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Palmistry shows how your entire life is mapped out in the palm of your hands. Even Julius Caesar used palmistry to help him make decisions. The future is read in your right hand and the past in your left hand. The hand revealing your past gives information about the inner you and the influences in your life when you were growing up.

The history of palmistry dates back thousands of years and has been spoken of in the Hindu scriptures and the old testament. Palmistry most likely originated in China or India and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Philosophers astrologers, alchemists and theologians studied the art of palmistry. The gypsies also adopted palmistry and it was used in fortune telling.  Palmistry became a serious study for scientists and scholars who considered palmistry to be a valid and accurate science. Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy.

Your entire life and can be read with incredible accuracy, all information about you is contained in your palm such as your strengths and weaknesses as well as your past, present and future. Each person  has a unique palm, no two are the same, according to palm readers, the shape, texture and lines contain everything about the person’s life. A palm reader will examine the entire hand, including fingers, nails and back of the hand. Police will often use fingerprinting in their work and this could be seen as a practical use of palmistry.

Your hand has four dominant lines, fate, head, heart and life lines. The size of your hands, the length of your fingers and thumb, is taken into consideration. If one of your lines is missing, your fate line for instance, this is not a sign of foreboding, it actually means that you will have many changes in life and adapt well to them, you will be one on your own, you will be unique. Whether your fingers are close together or spread apart reveals what kind of employee you will be, those with fingers close together tend to be more stable in work than those with splayed fingers. Although do not be alarmed if you have splayed fingers it just means that during your life you may well find it worthwhile to consider carefully before making any changes in your work environment.





The life line is the curved line around the padded area located at the base of the thumb, do not be perturbed if there is a  short or broken line as it doesn’t mean an early death. The life line actually reveals the quality and the vitality of your life. A life line that is deep denotes  fewer problems than a line that is fine and difficult to see, the difficulties of life are easier for the person with a deep set line to cope with and they are usually more resilient mentally, emotionally, and physically. If the life line is deep and red is shows a more aggressive personality. The life line is often joined to the head line which runs parallel. The point of separation between the heart line and  head line reveals when you became independent from your childhood home. If there is a faint line within the life line this is called the line of protection. Breaks in the life line show times where there are challenges.


Fate Line Missing

The fate line runs vertically up the middle of the palm. Sometimes the fate line runs from the bracelet lines on the writs to the mounts of the fingers thus revealing influences in your life. Don’t worry about a missing fate line as this means you have control of your destiny.

Extra Long Fate Line

An extra long fate line means it goes past the heart line. This denotes a very, very long and active life and you will find success early in life by being ambitious with a will to succeed. The difference between your active and passive hand is how you have developed your natural potential. A strong fate line means you have taken charge of your life and learnt how to maintain balance. A weak fate line shows there may be a lack of control and you need more balance in your life.

Fate Line Beginning On Your Life Line

If your fate line begins on your life line it reveals a close bond to your family in your childhood. You will have influence over others if your fate line ends on the mount of Jupiter. The mount of Jupiter is located at the base of your index finger.

Fate Line Beginning On The Mount Of Jupiter

You will be a formidable person of great influence if your fate line ends on the mount of Jupiter.

Strong Fate Line

With a strong fate line you know early your rhythms and settle into a pattern of life.

Fate Line Ending On The Mount Of Apollo

If you fate line ends on the mount of Apollo you will be drawn to the arts and achieve success in this field.  The mount of Apollo is located at the base of the ring finger.

Fate Line Ending On The Mount Of Mercury

If the fate line ends on the mount of Mercury you will have a good head for business, you will also have an eye for the stock market. The mount of Mercury is found at the base of the little finger.

Fate Line Branching To More Than One Of The Mounts

When the fate line branches to more than one of the mounts it is a very auspicious sign and reveals you will be successful in life.

Breaks In The Fate Line

If there is a break in the fate line it means that a career choice will be interrupted for some reason, if parts of the line overlap there will be a straightforward transition from one thing to another.

Weak Fate Line

A weak fate line can reveal some instability in life and work, and difficulty settling into a suitable work environment, there may be several career changes.

Fate Line Starting From Bottom Of Palm

A fate line starting from the bottom of the palm denotes someone who matures early and settles into their life path easily.

Fate Line Ending At The Head Line

If the fate line ends at the head line it means there is a stumbling block, a challenge that needs to be met and overcome, it can denote those who experience emotional difficulties, approximately between their late twenties and their early forties.

Fate Line Tied To Heart Line

If your fate line is tied to your heart line it can mean that during your early childhood there were certain tensions or restrictions placed on you.

Two Fate Lines

Two fate lines means some duality regarding career choice as though a choice has to be made between one direction or another alternatively, you manage to balance two careers at once, this will all depend on your personality.


