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Tarot – How to Read Tarot Cards

The Tarot consists of 78 picture cards and you do not need have psychic powers to read the cards, you just need to familiarise yourself with each card and its meaning, and you will find over time that your intuition will heighten and you will be able to delve more deeply into this age old practice. As you get to know the cards you will come to realise what a wealth of information they offer and you will understand why it is still practiced reverently today.

I suggest that as a beginner you purchase the classic Rider – Waite deck of cards and once you become proficient you may stay with these cards or try other styles, it all depends on how you read and how you feel about the cards. It is a good idea to treat the cards with solemnity and respect by keeping them nicely wrapped in silk or velvet and laying them out on a piece of beautiful fabric.

Tarot cards herald back to the 15th century, they were first used in Italy and more recently the nineteenth century elders and scholars used the tarot as a form of divination and guidance, many who studied occult practices embraced the tarot.

The tarot is used to see into the past, the present and the future, and is very helpful when you want to ask a specific question, a reading comprises of two people the seeker and the reader. The cards are handed to the seeker to shuffle, they are then handed back to the reader who lays them out in various ways depending on what type of reading they are going to do.

The classic tarot consists of 78 cards and they are divided into two sections being the minor and the major arcana, 22 cards are the major arcana and they represent the human archetypes, to be able to read the cards you must commit all 78 to memory and you will notice that each card has a particular vibe or energy associated with it.

The major Arcana are the more powerful cards and represent deep issues or matters, they deal with feelings and direction, these cards will pinpoint various stages in a person’s life and are very helpful with guidance to do with pressing concerns. As most of us are trying to be the best we can be, the tarot is like a signpost guiding you in a particular direction.


(spirituality, higher self, wisdom)

The Fool; Card number ( 0 )the Fool - tarot

The Fool is like a newborn babe, irrepressible looking at life with wonder and not looking where he is going, life sparkles and he follows the light he is oblivious to any dangers ahead and progresses without too much thought being given to where he is going. The fool has a tendency to learn by his mistakes, and if this card has a prominent position in a reading the seeker would be wise to look before he leaps and exercise caution before taking action, this can be financially, depending on the other cards and their position, or it can be emotionally. The Fool lives in the moment and acts frivolously and unexpectedly, he is fearless and innocent, he at this point has no expectations and he is uninhibited, there is a carefree quality about him, he feels he can do anything. It can mean also the beginning of a new adventure, and the spontaneity that goes with it the zest for life that comes from expanding horizons. He feels he can do anything and a times can be following a pipe dream, hence the reason for caution when this card shows up in a reading in a prominent position as the Fool tends to follow his heart and not his head. Be spontaneous but precede spontaneity with caution. With the advent of this card you can be certain that nothing is certain, although the Fool has faith in life, his innocence could be a problem if wisdom isn’t exercised. The Fool well placed can be indicative of a new life path and the wonder and joy that accompanies it, it is also saying take each step with wisdom and don’t chase after fool’s gold. The Fool believes wholeheartedly in himself and is often impulsive.





The Magician; Card number ( 1 )The Magician

The Magician is brimming with yang (masculine) energy, he is the creative force that allows a person to make their way in the world, unlike the fool the Magician knows where he is heading and uses wisdom to guide him. He is the one who brings things to fruition, he has an idea and carries it through to its fitting conclusion, he taps the energy within, he understands the nature of energy and he practices what he preaches. The Magician looks at all his options and has the force of will to make things happen, he is single minded and determined, he will not allow himself to be distracted as he focuses on his goals. He is a vigorous pioneer with a creative energy, he understands himself well, and what motivates him. The Magician is yang energy and acts quickly, he believes totally in himself, he claims his power and is fearless as he takes action. He is an inspired creative force. He doesn’t procrastinate and understands that where there is a will, there is a way. His way is to channel the universal energy and earth it in the real world, carrying through at times what seems to be the impossible.






The High Priestess; Card number ( 2 )The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the polar opposite of the Magician, where he is yang, she is yin (feminine) energy, this is the inner quality of feeling and intuition, she is our unconscious, she focuses on that which is yet to be realised, she is our potential, yin and yang is needed in life for balance. The High Priestess knows the value of patience and after planting the seeds there is a waiting time for the seeds to grow, she is able to stand back and trust that what she has planted will grow. She is wise and knows the value of learning from others. she is ready and receptive to listen to others who have some wisdom to impart, she values her intuition and uses it well. The High Priestess communes with her higher self and works with her imagination, she recognises possibilities and works with them, she recognises her strengths and hones them, she recognises and is receptive to the unknown. She is aware that we are all light and shadow and she has the ability and the strength of mind to shine the light into the shadow areas. When this card shows prominently in a reading you are being urged to look within and recognise your potential, she never rushes and understands the value of waiting for the blossoming to occur.





