The Healer Within – A Guide To Self healing

The Healer Within – A Guide To Self healing
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The Healer Within – A Guide To Self healing

Self healing is something anyone, anywhere, anytime, can do, you do not need to be gifted with special abilities, only eagerness, compassion, love and intention, this is what makes the magic happen.

The three types of healing are, self healing, absent healing and hands-on healing. Most of us self heal whether we realise it or not, in fact it is a natural instinct when we are out of sorts or unwell. Self healing is when you treat yourself with the kindness and love you deserve, it is believing you have value. One way to value yourself is through correct dietary considerations, physical exercise, health care, hygiene and attention to your living space, your home is the womb in which you are nurtured, grow and heal.

To consciously begin self-healing, sit or stand in front of a mirror in which you can clearly see your face, look deeply into your own reflection and see what your eyes reveal to you, in this moment you are reading yourself, you are looking into your core. As you look deeply into your eyes the clearer the picture of the inner you will be. As you stare into your own eyes, send a silent message of love to yourself and then acknowledge how this feels, take notice of any signs of discomfort, or any reaction for that matter. This is a way of sending yourself love, and once self-love is accepted, your own energies can flow freely without restriction, self-healing comes from free flowing energy and once you are able to heal yourself you are them able to heal others.  Lack of self acceptance blocks energy creating imbalance, acceptance allows energy to flow. When you think about loving yourself it must be unconditional, this means that you accept all aspects of yourself, whether this be body hair, short temper, freckles, wrinkles, pimples, too much weight, too little weight, too tall, too short, too old, not old enough, not good looking enough, not clever enough. When you are in the mindset that only certain changes, either physical, social, emotional or environmental, will make you more lovable you are being conditional and not loving what is. Learn to love yourself exactly as you are with no conditions, this leads to healing on all levels.

As you become unconditional with yourself so will others, you will exude a new energy, people will begin to behave differently towards you because you are behaving differently towards yourself. A positive and all encompassing attitude allows you to see yourself in a new way, people then begin to see you in a new way. Your self attitude will affect the attitude of others towards you. Energy blocked within your aura will be released allowing you to vibrate at a higher level, drawing people to you.

After spending some time looking into the mirror at your eyes, you can then begin to look at your entire face, taking in everything including your hair, the shape of your nose, the shape of your Self healingmouth, your neck, chin, eyebrows, ears, complexion, skin texture. Look carefully at your face and notice what you like about it, you may have a nicely shaped mouth, well formed ears, good complexion, nice eyebrows, glossy hair. Touch your face and hair, accepting all that is you, there will be something positive about your face, keep looking until you accept the reflection in the mirror. As you do this exercise you will become aware that during your life, you have most likely spent more time criticising yourself than complementing yourself. No matter how strange or uncomfortable you feel, keep looking at yourself in the mirror and don’t stop until you have found at least two pleasant aspects of your face that you can love, by doing this you begin to reprogram your brain and your inner self becomes more peaceful. Keep looking at yourself and send pure love, feel it floating from you, then gushing from you, you will feel the love wash over you, giving you a feeling of utter serenity. Once you are feeling calm and warm you can stop the exercise. The more you practice this, the easier it will be to see the good points in you, this will grow each time until you look into the mirror and see the beauty of all you are, it will be as though an entirely new being is looking back.

Once you become at ease with your eye and face study and do the exercises naturally, move on to the rest of your body, learning to love every part of yourself without question. The feeling of complete self-acceptance will take time, and viewing yourself in this way requires perseverance. During this process you may reach blocks, keep pushing until you feel the block crumble and fall, each time you do this there will be an emotional growth spurt that is felt deep within. Don’t be too disturbed if there are some down days where you don’t feel as positive, just keep pushing through and don’t let your positive self-belief system waver, eventually the struggle will stop and you will accept yourself as a loving and lovable entity.

