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Wax Divination – Ceroscopy

Wax Divination – Ceroscopy
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Wax Divination  Ceroscopy

Ceroscopy is form of divination using wax. It originated in Eastern Europe and is one of the most ancient types of divination. Candles themselves are beautiful and mysterious and have been used for many different reasons from the practical function of providing light, to rituals and for spell-work.

A candle wax reading is similar to reading tea leaves, but instead of reading symbols and messages formed by wet tea leaves inside your teacup, it’s the candle wax shapes formed in water that we interpret.

The method of scrying with wax is rather simple, you light the candle, ask your question then slowly drip the melted wax into the water bowl. The wax solidifies and forms shapes, the divinator then interprets these wax shapes.

The expert practitioner will not only interpret the wax shapes, but also the direction the wax flows, the way the candle flame flickers, the color of the candle smoke and the strength of the flame. All these little details give further spiritual insight into your divination.

Interestingly the wax drippings can be influenced by the color of the candle and the energies of the person scrying.

A bonus with wax divination is you can keep the 3-D wax shapes that you have created, these wax shapes can then he used to interpret at a later time or could be used in other  magical work.

While a relatively simple form of divination, Ceroscopy can be fun and rewarding.

What you need

  • A candle: A plain white candle is fine, or you can use a color that corresponds to your question, for example, green for money, red for love.
  • Scrying Bowl: You can use just about any type of bowl, ceramic or glass are good choices.
  • Water: Many recommend rain water or even river water for best results, but tap water will be fine.
  • Pencil and Paper: It is important to write your question down, this will help you to decipher the answers you might be given.
  • Lighter or matches: Any will do

Scrying With Wax

As for most psychic readings, it’s ideal to cleanse and prepare your space you intend to use while scrying.

Light your favorite incense to clear the energies from the room.

You can either sit at a table, altar or on the floor, according to what is most comfortable for you.

You want to select a candle color that best matches your intentions. For example, if you are scrying for a financial or money issue, then select either a green or gold candle. If you are not sure about which colour to use then use a white candle, which is all purpose.

Sit with your thoughts. Meditating for a few minutes before you begin will set the mood for quiet reflection. Optionally you could write your question down on a piece of paper and place it next to the bowl.

  1. Fill your bowl with fresh water.
  2. Move in close and light your candle
  3. Breathe deeply and quiet your mind.
  4. Once you have built up enough wax on your candle. Either silently or out loud, ask a simple question. For example “Will I get the promotion at the office?”
  5. Hold the candle over the water, focusing on your question. Slowly drip the wax into the water about an inch away from the water’s surface, being careful not to splash any of the wax onto yourself. Move the candle slightly as you pour, allowing various shapes to form.

Don’t move the bowl or touch the water. Let the wax and water blend naturally.

  1. If enough wax make 2-4 shapes, but even just 1 shape will work.
  2. Once the wax has cooled, you will begin to interpret the shapes.
  3. After a few moments blow out the candle and set it aside.



Look for symbols that have meaning to you, try to see a story forming as the wax solidifies in the bowl. Don’t worry if it seems confusing at first, Ceroscopy requires time and practice. Keep Wax Divination Ceroscopyworking at it and you will become better and the wax will start to narrate stories for you.

What you see in your wax drippings is a very personal thing and should not be influenced by anyone but you. What may represent a happy symbol to you may represent a symbol of loss to others.

First, you should read the bowl as a whole to see if they are forming a complete picture.

You will see many interesting patterns being formed within the wax, everything from faces, Angels, symbols, numbers, animals, etc.

Allow your intuition form its impressions about the wax shapes. Your thoughts and impressions can be fleeting, so keep a pen and paper handy to write them down as they come.

If you see a briefcase, this could be interpreted as a sign of new work or business venture.

You may get easy shapes to interpret, such as a love heart or a dollar sign, but you may just get various abstract forms floating on the water. This is why your intuition and psychic abilities are so important when interpreting the message of your candle wax scrying.

The best interpretation works through associations and what you associate with certain symbols or images. This will differ from person to person.