The Empress; Card number ( 3 )The Empress

The Empress represents the natural world, Mother Earth and all she provides, she is responsible for our emotional and actual wellbeing, it is about nurturing and caring either receiving or giving depending on the other cards in a reading and on your particular situation. As well as representing Mother Earth she can also represent the mother figure. The Empress is the nurturer and career, her nature is to give to others, what she has she likes to share, she is the Earth mother. She communes with her inner being and her connectedness to the earth and all it offers, she is a lover of beauty and with this card in a reading she is promising abundance. The Empress reminds you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, she is saying enjoy life and what you have, and nurture and pay attention to what and who you value. She is generous has empathy and compassion, she is the representation of abundance with the suggestion of material gain if the other cards are there to support. The Empress can also represent motherhood and all it entails.






The Emperor; Card number ( 4 )The Emperor

The Emperor is to do with balance and order in life, he is the authority figure he can also mean matters that are legal, as he is to do with guidelines, he is the teacher and guide he also represents the channeling of energy for a particular purpose. He can also represent the father figure. The Emperor is the protector and offers security, he plans and creates order, he is balanced, and earthed, he makes plans and follows them through, he has an authoritative air and takes charge of the situation. He carries his power well, he recognises the need for guidelines in life, he is also a natural leader. His reasoning power is unsurpassed he can also represent the establishment and be involved with work associated with law. He is confident and understands the need for completion. If this card shows in a reading and your life is out of balance you are being urged to show discipline and create some order and balance in your life, this card is telling you that you do have the strength of will to carry this out.







The Hierophant; Card number ( 5 )The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents growth in the world and learning, he is to do with day to day existence and learning and worldly learning, he represents the finding of our place in the world and how to integrate, he is understanding. He can also show in reference to matters of business and business growth depending on the placement of other cards and the query of the seeker. The Hierophant is the seeker of wisdom and loves to learn, he recognises the need for guidelines, he is disciplined and sure of himself, he realises the value of having rules and abiding by them. He will also do what is expected, when he commits to something he always follows through, he is a loyal friend and family member. The Hierophant represents the establishment and belief systems within different groups of people, he is all encompassing in his understanding of the differences between people and their ideas. When this card shows there is learning for you and you may be experiencing a struggle with what you are expected to do, rather than what you want to do. You are being urged to trust yourself and your inner voice and to act with wisdom.






The Lovers; Card number ( 6 )the lovers

The Lovers aren’t always to do with a relationship they are to do with the understanding of self and the integration of our yin and yang, this card represents understanding and our place in the world, it also represents a relationship and the relationship with family members again it depends on other aspects to the reading and the interrelation with the other cards in the spread, it is also the question we ask in life and the learning that comes with the answers. The Lovers are symbolic of unions of all sorts, a relationship union, a business union, they are to do with making a connection with another person in some form or other. It can also mean that you are seeking union with someone and that you are open and receptive for this to happen. You are wondering about your place within a relationship or business partnership, you understand the value of choice. It may be that it is necessary to make a choice, the Lovers represent the force that draws people together on any level, be it sexual, business, or family. This card can also represent that a decision is to be made and you need to understand the dynamics of a situation before you make a choice. You are also being urged not to act rashly and to recognise your own beliefs and honor them, this card also represents right and wrong, so if you are making any choices make sure you acknowledge your moral code before taking action. This card can also mean that there are people in your life who want you to do something that doesn’t feel right and you are being urged to listen to the voice of caution that is within.





The Chariot; Card number ( 7 )The Chariot

This card is to do with how a person channels their energy in their life, do they channel it wisely or do they scatter their energies, this card represents wisdom, honor, and how a person is making their way through the world, it is to do with discipline and structure, he also represents success. This card is urging you not to be distracted and telling you that if you want to be successful, do not be tempted in the wrong direction, you are being urged to focus and keep your eyes on the goal. Sustained effort will reap the rewards, control of the emotions is the issue here and not acting rashly, only through a balanced appraisal will you attain what it is you want to reach. It is necessary to hone and channel your energy and to look out for your interests. You are being told that anything is possible if you maintain the force of will to carry through to the end, you must be sure that you do not turn away from that which is yours for the taking. Take control of your emotions, when this card tells you that victory will be yours if you keep a level of intensity, you are being told to use your will and sustain you progress, success will be yours.