Curved Heart Line

A curved heart line reveals a sensitive and demonstrative person, very romantic and forthright in love, the curved heart line starts under your little finger and curves up to between your middle and index finger.

Strong Heart Line

A strong heart line reveals confidence and emotional stability, someone who is self possessed and able to make astute emotional decisions with clarity.

Weak Heart Line

A weak heart line reveals someone is likely to have difficulty in relationships due to insecurity, if revealed early in life they are able to work on self worth issues to foster self confidence.

Straight Heart Line

A straight heart line reveals someone who is more reticent to show emotion, a passive romantic who needs the other person to make the first move.

Heart Line

The heart line can reveal not only what has or is happening in your life, it can also reveal why things happen the way they do.

Heart Line Steep Curve

If your heart line curves steeply and dramatically ending in between your middle and index finger, you will have an active libido. If the line curves up towards the index finger you will choose a partner very carefully.

Heart Line Curves up to the middle finger

If your heart line curves up to the middle finger you may be quite needy and insecure in love relationships and by knowing this about yourself you are able to work on and through your anxieties.

Heart Line Straight And Short

When the heart line is straight and short the person will have a rampant sex drive and be short on romance.

Heart Line ending On The Mount Of Jupiter

The heart line ending on the mount of Jupiter belongs to someone caring, a humanitarian who will pursue this end, some with this line step away from society at some point in their life and lead an alternate lifestyle.

Heart Line Meeting Life Line

Those with a heart line that meets the life line can be fragile in love and they are easily hurt by others, they are sensitive souls.

Two Branches Of The Heart Line

Two or more branches of the heart line reveal a changeable emotional nature.

Similar Lines As Your Partner

A relationship where both partners have similar lines often works very well.


Short Head Line

The head line is located in the upper part of the palm, it reveals your intelligence and gives an indication of your approach to problems. A short head line denotes a no nonsense thinker who comes straight to the point and they don’t bear fools lightly.

Long Head Line

A long head line reveals that you are a deep thinker with a rational approach to problem solving.

Straight Head Line

A straight headline denotes a deep and thoughtful thinker.

Curved Head Line

A curved head line belongs to a person who is imaginative and has an intuitive approach to problem solving, this line belongs to a creative person.

A Sloping Head Line

If you have a sloping head line you will be artistic and creative and will be less practical in your approach to problem solving, writers often have this line

Horizontal Head Line

If you have a horizontal head line you will possess a straightforward no nonsense manner.

Forked Head Line

If you have a forked headline you will be full of ideas possibly with entrepreneurial abilities, also an excellent mediator.

Floating Head line

If you have a floating head line which is not anchored to any other line you possess a carefree attitude towards life and are always ready to help those with a less than relaxed approach.

Head Line That Starts Under The Index Finger

If you have a head line that starts under the index finger you possess a quick mind and are extremely intelligent, you love to read and are always ready to learn something new.


The Apollo line runs vertically from the bottom of the palm around one centimeter in from the edge of the palm up to just below the ring finger, it indicates fulfillment and success, possibly acclaim for something you do in life.


The simian line is a line that runs straight across the hand replacing the heart and head line, it is very rare, people with this line are often found to be extreme in their thoughts and ideas. Those with a simian line are proactive and determined. No challenge is too daunting for them. The learning curve for those with this rare line is to learn to be flexible as it isn’t always necessary to do things your way.


If you have a star on the mount of Jupiter, Mercury or Apollo, or at the top of your fate line, you can expect serendipitous happenings in your life, you will also find success, those drawn to the theatre often have the star. Correctly placed the star is a money magnet, abundance is associated with this mark.


Medical line is the name given to fine lines underneath the little finger, these are so named as it is usually the hand of a doctor or medical person such as a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or counselor. Those drawn to healing and massage therapy also have these markings.


Fork At The End Of The Worry Line Crossing The Heart

The worry lines are the fine lines radiating from the base of the thumb. If there is a fork line at the end of the worry line that crosses the heart it reveals some tension that needs to be worked on in a relationship or marriage.

Worry Line From A Star On A Mount Of Venus

This sign is indicative of tension with relatives and diplomacy may be needed especially regarding in-laws.

Island Worry Line

Extreme difficulty within a relationship is revealed when there is an island on the worry line.


Line Of Influence Crossing The Life Or Head Line And A Red Dot

With this sign you are urged to pay attention to your health and to be sure you are taking care of yourself.

Worry Line From A Star

If a worry line starts from a  star on line of influence and crosses the life line it reveals health concerns within the family.


You will find a canny business person has a mount of Luna line branching from the mount of Luna, entrepreneurs often have this line.

Those with a mercury line across the Venus mount will often be drawn to something in the medical world, doctor, dentist, nurse, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.


You will find the mars line runs inside the life line and offers protection throughout your life.



