Reiki – A Guide To Energy Healing

Reiki – A Guide To Energy Healing
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Reiki – A Guide To Energy Healing

Reiki healing is based on the premise that energy flows through us, and those who use the reiki hands on healing technique can channel this energy and project it into someone through the laying on of their hands. Reiki is the tapping of a higher power, and those able to do it are spiritually guided. When someone is giving a reiki healing session they are healing the whole person, the one being healed benefits physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When you have a Reiki treatment you will feel a sense of wellbeing and a sense of calm will wash over you. The best way to approach reiki, either as a healer or as a patient, is to be non logical.

The word Reiki ,pronounced Ray Key, is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki which mean universal life energy.

If you decide to have a Reiki healing session you will be asked to lay down on a massage table, usually practitioners of Reiki create an ambient setting with soft lights and quiet gentle music. When Reiki - A Guide To Energy Healinga treatment is taking place you are asked to remain quiet and turn off your phone, thus allowing yourself to surrender totally to the healing process. The treatment comprises of the practitioner placing their hands on various parts of the body and letting their hands rest gently there for several minutes, you may notice heat building in the hands and transferring to your body. Some practitioners have a particular sequence of movements, while others place their hands where they feel you need to be healed. In some instances the practitioner will hold their hands above the body as though there is a force field keeping them from touching you, and you should be able to feel the energy transmitting from their hands. It doesn’t matter which technique is used, in the end it is all about the energy and the balancing of your body.

There is something that is called “phantom hands” and this is where the Reiki practitioner’s hands are placed on one part of the body and the touch is felt elsewhere on the body, this is an instance of the energy going where it is needed

To learn reiki it is necessary to go to a Reiki master who can help you to tap and channel energy. Reiki is spiritual healing, and regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs you can learn how to use it to heal yourself and to heal others. It helps when you are receiving reiki healing for you to believe in the healing power of the universe, this allows you to gain the most out of your treatment, when having a treatment you are opening yourself up to the healing energy of the universe.

You learn reiki from a Reiki master who will teach you the three levels and show you how to implement what you learn in the healing or tuition of others.

Level 1 Reiki:

Reiki level 1, teaches the student to be an open channel for the reiki energy, the student becomes attuned to the life force of the universe. During the teaching of level 1 the student is taught how to place their hands on a person and send healing energy from their hands. The student learns how to become a clear channel so the Reiki energy can flow through into the person they are healing, they are taught to put their conscious mind aside and let the energy flow. The student is required to enter a tranquil space and to allow the transition of beautiful vibrant healing energy to be transferred to the to the one receiving the energy. Some students are able to feel the energy flowing straight away and others take a little longer, if it doesn’t happen immediately, patience and practice is required.

Level 2 Reiki:

In level 2 the student learns to open themselves up to a greater degree and they become more aware. Empathy and compassion are a prerequisite to be a successful reiki practitioner, during the learning of level 2 the student is taught three symbols to use in their healing, and these symbols enhance the power of the healing and the channeling of energy, emotions especially are helped when using this level of reiki. Level 2 reiki can be used in distant healing for those who are not physically there at the time of the session.

Level 3 Reiki:

Level 3 is known as the ‘Master’ level, this is where the student learns how to teach others, and how to tap a deeper level of energy and understanding, during this learning symbol 4 is shown to the student, an initiation of sorts takes place when this symbol is introduced.

Those who tap and practice the higher level and the symbols, will find that they are able to attain a heightened spiritual level of understanding.

Hawayo Takata introduced Reiki to the western world, it was brought to America in the early 1970?s where is became very popular and had many followers, those who received Reiki treatment also wanted to learn the art.

A Reiki master is someone who has been taught the master level of energy flow and attunement and has a good understanding of the practice of Reiki, so that they are able to teach others. There is a certain solemnity attached to the teaching and practice of Reiki.

Reiki can be used for reducing stress levels and stimulating the bodies immune system, it is a non invasive way of treating a person on every level. Reiki is a limitless form of energy that is also used to balance the chakras, which are the bodies inner energy centers,  they need to be clear for optimal health and wellbeing. Reiki helps those who have difficulty sleeping, it also helps worriers as it relaxes the mind, it can relieve pain and creates flow where energy within the body is blocked, reiki can bring you to a new level of consciousness.

Reiki healing can, over a period of time, stimulate the bodies natural healing energies, it also helps those who are recovering from illness or surgery. Reiki marries well with other forms of healing, such as crystal healing, colour therapy and homeopathic remedies. Before using any healing remedies it is suggested that you first visit a mainstream medical practitioner and address any health concerns you may have.

If you wish to be taught Reiki you will be able to find a teacher either online or in the yellow pages. Reiki is usually taught in three levels. Level 1 is taught over a period of 8 hours and level 2 over a weekend. Level 3 is a more intense study and takes longer, in these classes you will learn a particular way of placing your hands on the body for self treatment and also the treatment of others. You will be asked not to reveal the sacred symbols you have learned to anyone outside of the Reiki circle. Learning the wonderful healing art of Reiki will actually give you a greater understanding of yourself and of others, and you don’t need to have any particular abilities to be a successful Reiki practitioner.


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