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Numerology is the study of numbers and the meaning associated with each number. Numbers play a role in your everyday life and they all have energy, your house number, telephone number, your day of birth and so on. Numerology can reveal aspects about your life, love, family, personality and career. Using simple calculations you can discover your own numbers.
Numerology has been used for centuries and Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology as he was a mathematician who developed his own science of names and numbers.  It is something that anyone can learn and promises a fascinating journey of discovery.

Day Number
To calculate your Day Number take the day you were born such as the 29th and add the two numbers together which makes 11 and then add 1+1 to get 2 which is your day number. If you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th, you are a 1. If you are born on the 9th, or the 18th you are a nine and so on, reduce your number to one digit 1 – 9.

ONE 1 – Willful    1st – 10th – 19th – 28th (Birthday)

If you are a 1 person naturally enough you want to be the first, the leader of the pack, you do at times require some solitude to gather your thoughts, you are a charming social butterfly, if a little unpredictable and extremely stubborn liking to do things your way. There is also the quality of the dreamer and you can be a mediator when the mood  takes you. You do like to be thought of as an independent spirit with spectacular, if a little peculiar at times, ideas.

TWO 2  – Co-operation 2nd – 11th – 20th – 29th (Birthday)

If you are a 2 the number says it all. You like to keep things in perspective and require balance in all areas of your life and you will strive tirelessly to achieve this end. You have an empathic quality and try to understand the point of view of others. As a  2 you have a heightened sense of intuition and have the ability to make others laugh. You bring a creative enthusiasm to your life and the lives of others.

THREE 3  – Self-expression 3rd – 12th – 21st – 30th (Birthday)

If you are a 3 being creative will be an absolute necessity to you, you enjoy your friends and seem to have many people you call, “My Friend”, wherever you go there is someone to say hello to, you are quite charismatic and enjoy harmony in fact you like to bask in it. You also have a strong sense of self discipline, you always want to finish what you start, having a strong foundation in life is very important to 3?s.

FOUR 4  – Disciplined 4th – 13th – 22nd – 31st (Birthday)

If you are a 4 everything in your life has to make sense, you can ruminate over things and feel best when your life is organised. In your life you will gather a mixed bag of people from various backgrounds and you take each birthday as a very serious milestone. If you channel your energies number 4, there is nothing that you cannot attain especially if you apply your steely determination. You like to build in one way or another either artistically, in business, or actually.

FIVE 5 – Change 5th – 14th – 23rd (Birthday)

If you are a 5 you love your freedom and will find you lean towards change quite often in your life and very likely move more than the average person. New dwelling places, travel, or both, you like to attain so will constantly set goals for yourself. It is important for you to communicate and this you do well. You are a risk taker although it is usually calculated, you try to think through your plans from beginning to end before you take action.

SIX 6     Family 6th – 15th – 24th (Birthday)

If you are a 6 you will be very bound to family and family ties are always at the top of your list often going out of your way to care for a loved one. You love creativity in all its forms and will usually apply this in all areas of your life. You are nurturing and have a mixed bag of tricks you aspire to in your lifetime often changing what you do several times if the opportunity to do this is there.

SEVEN 7     Introspective 7th – 16th – 25th (Birthday)

If you are a 7 you may be quite secretive and set very high standards for yourself, some may even call you an enigma as you like your privacy and spend quality time alone, there is also a quiet ambition under the surface and 7?s can often reach great heights in their life. You can be quite thoughtful and introspective with a highly evolved intuition. You may have leanings towards spirituality. Your learning is to believe in yourself 7.

EIGHT 8     Achievement 8th – 17th – 26th (Birthday)

If you are an 8 dealing with impatience may be something for you to overcome as you are a strong-minded individual and know how you like things to be done, you have very good judgement but must learn to listen to what others have to say. When you do something you do it well, you are responsible and can be single-minded at times.

NINE 9     Compassionate 9th – 18th -27th (Birthday)

If you are a 9 you are very self-aware and have the ability to be totally present with others then withdraw for a time, those who know and understand you don’t mind, new acquaintances may not understand. You have an extraordinary imagination which allows you to express through learning, following through to the end what you start is important to your wellbeing.


The first vowel in your name  reveals your perspective on life. For instance the name Dana the first vowel is the letter A.

First vowel in your name

The letter A  Leadership

This letter reveals the leader, the utter individual the one who always does the unexpected, an innovator who wants to try something new. This one believes that one person can change the world, if not the world then possibly people’s attitude as these people have the knack to bring someone around to their way of thinking. They are very creative people.