There are no right or wrong ways to interpret candle wax. It is your own personal experience and you should always trust your psychic impressions over all things.

The more you practice the better you will become at intuiting the answers to your questions.


About the Symbols

The closer the wax is to the center means the father the issue is in the past.

The closer the wax is to the edge means the closer the issue is to arriving.

Numbers may represent days, weeks, months, and so on.

Numbers may also represent a specific time such as hours, minutes, or seconds.

Letters can represent the initials of a person, place, or event.

Animal shapes can be literal or represent an animal spirit guide.

The direction of the wax flow holds important information about the power behind your spell.

The clockwise candle wax flow is a positive sign. Something is coming to you. If your question was about a job promotion, then this is a positive sign you will get the promotion.

A counterclockwise candle wax is a negative sign, something is moving away from you. If your question was about a job promotion, then this is a negative sign you will get the promotion.

All these wax symbols can be regarded messages either from spirit or from the subconscious mind of the scryer.

May your wax divination illuminate your life and help you reach the answers you seek.



  • Some practitioners like to anoint the candle with oil or charge it with your energy  before beginning.
  • Making two or three separate wax shapes may give further insight into your question.
  • Cold water is best as the wax solidifies
  • Any candle can be used, but the pillars candles tend to produce more candle wax.
  • Try to use a bowl or any other water container that has a large surface as you will need the space.
  • You could take a photo of the wax shapes to interpret at a later time


Wax Divination Symbols

Here’s a list of divination symbols for Ceroscopy.

Acorn: Success, good health.

Airplane: Travel, can also mean a rise in position, if broken means danger of accident.

Anchor: True love.

Apple: Knowledge, achievement.

Arrow: direction, focus.

Baby: Trouble may be coming, pregnancy, something new.

Ball: Problem won’t last long, completion, variable fortunes.

Beans: Money troubles.

Bed: Travel will do you good.

Bell: wedding, creation, unexpected news.

Bird: Good news coming, clarity, vision, ascension.

Book: Imagination, if open it’s good news, if closed you need to investigate something.

Boat: Life-path, a visit from a friend.

Boot: Work, travel.

Bridge: take a chance.

Broom: Make a change.

Butterfly: Transition, transformation.

Candle: Spiritual change, look for truth, scared light, help from others.

Cat: Curiosity, deceit, a false friend, Egyptian god, Baset.

Chain: Engagement, a wedding, go ahead with plans.

Chair: A guest, stagnation, marriage.

Circles: Great success, reconciliation, completion.

Clock: Better health.

Cloud: Something/someone is threatening you.

Coins: Money, material security, change in financial status.

Crescent: Spirituality.

Crown: Ego, leadership.

Cross: Protection, sacrifice, religious guest.

Cup: Rewards, bloodlines, fighting with friends.

Dagger: Warnings, danger.

Diamond: Gift, partnership.

Dog: Friend, loyalty, dependability, celestial connotation, Sirius, Egyptian god, Anubis.

Door: Something new opening.

Duck: Money coming, ‘ducks in a row’.

Ear: New career opportunity.

Egg: Good omen, creation, new beginnings, sacred geometry.

Elephant: Wisdom, strength, luck, Ganesh.

Envelope: Message coming, positive or negative.

Eye: Soul, introspection, creation, open is awakening, closed is something not seen.

Fan: Ascension, surprise in store for you.

Feather: Independence, flight, wanderlust, problem solved.

Fence: Limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent.

Fire: Sacred flame.

Fish: Creation, Pisces, amphibious Gods, good fortune, someone will betray you.

Flame: Art, creativity.

Flag: Denotes nationality.

Fly: Domestic annoyance.

Fork: Speak with false tongue, false flattery.

Fruit: Fruitful, prosperity.

Frog: Money.

Gate: Opportunity, future success, ancient civilization, portal, doorway.

Ghost: Someone from the past is looking for you.

Glow: Enlightenment.

Goat: Be careful of enemies.

Grass: Good fortune coming.