Mount of Jupiter

The mount of Jupiter is located at the base of your index finger. If it is well rounded it denotes that you are an extremely gregarious, confident personality, the mount is to do with your self-worth.

If the mount covers a wide area it reveals you are a giving person with spontaneous acts of generosity, you give of your time also.

If the mount of Jupiter is high you are an organised person who always seems to be telling others what to do.

Mount of Saturn

The mount of Saturn is under the middle finger. A large mount suggests a somewhat serious and dour personality.

Mount of Venus

The mount of Venus is found at the base of the thumb, if it is well developed (fuller mount) you possess an extremely healthy libido.

An underdeveloped (flatter) mount of Venus means it is necessary to look after your health as you may be prone to ailments.

Mount of Neptune

The mount of Neptune sits in the middle at the base of the palm, if is well developed you are a charismatic and charming entity, drawing people from all walks of life to you. If the mount of Neptune is undeveloped a person can often have difficulties expressing feelings.

Mount of Apollo

The mount of Apollo is located at the base of the ring finger, if well developed it reveals a very artistic and creative nature. A person with an undeveloped mount of Apollo is usually down to earth.

Mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury is found at the base of the little finger. A well developed mount of Mercury denotes a very gentle, sensitive and giving nature, someone who bruises emotionally very easily, they need to surround themselves with like minded souls.

An underdeveloped mount of Mercury reveals someone who would rather keep to themselves, the loner.

Mount of Luna

You will find the mount of Luna in the bottom corner of the hand under Mars negative.

Well developed mount of Luna reveals someone who is spiritual and very likely psychic, they often become involved in all manner of esoteric practices.


The plain of Mars lies in the center of the nine mounts, if overdeveloped it is necessary for you to watch your temper as you may have a short fuse.

If you have an underdeveloped plain of Mars you are not particularly at ease with others and may be quite shy.

Mars Positive

Mars positive is inside the thumb crease. If your Mars positive is well developed you have a get on with it manner and show courage in the face of adversity, others look to you for guidance.

If your Mars positive is underdeveloped you may be very judgemental towards others and be a harsh taskmaster.

Mars Negative

Mars negative is found on the outside edge between Luna and Mercury.

A well developed Mars negative means you never give up and never give in, you always follow something through to the end, any blocks in your life you view as challenges to be overcome, you are also a very good motivator.



A persons attitude , their determination , their focus, their ambition  is shown by the shape of the thumb as it reveals how they will approach things. The top of your thumb reveals your willpower and the bottom of your thumb tells you how much effort you will put in to attain what you want.

Large thumb

If your thumb is large this denotes a dominant personality, if this is you, you know what you want and will put any amount of effort to reach this end.

Small thumb

Small thumbs show a gentle sensitive personality.

Long wide thick thumbs

Long wide thick thumbs show drive, motivation and ambition.

Small wide thumb

A small wide thumb belongs to a person who lacks drive and motivation.

Long narrow thumb

A long narrow thumb belongs to someone who wants to succeed, and who needs encouragement along the way as they may lack the follow through.

Thumb with a very wide top

An aggressive person has a thumb with a very wide top.

Very narrow thumb tip

A very narrow thumb tip shows a person who doesn’t like to push, and they may have a tendency to hold back.

Thick top thumb joint

The person with a thick top thumb joint, is straight to the point and doesn’t spare anybody’s feelings.

Slim top thumb joint

A slim fine top thumb joint reveals the absolute diplomat.

Thumb close to hand

A thumb that stays very close to the hand indicates that the person may need to learn generosity.

Thumb not close to hand

A thumb not close to the hand that sticks out away from the hand reveals a light-hearted gregarious soul.


Small little finger

Those will small little fingers have likely been told on more than one occasion they are immature, if this is you, take heed.

Long little finger

A long little finger denotes the writer, the creator, they have a healthy libido and are very intelligent.

Low set little finger

A low set little finger may denote some difficulty communicating with one parent.

Little finger sticks out

If the little finger sticks out you may be in a relationship that needs some work to allow better interaction, alternatively you may not want to be in the relationship at all.


Long middle finger

The person with a long middle finger values life and all it has to offer they take a serious approach to most everything and usually succeed as they are not easily deterred.

Short middle finger

A short middle finger denotes someone who needs to learn the lesson of self-motivation.

Long index finger

If the index finger is long it shows someone who will work hard to succeed in everything they do, they are self-starters full of confidence. They are ambitious and like to do things their way, they make excellent business heads.

Short index finger

A short index finger reveals someone who may need to work on their self-confidence and may consult with someone to help them to be more outgoing.

Curved index finger

People with a curved index finger have a tendency to try many things in their life, every time you see them they have started something new, it can be anything from fly-fishing to cartomancy, to interior design, to gardening.



Arched Setting

Those with an arched setting practice what they preach they are the deciders and the doers they have a pleasant calm demeanor.