Strength; Card number ( 8 )Strength

This card is to do with understanding, values and receptivity, and how you conduct yourself in the world, he represents making your way in the world with quiet dignity, and not being distracted from your causes or goals. This card tells you that you do have the strength to overcome, you understand the life dilemmas that do present themselves and it is necessary to take stock of the situation and to do what you need to do. You are also being told that you have enough understanding to be supportive of others and what they are experiencing. You have strength enough to deal with the difficulties that life does serve, and to recognise that people are not perfect and everyone has their idiosyncrasies. Do not underestimate the value of inner strength which is a pre-requisite of an effective life, you are being told that you do have the strength to overcome any obstacles that are in your path. You are being urged to restrain your emotions and not to react, be the master of your emotions. If you are experiencing difficulties, this card is telling you that you have the ability and the strength to get through anything no matter how difficult.





Hermit; Card number ( 9 )Hermit

The Hermit is always to do with the inner journey, at times it is necessary to withdraw and commune with yourself, this could be to work on a project, or it could be for understanding, it is a time of solitude before re-entering the world refreshed and aligned physically and emotionally, it is the time to consult with the higher self. Finding a quiet place within, withdrawing from the world for a time, knowing that the answers are to come from within. You are questing and within the quiet there will be the answers, you will find the will and the way forward through quiet contemplation. You will seek your own wise counsel the answers are there within you just have to reach inside to find them, being alone for a time can be very healing as you get in touch with your senses by drawing into your personal world. As you quest, you know the journey is timely, welcome this space and time of solitude, your greatest strength can come from time alone, question quietly and value this time. Put yourself into a space that is free of distractions and experience all the feelings associated with this time, you will emerge refreshed and ready to face the world.






Wheel of Fortune; ( 10 )Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune represents, kismet, karma, destiny, chance, how does the wheel turn for you, is it in your favour, or a challenging learning curve, it is to do with opportunity to learn grow and also it can represent a time of receiving in various forms. When this card appears there is likely to be a turning point in your life, be ready to recognise the moment of change, your course is ready to turn and you are to be swept up in the moment. This card is saying recognise that the change is timely and welcome it with open heart, and open arms. You can’t stay in the old, life offers constant change and it is how you deal with change that counts. It is likely that you are able to get a greater understanding of your place in the world. Life is going to pick up the pace and there is to be a change in your fortunes, you are being told to handle what is to take place wisely. We are all connected to the wheel of life and when is spins we know not what will be presented, the card tells you to have faith and trust as fate is elusive, you wonder what the universe is offering you at any given time. Realise it is not so much what is presented to you, but how you deal with it that counts. Powerful realisations can be yours when this card is shown, be ready for chance meetings and action as the wheel of fate spins in your direction.






Justice; ( 11 )Justice

Justice shows the scales and represents decisions and choices, it is taking responsibility for your actions, and accepting that for every action there is a reaction. This card represents understanding and knowing what your place in the world is, it can, depending on other cards, represent legal matters to do with property or money, or general legal matters, it is also making choices. You are being held accountable for your actions whether good or bad, you are also looking for balance and laying old matters to rest. You are being told that you can and will manage any situation that is in your path. You have the ability to weigh up both sides of a situation and you understand the value of planning for your future, only you can know what the right action is, and make sure your actions are timely and well thought out. When this card shows up you are realising the interconnectedness of everything in life, we are not disparate beings. This card tells you that the universe presents us with what we need at any given time and that all actions connect to a reaction that impacts your life. You know what is right, you understand the value of morality, you realise that once something is set in motion it is very difficult to stop. Above all this card tells you if you act wisely you attain and maintain a balanced and effective lifestyle.