The letter E  Curiosity

The letter e reveals you will question everything and have a probing curiosity about all that is going on around you, your quest is the meaning of life and there will be no secrets anyone can keep when you are around, somehow or other you will manage to extricate information, it takes fortitude for anyone to keep something from you.

The letter I  Emotional

A highly developed intuition and very spiritual, a humanitarian who wants to be involved in philanthropist pursuits, you are emotional and creative with finely developed sensibilities, the classic humanitarian.

The letter O  Thinker

Somewhat secretive keeping certain feelings inside, taking responsibilities very seriously and protective of family and those you love, you adore beauty and have a delicate ascetic. Suited to ambient surroundings with low light and soft music. A deep thinker.

The letter U  Optimistic

Enthusiasm about most things with an optimistic approach to daily life always hoping for the best and often finding it. A pragmatist who is always looking for the silver lining no matter what, can raise the spirits of others.


Each letter in the Alphabet has a number:


You can calculate the numbers in your name by using the above chart, calculate by using the birth name you were given even if you have changed your name. The following is how to calculate your Destiny number.



Destiny Number 1

Self- development and self-improvement is all important to a one destiny number, you like to be the first and are an innovator you try and try and try again if something doesn’t work the first time. You are a lone sailor who charts the course with courage and determination, you will not let life pass you by and you want to try everything at least once. Believing in kismet, karma and destiny and will work towards what you believe right. Your destiny is to strive to be the best you can be. You were born to lead and share your knowledge.

Destiny Number 2

You are a team player and will always strive for ease in friendships, emotional relationships, at work and with your family, the true mediator. You are very persuasive and understand both sides of a story, you develop emotionally through your ability to maintain balance in all areas of your life, people always feel better having spent time with you. Occasionally you oscillate when making a decision. Your destiny is to maintain balance and harmony in all things.

Destiny Number 3

Your determination helps others  feel motivated and inspired, you are witty and have a sense of humour. Your natural exuberance gives others an electrical charge and encourages them to reach inside to be the best they can be, you must always express yourself, and having  your say is imperative. Even when you are feeling less than positive about something you always manage to reach inside and find something workable.

Destiny Number 4

The destiny for number 4 is to build a solid foundation, something that will last and you have the determination and fortitude to do this. Your stubbornness can slow things down for you at times and it is important for you the learn to be more flexible. You will progress by learning balance in all things. You have the natural skills to be a fantastic manager and exude a certain charm when given the role of leader.

Destiny Number 5

You are quite a force to be reckoned when you make up your mind and your destiny is constant evolution, you are a lover of change and have a certain adaptability, you enjoy freedom and pursue a life that offers you change and freedom. You are a curious soul always ready to learn something new and you will not be without opportunities to do this. The moments of stillness are usually to allow you to chart your next course.

Destiny Number 6

Family always come first with this number it is the number of caring and harmony, you love to learn and share what you have learned with others, others feel better for having spent time with you. Your destiny is to love and care for yourself and others, to inspire and be inspired. A caring soul you do your best work guiding others.

Destiny Number 7

This is the number of the analyst and the observer you are a perfectionist you have a probing gaze and people often feel they want to tell you their deepest secrets. Your energy is healing and your soul’s mission is to learn discernment when giving of your time and energy. Opportunities to research will always gain your attention.

Destiny Number 8

A force of nature and a visionary you have a certain quiet power and magnetism sometimes you seem positively formidable and are quite opinionated  your destiny is to be disciplined so that you aspire to and reach your goals in the right way. Material achievement will be yours through application and dedication.

Destiny Number 9

A person of the people here to teach, guide and nurture, a natural born healer who often is drawn to teaching and healing in some form during their lifetime. You will be a guide for others and your destiny is to heal and care for yourself as well as for others. You are unconventional and at times eccentric.


Your life path number is found by adding the numbers of your month, day and year of birth, if your birthday is the 12th of May 1974 you would be a Life Path 2, if you we born on the 11th of May 1974 you would be a life path 1, if you were born on the 12th of May 1972 you would be a Life Path 9 etc.

1 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 2

Life Path 1

Walking the path of life you decide upon in your way and in your time. You calculate first and make haste second, an independent entity, you know what you want out of life and you endeavour to take the correct steps to attain and achieve, there will be many opportunities for this determined number, pure will pulls you through at times. Any career that offers space for your independent and freedom loving nature would be suitable, something that stimulates the mind is absolutely necessary. Learn to tap and release your inner drive allowing yourself to move forward, be guided by the voice within, your intuition. Because you dare you encourage others to challenge their resistance to change. You always need to complete what you start.