Gun: Anger, sex.

Hammer: Hard work needed, getting a point across.

Hand: Creation, if open means friendship, if closed means an argument, relationships, help.

Harp: Love, harmony.

Hat: change of location indicated, head, consciousness, improvement.

Hawk: Horus, jealousy.

Heart: Chakra, pleasure, love, trust, compassion, partnership, love, emotion.

Horse: Good news, new love.

Horseshoe: Good luck, attraction.

Hourglass: Time running out, need to decide something, have patience.

House: Security, change, success, good times coming.

Iceberg: Danger.

Kangaroo: Harmony at home.

Key: Education, knowledge, opportunity.

Kite: Wishes coming true, flying free.

Knife: Broken friendship, hidden enemy.

Ladder: Change of attitude needed, promotion, a rise or fall in life.

Lamp: Enlightenment.

Leaf: New life, fertility, energy, nature, changing things.

Leaves: Success.

Letters: References to names.

Lightening: A sudden occurrence.

Lighthouse: Guidance

Lines: Straight line means progress, if wavy means uncertain path.

Lion: An unpleasant situation is developing, closure, influential friends, strength, Leo.

Lock: Obstacles if closed, new information unfolding if open.

Loop: Loops of time and creation, avoid impulsive actions, slinky effect.

Mask: Something hidden, secrets.

Moon: Intuition, money, denial.

Mountains: Obstacles, good friends are willing to help you.

Mouse: Theft.

Mushroom: Journey, rapid growth, psychedelics.

Nail: Injustice, unfairness.

Necklace: Admirers, if broken means danger of losing a lover.

Needle: Recognition, admiration, sewing, eye, weaving.

Numbers: Dates, times.

Oak: Health, long life, tree of life.

Octopus: Danger, 8, infinity.

Ostrich: Travel, not seeking a truth.

Owl: Gossip, scandal, wisdom, nocturnal isolation.

Palm tree: Success, honor.

Pants: You will be tempted by something/someone.

Parrot: Repeating something, a twin, a journey.

Pen: A letter from family is coming.

Pig: Your lover might be attracted to another, greed.

Pipe: Comfort, peace.

Question mark: Need for caution.

Rabbit: Need for bravery, time and illusion.

Rake: Watch details, planting seeks, reap what you sow.

Raven: Bad news, death that leads to new beginnings.

Ring: Marriage may be in the near future.

Ring: Phone call, coming full circle, marriage, engagement, if broken means engagement broken off.

Rose: Flower of life, love.

Saw: Tear apart, interference.

Scale: Legal issues, if balanced means just result, if unbalanced means unjust result.

Scissors: Separation, quarrels.

Sheep: Good fortune.

Shell: Good news.

Shoe: Be suspicious of new acquaintances, transformation.

Shovel: Manual labor, hidden depths.

Snake: Be on guard, be aware, wisdom.

Spider web: Unpleasant happenings, weaving together.

Square: Caution needed.

Star: Happiness, spirituality, Hope, Health, heavens, Isis, goddesses, female energies.

Sun: Enlightenment, good fortune, happiness, children, success, power.

Sword: Arguments.

Table: Abundance of blessings, social gatherings.

Tent: Travel, cover, hidden truth.

Thimble: Changes at home.

Tortoise: Criticism, slow moving.

Tree: Family, stability, good time for new undertakings, improvements of life.

Triangle: Good karma, something unexpected, pyramids, 3, third dimension.

Umbrella: Be aware, trouble is coming.

Urn: Wealth and happiness.

Vase: Money concerns, a friend needs help.

Volcano: Harmful emotions.

Wagon: A wedding, if complete means good fortune; if broken means disappointment.

Wasp: Romantic problems.

Waterfall: Prosperity.

Wheat: Abundance.

Wheel: Someone who has been away will return.

Wings: Messages, winged beings.

Witch: Danger will pass you by.

Wolf: Jealousy.

Worm: Business troubles ahead if you’re not careful.

Yoke: Domination.

Zebra: Adventure, overseas travel, black and white.



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