Hanged Man; ( 12 )Hanged Man

When the Hanged Man appears it represents holdups, the seeker has been stopped and needs to rethink actions or choices, the Hanged Man represents looking deep within and seeking answers, this card foretells challenges, it means succumbing to a situation and paying attention. Layers are stripped away and it is necessary to rethink your actions, it can mean changing your behavior to improve a particular situation, however it appears in a reading you have to stop, look and listen and stop struggling, it is a time of undergoing and awakening as every experience in life is there to teach. When you cannot progress because there is a blockage, you must go within, you will emerge more peaceful and with new understanding. You may be feeling vulnerable but this isn’t such a bad thing, this card depicts looking at things from a new angle and rethinking old behaviors, your priorities are going to change. You will find that progress is difficult at this time so you are being urged to be still and contemplate, step back and look at your life canvas from a new perspective. It is as though you are in a weigh station, and that is just what it is, a place where you can contemplate your life, you are being forced to look at that which disturbs and you are presented with new thoughts and feelings. You are letting go without a struggle and letting yourself float free for a time, you will progress when the time is right. At times the best action is non-action, listen to the dictates of this card, set yourself free by being still for a time.





Death; ( 13 )Death

Death represents change, it is the end of one thing and the beginning of another, it is letting go of that which you have outgrown, it is a card that is telling the seeker that through letting go growth is assured but change and release is necessary. Often changes or endings feel like a death has occurred, from death comes transformation and new directions, it always means self discovery, this is the most feared card in the deck, yet it heralds change, not actual death. It is the conclusion of that which has been left unfinished which will then allow you to move forward, it is a transition from one thing to another. You may be struggling as you are pushed to move from the known to the unknown, you are being forced to pay attention. The universe is saying if you don’t implement change it will be implemented for you, you are shown in no uncertain terms that change is upon you and you must adapt. Dive into your fate and let it take you where it will, if you are in deep water become a diver, show courage and you will prevail. In many ways when this card appears you are facing your fears, the cycle of life is death and re-birth and it is what you will be experiencing. Pay attention to what is important in your life, accept what is happening apply your wisdom and learn from the experience.






Temperance; ( 14 )Temperance

Temperance represents being whole and integrated, it is knowing and understanding, it is utilizing what has been learned to this point in life and it is recognising the learning and using it wisely. This is telling the seeker, you have learned well and now you can apply your learning. You are looking for the middle ground in your life and you are cutting out that which is extraneous, you now have an understanding of how important it is to have balance and harmony in your life, you are centering yourself. This card can also mean that you are going through a healing, either mentally, or physically, you will feel yourself tapping into a new flow and gathering scattered energy. You are beginning to understand what works for you in life, there is a synchronicity. This is a card of restraint no hurried actions or needy platitudes, there is a need for cautious appraisal before action is taken, things will happen all in good time. Temperance is telling you to walk slowly and steadily and look at what works for you, answers will come through quiet communion with yourself.






Devil; ( 15 )Devil

When this card appears in a reading think carefully about the actions you are taking and look at your motivations, are your choices wise and based on understanding, or are your actions fear based. When the Devil appears it is a time for being honest with yourself do not create difficulties or barriers with your actions. If you are unsure of your actions, do not take any action until you are sure and it feels right, let your intuition help and guide you, nothing is to be done in a rushed or hurried manner. Make sure you do not act from a place of ignorance, wisdom is within waiting to guide you. You may feel trapped in a situation that is not of your making and be unsure of how to progress from this point, it may be that you want to break free and are uncertain of how to do this. The Devil card can represent many different levels of bondage, from financial constraints to work ties, or emotional discomfort within a relationship, only you know which area of life is relevant. If someone is finding the answers for you, you know it is time to make a change and find your own answers, if there is a financial dilemma, what can you do to unburden yourself, if it is an emotional situation that needs change, be honest and face it. Difficult or uncomfortable thoughts may need to be turned around so that you can progress in a positive manner, it may be the time to regain your faith and trust. With this cards appearance you are being asked to look at your life and see which areas require your attention so that your sense of self will prevail.





The Tower; ( 16 )The Tower

The Tower represents change that takes place and is beyond your power to stop it, it is what you do with the change that counts, change is beyond your frail manipulative actions you will emerge stronger. Your life is to take a jolt and a new approach will be forced upon you, you are being told you cannot stop the ever evolving cycle of life, you can only learn from it. Sudden and unexpected change is what this card brings, there are likely to be disruptions and plans may be put on hold, your pattern or routine is suddenly altered and there is a sense of chaos around you which you may or may not be responsible for. This is the time not to overreact and to call on your powers of inner calm and tranquility, the facade is ripped away and you have to face up and deal with whatever has been presented to you. You can be sure that when this card appears change is going to take place whether you are ready or not, the universe has decided that a clearing in some area, or all areas of your life, is necessary. This card is the great awakener and it always helps you see things more clearly, this card is not easily received by someone who does not like change. Look at what area of your life has become stilted, look for the positive learning in what takes place and be sure you will overcome with renewed clarity.