Fingers Evenly Set

People with evenly set fingers are very confident and find success in most everything they tackle, they are often independent business entities.

Uneven Setting

If someone has uneven set fingers they may be shy or lack confidence they need to work on what they are good at to help them believe in themselves, they like to be around sensitive people.

Teacher Setting

If you have a square under the index finger you will be involved in teaching of some kind, it can be in any field. You will find there is a need to help others to learn.



Whorl fingerprints

Whorls on your fingerprints reveal someone who is charming, charismatic and talented they often specialise in something creative.

Arch fingerprints

Arch fingerprints these people are not afraid of hard work, they are determined they roll up their sleeves and get on with it. They can also be quite sceptical.

Composite print

A composite print denotes someone who is not easy to get along with and has the tendency to be argumentative, but of course if you know this about yourself you will be able to temper this trait, this is a rare fingerprint.

Tented arch

A Tented arch belongs to those who throw themselves into life, anything they do they give it their full attention. People with loop fingerprints are fantastic communicators and are very social.



Half moon overlarge

Half moon overlarge indicative possibly of thyroid problems.

Pale Nails

Pale nails can mean you have an iron deficiency.

Almond Shaped Nails

Those with almond shaped nails have an active imagination, the dreamy poet.

Fan Shape Nails

Fan shaped nails reveal that you may be suffering from stress, look at what in your life is causing this and endeavour to do something about it.

Broad Nails

Broad nails denote a fiery temper and a larger than life personality.

Narrow Nails

Narrow nails reveal an egocentric person.

Square Nails

Square nails mean you are someone who is easygoing and social, liking harmony in all situations.

Red Nail

A person with red nails wants things to happen quickly and can be quite impatient if they don’t.

Wrap-around Nails

Wrap-around nails may reveal a smoker or someone who is prone to respiratory problems.



Those with smooth knuckles rely very much on their instincts and are sensitive and highly intuitive, they have empathy and are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of others.

People who have uneven knuckles are easy going and have a calm approach to life, they like to maintain balance in all things and you will find they are extremely organised.

Those with pronounced top and bottom knuckles are deep thinkers they take their time making decisions and have a philosophical approach to life. They are astute managers with money and possess the ability to invest successfully.



Fire Hand

The Fire hand has a long palm and short fingers, this hand belongs to the extroverts of the world, often found on the hand of someone who talks a lot and is always the life and soul of the party. Those with fire hands are creative, enthusiastic and need to be busy, they often go from one project to another and their learning curve is to complete what they start.

Earth Hand

If you have an earth hand you will be very creative, someone with an earth hand has square palms and small fingers. They like to establish themselves and security is extremely important to them, they are organised and may be carpenters, also artists and  photographers possess these hands. Someone with an earth hand is likely to be reserved in demeanor.

Air Hand

The person with an air hand has a square palm and long fingers the lines are thin and the prints are loops. They are the orators and writers of the world and they are optimists. You will always feel uplifted spending time with a person who has an air hand. This person loves to learn and is likely a traveler. Those with an air hand have a quick active mind and some are positively eccentric but always entertaining to be around, they are warm  hearted and generous with their time.

Water Hand

Water hands are rectangular with long fingers, they are highly intuitive and very sensitive. They usually follow a creative career path they are the writers, artists and designers of the world. They are highly emotional and empathic and have a colorful imagination, when in a relationship they are loyal and loving and always feel at their best with an honest and trustworthy partner.



Flexible hand

A flexible hand means  you are open-minded and will always listen to the point of view of others. Someone with this hand adapts well to new situations they are the ones who learn how to dance on a shifting carpet. They are very intelligent and usually well read, they are self possessed and know what they want out of life.

Firm Hand

This hand belongs to someone who likes their own way and usually gets it, they are strong-minded and very sure of themselves.

Stiff Hand

A stiff hand reveals someone who is more rigid in their thinking and it is difficult to change their mind. Someone with a stiff hand doesn’t like change and has difficulty adapting if it is thrust upon them.



Crescent Of Intuition

The crescent of intuition lies in the center between the head and heart line this is indicative of an evolved psychic, those with this line have a heightened sense of intuition.

Crosses On The Hand

Crosses on the hand reveal psychic ability.

Triangle Mount Of Saturn

A triangle on the mount of Saturn reveals psychic ability and often those with these markings work using their abilities.

Spidery Lines On Hand

Those with spidery lines on their hands are often psychic and form businesses along these lines.


The inherited money line  is a curved line that runs from the base of Apollo on the side of the mercury finger, it indicates you will come into money via a windfall or inheritance although no time frame is given.


Palm reading in this century seems to be more scientific with rules and guidelines, it is certainly an intriguing and engaging way to learn more about yourself, your friends and loved ones.

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