Famous 1?s ( Jack Nicholson )

Life Path 2

With the number 2 you constantly seek balance and harmony and at times will compromise to bring this about, you relate very well to others and are something of a mediator, with 2?s they must learn to pay attention to themselves first then they are able to help others. Any career that allows you to use your tact and diplomacy would be perfect. You have the wisdom to guide yourself and with words of encouragement help others. You would be considered an old soul one who is always ready with wisdom aplenty, you have a way of diffusing situations. You are constantly tweaking your own life situation and this encourages others to fine-tune their lives.

Famous 2?s ( Gary Oldman )

Life Path 3

This is an imaginative number and the number of spontaneity, the way you are with others helps to bring the best out in them, the artist in you sees life and people as works of art and realise people are in a constant state of flux and this suits your designing nature, it is also possible that you will use your speaking voice to teach or guide others. You are an excellent mediator and will be surprised by how often you use this skill during your lifetime. You are the extrovert who likes to be the center of attention, your sense of humour is infectious, nothing will stop you from expressing yourself in all areas of your life. The ultimate optimist in life facing all challenges with a smile.

Famous 3?s ( Audrey Hepburn )

Life Path 4

You will find 4?s are hard workers and very dedicated and systematic when they put their mind to something, 4?s must always finish what they start for their wellbeing. It is important for 4?s to think long term with any actions they take in life. You would work well in a position as manager for almost anything, you also have the need for a strong foundation, and realise whichever area of life you are working on career and finances, personal and family, a strong foundation is the key to success. There is also something of the perfectionist in you. You have determination and perseverance, if used well, it can lift you to great heights. You need to learn the difference between stubborn and immovable, and dogged determination.

Famous 4?s ( Nicole Kidman )

Life Path 5

Number 5?s often have many changes in their life, whereas the average person may have two paths to choose from a number 5 has six paths to choose from, as soon as you learn one thing you are ready to move on to the next, ” Seek and attain ” is your motto for life. You are forward thinking and would be a fantastic manager, public relations would also suit you in any form. You communicate well both personally and professionally and your abilities work very well in the public eye, and you may find yourself in this position during your life. You love to read people and are fascinated by the behavior of others, you do like to share your knowledge with others.

Famous 5?s ( Claudia Schiffer )

Life Path 6

Caring for the family is very important to 6?s therefore they would be well suited to their own business, they often work from home and are very successful, family always comes first yet they fully understand the importance of learning and earning to care for those they love. Life Coaching or Psychology would suit a six, or alternatively something creative. You do your best work with kind caring and intuitive people around you. You do set high standards for yourself and others, standards that others at times find it difficult to live up to. In all areas of your life it is important to have honest, loyal and caring people around you. A family business with a 6 at the helm would do well. You love your home and enjoy interior design usually on a personal level although there is the talent to do it professionally.

Famous 6?s ( Michael Caine )

Life Path 7

Learn, learn, learn, there is always something new that catches your attention as you love to learn and you don’t just learn, you  apply your learning and have many strings to your bow. Your way is to delve deeply and to understand, giving you a thoughtful and analytical manner. Any work that absorbs you and allows independence would suit you. Spiritual matters intrigue you and many 7?s delve along these lines. A deep thinker who needs to commune with the inner self. You are an observer and nothing gets past your keen eye, you are someone who notices everything. As a 7 you are extremely organised and know where everything is, a calm environment is imperative for your delicate sensibilities, you have great empathy and compassion.

Famous 7?s ( Julia Roberts )

Life Path 8

You have a certain intensity and determination and the power within to do many things in life, your learning is to use your power well. You will be drawn to business and very likely be drawn to business where you are handling large sums of money, it is important for you to know the value of saving as well as spending. You are a decision maker and others often come to you for advice or guidance. This an extremely ambitious number not much puts you off your game. Number 8?s have the knack of accepting whatever is happening at the time as a part of life and something to work through and learn from. You help people to stand back from their canvas of life and view things from a new perspective. You are a shrewd business person and are always sure of the actions you take as your astute thinking weighs up all sides before you begin anything new.