Star; ( 17 )Star

The Star represents peace and acceptance, you now have greater understanding of your place in the world and can receive the benefits of your actions, the star often represents emerging from difficulties, it always represents joy and the energy within to love and be loved. It is giving and receiving. The anticipation of success comes with this card as does faith in the future, there is a sense of knowing, you are motivated and tapping your inner strength, this is a card that speaks of a creative time ahead and the caring and sharing of what comes to you. This card recognises an open heart, things are beginning to flow readily, this card can also be in connection to financial success, there is a quiet serenity about it and it always boads well for the future. There is an uplifting message associated with the Star and it always means overcoming especially if you have been experiencing difficulties, it is the light at the end of the tunnel assuring you that all is well. It is the promise of good things to come, and the inspiration that comes hand in hand with positive events, remember that it will also be necessary for you to recognise the moment and act upon it to receive the benefits that the Star promises.






Moon; ( 18 )Moon

The moon represents inner thoughts and imagination, it is pondering and creative, new ideas can be born from the mental clarity infused by the moon, If fears surface acknowledge them and realise they are unfounded. This card can be read in two different ways depending on the placement of the other cards in the spread, it can mean that you are suffering over your suffering, or it can mean that you are communing with your higher self and have journeyed within to find some answers and inspiration. The imagination runs riot either positively or negatively, if you are feeling the latter emotion try, through quiet contemplation, to plumb the depths of your being and tap the positive aspects that are there. Behavior at this time can be a little reactionary you would be wise to temper your actions so that you act with careful thought rather than erratic emotion. This card is saying go within, tap the wisdom that you have accumulated and act with knowing, rationality and understanding. For a moment in time you may feel directionless, you can be easily distracted when this card appears, so try to keep your thoughts and feelings channeled wisely. The journey within can be one of inspiration as long as you combine imagination and creativity with rational thought, be honest about what you are capable of so that you can walk serenely along your path.





Sun; ( 19 )Sun

The Sun is the yang to the Moon’s yin, everything becomes clear the cobwebs are blown away, there is energy and enthusiasm and if the Sun appears after the seeker has asked a question to do with some activity or idea, it is showing you that the timing is right. You now have enough energy, knowing and understanding to take successful action. That which you desire you will now be able to draw to you, it is self actualization and realisation, you are more insightful and have the energy to forge forth. Your enthusiasm spills over and affects those around you, you can feel the energy surging around you and through you as you listen to the inner voice, you are trusting yourself on all levels and have the drive to pursue your dreams and make them actual and bring them into the real world. The light of the Sun is now shining into an area of your life that has been secret or shut away, you can feel its power energising you and giving you confidence, you are ready to stand out, and to stand up and be counted, you feel invigorated. No longer will you be hiding your light under a bushel, you will shine for all to see.






Judgement ( 20 )Judgement

Judgement means you are looking at your life and the choices you have made it is an honest appraisal of choices and actions, you are looking clearly at yourself and your life and you are wise enough now to make astute decisions, you understand the learning from the mistakes you have made. This card challenges you to look at your life and to work with your strengths to improve the quality of your life on all levels. This is a card of knowing and understanding and you ask yourself what you really want out of the rest of your life, self doubts are no longer needed and recognition of self is assured. This card is usually a card of choice and separating that which is no longer necessary, from that which is necessary, you are looking clearly at your life and choosing what path you want to walk. This card often means that you are, or will be, standing up for yourself and recognising the possibilities, you will also find that you are looking at life from a new prospective. At the extreme it can mean a fresh start or new beginning, you will be looking at what your true direction in life is, there is a need to make things happen. This is a card of action and newness, you are releasing burdens that you have been carrying, along with this you let go of regrets as there is nothing that can be done to change the past. If there are decisions to be made, weigh everything carefully before taking action, tune in to the universe and be guided.





