tat Sat Aum (Om). Apart from having a calming affect, a mantra helps to lift the energy around you. Through meditation you can gather all the intensity of the mind and focus on a particular point. Most intelligent minds can focus on something of interest. You may choose to focus on a deity, perhaps a god or goddess, or a particular statue or object you have an affinity for.

While meditating the everyday worries can be let go of for a period of time, this allows the mind to rest and after your meditation is over you will find you have a clarity of mind that wasn’t evident before meditating. While meditating, money worries, ambition, love, hate, fame, all disappear while you hover in a state of serenity, allowing the mind to rest. When you have finished meditating count down from ten to one, open your eyes and clap your hands or ring a bell.

After coming out of your meditative state, write down everything you felt and saw, by doing this on a regular basis you will reach a new level of understanding. You can meditate on anything that appeals to you, you can also meditate on your dreams, or on an object that you hold the image of in your mind’s eye. Some believe if you focus your meditation on an animal such as a tiger, elephant or bear etc, you absorb the strength of that animal. You can also focus your meditation on an element, fire, air, earth or water and imagine yourself walking on water or flying through the air. During meditation you can have magic powers and anything is possible. When meditating you can travel along your timeline into the past or into the future. Meditating on a candle flame is very effective, you gaze at the candle for several minutes then close your eyes, in your mind’s eye you will still see the candle, this is a gentle meditative tool. The ultimate meditation is when you are able to release all thoughts and to surrender to a state of nothingness, thus opening yourself up to messages from the ether. You can meditate on parts of the body to heal yourself, or focus on someone else’s body to heal them.

You will find that if you practice any of the meditation techniques it will become easier each time you do it, in fact you will most likely find that after practice over several sessions, you will find that you slip into a meditative state as soon as you close your eyes and focus on your breathing. To come out of a meditation you can count from 10 down to 1 or you can visualise a candle flame flickering and calling you back to full consciousness. A candle can help you to slip into a meditative state and can be used to bring you out of your meditation.

Meditation can help you feel centered and allows you to focus with clarity, whether on a project, a person or a dilemma, it can help you to heal if you are feeling unwell or tired. When meditating a perfect mind focus can be attained, passions and emotions are quelled leaving the mind still and quiet, this in turn calms the nervous system.

If you are a meditation beginner be patient with yourself, take time to become accustomed to the practice, try different techniques to see what you feel the most comfortable with. Everyone is aware of the power of habit, both good and bad. You also know that if you keep on doing something or acting in a particular way, what you are doing becomes easier, eventually it becomes natural and you are relaxed about the whole process.

Before you begin meditating light some incense, a scented candle or a fragrant oil essence of your choice. It is also beneficial to meditate in the same place and at the same time each day, this space then becomes your sacred space. Meditation is cumulative and every act directs you towards mastery.


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