Famous 8?s ( Grace Kelly )

Life Path 9

The universe in all its glory is embraced by 9?s they are the anthropologists, the geologists and the archaeologists of the world, the seeker and healer. It is surprising how many Doctors and Dentists have a nine as their main number. You can also write and will be drawn to the theatre. Remember 9, give to yourself so that you can also give to others. The 9?s are the chameleons in the game of numbers, they also possess a wry sense of humour. Ever ready to help and guide others, this trait only gets stronger with age. You often know what is going to happen before others do, in fact, some may call you psychic. You don’t pass judgement and are very open-minded. The game of life never ceases to amaze and intrigue you.

Famous 9?s ( Brigitte Bardot )


By using your life path number you can look at the chart below to see how you or your partner will behave in a relationship.

Number 1 in love = Assertive

Number 2 in love = Romantic

Number 3 in love = Affectionate

Number 4 in love = Attentive

Number 5 in love = Sensuous

Number 6 in love = Considerate

Number 7 in love = Sensitive

Number 8 in love = Seductive

Number 9 in love = Passionate


PROFESSIONS    Life path (1-9)

Professions Number 1  Company leader, entrepreneurial endeavors.

Professions Number  2  Doctor, therapist, accounts manager.

Professions Number  3  Artist, healer, media.

Professions Number  4  Finances, hospitality, architect, builder.

Professions Number  5  Pilot, flight attendant, entertainer, researcher.

Professions Number  6  Psychologist, anything medical, healer, designer along any lines.

Professions Number  7  Psychiatrist,, astrology, numerology.

Professions Number  8  Merchant banking, stock market, business manager, architect.

Professions Number  9  Entertainment, politics, media.


How to find your Soul Number

Add together all the vowels in your full name and reduce to a single digit 1-9, to obtain your Soul Number.


Add all numbers together       6 + 1  + 1 + 9 + 5 = 22 = 2+2= 4

The name John Alan White adds up to a 4 Soul Number.


Vowel Chart



Soul Number 1

They want to lead, want things their way and rarely compromise their exacting standards, there is no middle ground for a 1 Soul Number. They are ambitious, fierce and have an iron will, they expect their partners to live up to their exceptionally high standards and require them to be as independent as they are, clingy is not a word in their vocabulary.

Soul Number 2

Conflict unsettles a Soul Number 2, in their personal, and their business life and they will go to great lengths always playing the part of mediator, balance is a part of all they do and they have a need to bring harmony to every situation in life. A diplomatic career would suit a number 2 as they make excellent negotiators, and they are generous with their time and energy. In a relationship while giving their all to their partner, 2?s must learn to give to and nurture themselves.

Soul Number 3

They are the optimists somehow managing to turn bad to good with a wave of their hand and uttering carefully chosen words at exactly the right moment to achieve a desired effect. They are creative in all they do, they are the interior designers, the hairdressers you can’t do without, the singers and all round entertainers. In a relationship they need someone who is independent and strong, although they can be delightfully romantic and full of surprises.

Soul Number 4

Number 4 always wants to know what is going to happen next and they can at times brood over this matter, their need for stability and a strong foundation is always foremost in their mind. They like their life to be organised and categorise everyone in the roles they deem appropriate, they are not keen on surprises and thrive on order. As lovers they will often plan and organize a romantic candlelight dinner, just don’t be late.

Soul Number 5

This number thrives on activity, change, challenge, speed and above all freedom a word which is often uttered by them, they look at life as a game and they like to be a winner every time. They usually work in an environment that allows constant change as they love to dance on a shifting carpet. They do not respond well to restrictions of any kind or judgements for that matter. A 5 often wants what they want, when they want it, and they get it. A sensual, sexy partner with a freedom loving independent spirit would suit a number 5.

Soul Number 6

This number thrives on niceness, kindness, beauty, calm, they are devoted to those they care about and would do anything to protect the ones they love. They cannot bear to see those they love in physical or emotional pain and always try to find the solutions to problems. They like to be surrounded by beauty and often work from home which offers them a harmonious and candle filled environment that they and others can relax in.

Soul Number 7

Number 7?s love to research and are very thorough if at times a little forgetful, they love solitude in fact it is imperative they have time alone with their thoughts. To thrive, a quiet setting  filled with loved items, carefully chosen to suit their aesthetic, is needed. They are the romantics and need a partner with a similar outlook, they are secretive, soulful and passionate and many are quite psychic, some delving into a career along these lines, they can be eccentric and positively bizarre at times.

