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Twin Flames and Soulmates

Twin Flames and Soulmates

Twin Flames and Soulmates

Twin Flames

Each of one of us has a twin soul, or twin flame who was created with us in the beginning. Our twin flame is the other half of our soul. God made you and your twin-flame out of a single “white fire body”. He then separated this one “white fire body” into two halves – one half was masculine polarity and the other was female polarity. This separation was the most painful thing a soul can experience.

Twin flames will reincarnate together across many lifetimes with a specific purpose or mission. The connection between the two are often super intense, powerful, magnetic and they share a deep bond between them. Anyone could be your twin flame whether a lover, a friend, a colleague.  When it comes to romantic relationships, they do not always end up in a physical union, they can be just close friends.

A twin flame connection can be the most wonderful experience we can have, but due to the deep connection and the nature of mirroring souls it can also be the most turbulent.

The purpose of a twin flame connection is different for each pair, but at its core it is related to healing and self-growth. These connection are not just about romance, they are about spiritual growth with the purpose of shifting our consciousness and helping us reach our full potential. You are not the only one who will be forever changed after meeting your twin flame, the same will happen to them.

If you are fated to meet your twin flame on your life journey, the two of you will be pulled together like magnets. You will instantly be connected to this person and feel a sense of recognition. Many people describe the sense of having known their twin flame their whole lives. When you encounter this person who is your other half, it can create a profound and life-altering sense of wholeness. They will also elevate your self-knowledge, including knowledge of your flaws.

Signs you have met your twin flame

  • You both intuitively what the other is feeling or thinking about.
  • Feeling a strong pull to touch or be close to each other.
  • Having the same dream or appearing in each other’s dream at night.
  • Sharing many of the same interest, books, music, hobbies and food.
  • Communicating with each other without speaking. A simple glance or gesture is all you need to say what you are thinking.
  • It is easy to be yourself with this person.
  • You share similar faults and weaknesses.
  • You understand hidden parts of each other.



Twin flames are not the only soul-fulfilling loves, there are also the love of kindred souls called soulmates. A soulmate is different from a twin flame, a soulmate is someone with whom you share aTwin Flames and Soulmates deep and profound connection to and feel that you can be completely yourself. It is someone who you share unconditionally love with. It is someone who completes you. These are individuals we have known in previous lifetimes, who we often marry.

There is more than one soulmate, there may be several soulmates who come into and move out of our lives, both romantic and platonic.

Some people believe that the souls of soulmates originate from separate sparks that have emanated from God; whereas, twin flames originate from the same spark.

Your soulmate will be more like you than anyone you have met before. They will be more familiar than your very best friend or longtime lover or possibly your current marriage partner. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, your relationships with your soulmates will be powerful and encompass body, mind, and spirit.

When the merger of you are your soulmate begin, you will be amazed at how much you mirror each other and how much you enjoy the same things. Your soulmate will generally like the things you like and love the things you love. You will share similar life goals, share common interest, and you both will value the things in life that really count.

A soulmate relationship means that you are reconnecting with that person from another life. You and your soulmate share a deeper understanding of each other, so you wont be at odds with each other like in ordinary marriages. You will compliment each other rather than competing with each other. Because they have a deep acceptance and love for you, you will experience great comfort in their presence. You will feel like you have known them forever.

When you are together you will feel that is was destined to be.







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