Inner self awareness exercises can have a powerful affect on your psyche, offering wonderful insights. You are using your mind and thought processes to help you grow beyond yourself imposed barriers. You are expanding your thoughts about loving yourself, you will feel yourself stretching beyond your own perceived limitations which act like barriers. The next time you look at the mirror and into yourself, see yourself as an integral part of the universe, a benign loving force that is powerful and whole.

To self heal it is necessary to take a walk down memory lane, to do this it is necessary to peer back along your time-line. Imagine this as a silver thread stretched out in front of you, if you look to the right you will see into the future, if you look to the left you will see into the past. You are going back along your time-line, far back to when you were a child, to look at all the people who were around you at that time. Take in what their role was, what they said to you, about you and how you felt about yourself when you were in their company. What did your mother say about you? What did your father say about you? What did your sister or brother say about you? What did your aunt, teacher, friend, school mate say about you? How did these people in your life treat you? What stands out about your childhood? Were certain ideas about you imposed upon you? Did you feel uplifted and nurtured, or did you feel downtrodden and restricted? Did people’s ideas of you help you feel fulfilled and confident, or shy and negative? This is a very testing self-healing exercise because you are forced to relive aspects of your life that may be uncomfortable, the object of the exercise is to heal and reprogram the child in the past to in turn help the adult in the present.

Take notice of and write down anything that was constantly said that made you uncomfortable or/and unhappy. Who and what are the strongest influences, who did you love to see and be around, who did you dread seeing and being around? Did either of your parents or siblings say or do anything that caused distress, if so what was it and how did it make you feel? Who had a positive affect on you? Who did you want to emulate and why (this can be family, friend, acquaintance, teacher, or someone you read about, saw in the public eye, on television, in a movie. Was there someone who conducted themselves in such a way you wanted to emulate them? Look particularly carefully at all feelings surrounding this person. By dissecting your life in this way you can pinpoint where insecurities, fears, phobias, self-criticism and negative thoughts about yourself possibly began as seeds. The seeds then took root, growing into enormous fear trees with huge roots, permeating every area of your life and stunting your natural spiritual and emotional growth, and most likely affecting your overall health and well-being. When you have finished analysing your childhood, come back into the present and look at what you have written, take notice of how and what took place in the past has impacted the present.

Now you can begin analysing the present. Ask yourself, who, what and how you are influenced in the present, and what effect these influences are having on your life and your health? If you are in a relationship, look carefully at your partner and how you feel around them and what their perception of you is? How does their perception of you make you feel, does it restrict you or uplift you? If you have children ask yourself what you think their perception of you is and how that makes you feel? Who do you spend time with, what do they think of you and how does their perception of you make you feel? What do your friends say to you and about you, and how does this make you feel? Do you spend time with people who make you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, who are they, why is this, what do they say, what do they do? At your place of work what do your colleagues think of you and how does this make you feel? If you have a business, how do others think you run it and how does this make you feel? Look carefully at all the people who influence you as an adult and how they make you feel?  Be very honest with yourself, in fact be brutally honest, by doing this you will clearly see the positive and negative influences in your life and understand how they affect you. Write down everything you feel with everyone you interact with as an adult, leave nothing out even if you don’t agree with what people say about you. As you read what you have written a pattern will begin to form and you will see how you can eliminate the negative and reinforce the positive in your life.

Once you have completed your adult list, compare it with your childhood list and see how the two compare, you may find you are repeating behaviors or patterns that have caused difficulty all your life. By recognising these behaviors or patterns you can begin to take steps to heal yourself by releasing the negative patterns. You may find as you compare the childhood you with the adult you, ther are people in your adult life who behave in the same way as someone in your childhood? As you compare past and present you will notice that you are recreating certain scenarios that didn’t work when you were younger and will most likely not work now you are an adult. As you match people and scenarios, document the positive as well as the negative. It tends to be the negative comments, feelings and situations that are remembered vividly because they cause pain and leave scars.