Soul Number 8

Number 8?s like to be looked up to and they are the speech makers and the heads of the boardroom. They need and respond well to positions of power, at times they can be a little insensitive in their social, family and their love life. They strive for positions that offer them status and are the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the family. A partner who is independent and has a similar work and life ethic is the only one they will spend time with, apart from this they can in moments be extremely soulful and it always surprises.

Soul Number 9

Everyone counts in the mind and eye of number 9, the humanitarians and philanthropists come under this number, they are extremely emotional and understand deeply the emotional needs of others, often being drawn to a career that offers them the opportunity to give in some way. They are idealistic and knowing, their words of wisdom always inspire.



Your personal year number changes each year and rotates in a 9 year cycle.

To find your personal year number you add together the numbers of your month of birth, your day of birth and the current calendar year, then reduce the numbers to one digit.

12-05-2010 = 1+2+5+2+1= 12 = 1+2 = 3  Your personal year is 3.

Personal years go from 1 – 9 and each personal year has its own resonance.

Personal Year 1 = New beginnings

This is the perfect year to start anything, as it is a year of new beginnings and time to take charge of your time and your life as a whole, it is also a time of letting go and starting afresh, take no baggage into a 1 year as so much growth and opportunity will be offered. This is the year that encourages you to take the learning of the past 9 years and apply it. Be patient and determined, plant the seeds then nurture them and watch them grow.

Personal Year 2 + = Relationships, aligning

Last year you planted your seeds so you will find this year you are working on what began in the previous year. This is a year that requires introspection while waiting for things to happen, no hurried action or being needy will help this year. It is a year of understanding and building, a year to create and maintain balance and harmony in all things. The seeds are sprouting but this cannot be rushed things won’t move as fast as you would like this year, but it is an exceptional year for emotional growth and understanding.

Personal Year 3 + = Expressing yourself

This is the year of understanding after the last two years, you will feel the need to be more eloquent emotionally and find there is greater understanding in all relationships in your life, it is a year where you are forced to look at things that you may have swept under the carpet, this can be quite a challenging year and the best way to handle it is to accept the challenges and to learn and grow from them, the creative juices start to flow towards the end of the year. Self expression is all important, you may feel the urge to write or paint.

Personal Year 4 + = Foundations

This is the year to pay attention to business, career, home, family, all the things that spell security. It is the year to look at and manage your finances to take care of your home, you may find yourself building or repairing, taking care of yourself and family security, car insurance, superannuation etc. In this year you are looking at what you are doing and planning ahead, stability is all important, use this time well as it is an extremely constructive year.

Personal Year 5 + = Change

Whether you are ready or not this personal year offers change, things will come to a head or be brought to a head. If something isn’t working it is a year of letting go, it is a year of travel, or moving house, of ending relationships that aren’t working, spirituality may interest you. You may embark on some study or learn a language, it is a year of trying something new and to be daring.

Personal Year 6 + = Family

In a 6 personal year it is all about family and you are required the entire year to pay attention in this area of your life. You may be needed more often by friends, elderly relative, children and so on, how you handle this year is very important as this is the year where, if you are not alert to the extra demands, it can weigh you down especially if you are juggling work and home life matters. During this year look after those you love but be very mindful of taking care of yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Personal Year 7 + = Reflection

This is the year many embark on a spiritual journey or at least go through a time of introspection. You are now evaluating the last 6 years and gaining understanding, even those who enjoy the company of others require time alone during a 7 personal year. A year to take care of mind, body and spirit, you are looking at mental and physical transformation, this year is a perfect holiday year if you can find the time. Legal matters are also highlighted this year and it is often a year of completion regarding legal matters.

Personal Year 8 + = Achievement

This is the year for you to stand up and be counted you’ve grown and changed you should be feeling stronger and empowered during an 8 year. This is the year for your company to grow, or for the boss to offer you a promotion or begin your own business as 8 is also considered the money number. This year is to do with administration, education and abundance, working with these energies offers the change for material gains.

Personal Year 9 + = Completion, letting go

This is the year of completion and letting go of that which is no longer necessary, it is a quiet year allowing you to reflect on the previous 8 years, it is a year of transformation and rejuvenation, you also recognise you are heading towards another 9 year cycle and you are contemplating what the following cycle will offer. This is the year to finish off issues of the last 8 years and go into the New Year, unfettered.

As you can see the numbers offer insight into all areas of your life, giving you a greater understanding of yourself and those you love. Learning more about your numbers can help you to tap your own personal power and work with it to enhance your life. What has been offered above is an introduction to the fascinating and complex world of numerology.

Your numbers can be called your life vibrations.


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