Unless you are a particularly evolved human being you will find that much of your childhood has been recreated in your adult life, with some minor differences. You are looking at where you began, the foundation on which you built your life, to strengthen these foundations you must heal the child in the past. To look at the past and accept your karma whatever it was, is for most people impossible and that is perfectly natural. When looking back at difficulties in the past it is impossible to accept all that happened as karma. I believe the way to approach the past that cannot be changed, is to heal it. Send back along your time-line all the love and light you can, feel it and visualise it washing over the child you were, see and feel that child absorb the light and love.

The past cannot be physically altered, but you do have power in the present to effect changes, the life you have now is the life you chose to experience in the body you now inhabit. What are you going to do to make this incarnation the best you have ever experienced? You know that the only way you can move forward is to accept what has been, and work with what is. By being more aware of your past and present self, you enter a place of knowing, a higher sense of consciousness. A place where there is understanding and acceptance of what has been, understanding and acceptance of what is now, and the desire to work beyond your previously accepted limitations.

Once you reach your place of knowing, your higher sense of consciousness, you will approach each difficulty in your life with a new understanding. Now it is time for you to affirm your present and your future with positive input, so that what you are moving towards uplifts you. You have looked at yourself inside and out, you are now ready to change your thinking. Thinking about how much you love and accept yourself can be turned into a mantra which you use everyday;

“I love myself and deserve the best that life has to offer,” “my self love knows no bounds, it is unconditional,” “I have the power to create the life I want to lead,” “there are positive supportive people around who will enhance my life,” “each day when I wake I know my life is becoming more fulfilling,” “I have the power to take charge of my life,” “I have the power to take charge of my emotions,” “I have the power to take charge of my finances.” “I grow and am enriched by each experience I have,” “I have the ability to create a life to be proud of.”

Your list of affirmations can go on and on, and the more you say them the more readily your subconscious will accept what you say as gospel, you will find yourself taking steps quite naturally that lead you to the outcomes you desire. When you begin using affirmations you may find it difficult to actually believe what you are saying, you will feel some resistance. As you continue with your positive and uplifting affirmations, you will feel the initial resistance ease, and finally drop away altogether as your mind accepts new thoughts. Repeat the one you find the most difficult and be persistent, if it is too testing to say it out loud keep saying it in your head, eventually you will accept the new concept. Say the affirmation each night before going to sleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning. If during your day to day activities something happens that is negative, immediately refer to one of your affirmations, repeating it again and again in your head, this helps to calm the nervous system. If one of your affirmations does not seem appropriate for the situation, make one up and use it.

When using affirmations they must always be positive, you only ever contemplate what you do want, not what you don’t want. If you are working on a difficult project, instead of saying “I wish this project was easier,” you say “I know this project will become easier everyday.” Instead of “I won’t become stressed about my finances,” you could say “I am becoming more positive each day about the way I handle my finances and will overcome all obstacles.” Instead of saying, “I want things to stop being so difficult,” you say “everything is becoming easier and more manageable in my life.” Making positive statements is an integral part of the re-programming process and successful self healing. You can meditate on any one of your affirmations, this is done by allowing yourself to relax, just before closing your eyes and beginning your meditation you say your affirmation three times, you then visualise the words in your mind’s eye while you meditate allowing the words to permeate your subconscious.

When meditating on the meaning and significance of your affirmation recognise what it will mean to you to reach your goal and how it will affect your life. You will begin to see new concepts opening up for you, leading you to a new level of understanding. Making a cd with a list of your affirmations can be very helpful, you can play it in your car, or before you go to sleep, your own voice creates a positive level of connectedness.

When you embark upon affirmations to do with self healing, give yourself time to adjust to the constant input and be determined no matter how testing the process, eventually the barriers that confront you will crumble. Affirmations leading to self healing are like planting seeds which need sun, light and water for them to grow into strong and beautiful flowers. Take constant care of your spiritual mind garden, it is a place to retreat where you can be healed and inspired by your affirmations. Once you have mastered the art of self healing and can embrace self love, you are ready to take the next step which is healing others.


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