World; ( 21 )World

This card represents the integration of all that you have learned to this point in your life and the application of it, you know that perseverance works, you now recognise your capabilities and your inner voice is supporting your choices, you recognise that the world works for you if you work for yourself. You are recognising your particular place in the world and realise that you are constantly evolving and integrating new aspects of self, you realise that life is a constant journey of understanding and integration. When this card appears it is showing you that your life is knitting together to achieve exceptional balance, your goals are to be realised as you take definitive action using the abilities that you have. You understand there is power in living in the moment and appreciating what you have, there is a peaceful quality as you recognise what you can do and achieve, there is contentment and a peace of mind. This card reveals that this is to be a nice time in your life, there a knowing the all is and will working for you. You feel a connection with family and with your place in the world, there are those moments in life when everything feels in sync and this card reinforces this. You are being told that what you put in to life, so will you receive from life.







Unlike the major arcana, which is to do with worldly themes, the minor arcana is to do with day to day living and what takes place in our lives, there are 56 cards and they represent the activities and emotions that make up our theatre of life, each card looks at a different aspect, and they are divided into four suits; Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, each card is to do with a different area of life and your approach.

Wands; ( passion )

Wands represent action and creative energy, speed and conference, this card is aligned to the masculine energy ( yang ) and is related to the element of fire, fire is energy and fire warms. Wands represent immersing yourself into life and making things happen.

Cups; ( emotion )

Cups represent the emotions and intuition, your feelings and how you behave towards family and friends, this is the inner you and relates to the yin principal, it is to do with behavior patterns and the ever changing quality of emotions.

Swords; ( intellect )

The Swords are to do with action, the intellect and your powers of reason, your moral code and your behavior, swords are to do with reasoning and action, you are urged to listen to your higher self, it also asks you to question behaviors that possibly aren’t working for you.

Pentacles; ( money, growth )

Pentacles relate to finances, assets, all material concerns, the foundation of your life, it is to do with creating a secure environment for yourself and the opportunities in life for you to build and add to what you already have.

At any given time the minor arcana is to do with the type of life you lead and the way you lead it, it is looking at your day to day experiences and how you behave in any given situation, these cards are very helpful when you want a specific answer to a pressing concern.

There are ten numbered cards in each suit Ace – Ten, and four court cards ( Page, Knight, Queen, King ), these cards represent how you behave in the world.


Court Cards;

The court cards are to do with the expression of self, they are understanding and often point to areas that need to be worked on, it is how you interpret the message that is the key, the court cards can also represent a person you may or may not already know, it all depends on the position in the reading. The court cards reveal your way of being in the world and your interactions, they represent either the male or the female depending on which card is drawn, they help us to understand ourselves and our behaviors as we interact with others.

There are 16 court cards, the King, Queen, Knight and Page represented in each suit. The more you handle the cards the easier it will be to gleen the message that is being revealed, you begin by learning the cards intellectually then as you become more familiar with them you will find yourself using your intuition more and more. The pictures on the cards will evoke the imagination and each time you read you will be able to draw more information from the cards, you will begin to realise that the cards are interrelated.

To become an effective Tarot reader needs the qualities of patience and commitment and there are various spreads with different levels of complexity, to begin I suggest the most straightforward method until you gain a greater understanding of the cards. Think of your practice as if you are learning weightlifting, you begin with small weights until your muscles become accustomed, then you progress to larger ones, this is your beginning and you can go as far as you wish with the ever fascinating Tarot cards. Remember to always be objective when reading let the cards talk to you, you will find yourself instantly recognising certain cards and the message they are revealing.

An effective way to learn the Tarot cards, is to meditate with one card at a time, familiarise yourself with the cards meaning then gaze at the card and let it talk to you, you will find each time you do this you learn more about the cards.

Middle Number Cards;

Each middle numbered card aligns to whatever the energy of its suit is associated with, they are the signposts in the road.


The Page represents someone with a youthful energy and an irrepressible outlook, this can be a representation of someone young, or someone with a youthful or childlike quality to their nature, it can also represent naivety depending on its placement in a reading.

Pages relate to the mind and the intellect, and the pursuits that lean in this direction, they love to learn, and will go after the interests that attract them, they will often act immediately on an idea that has popped into their head.


Tens knit the other cards together, tens work well with Aces.


This is a different type of energy to the Page it can represent a young adult, it usually represents someone who is to play a particular role in your life, the Knight has the tendency to oscillate when making decisions. Knights love to express what they are thinking and feeling, nothing is hidden, if there is a choice to act or not, they will always act, but depending on which Knight it is some act in a more cautious manner.


The yin energy is represented by the Queen, she knows her place in the world and is cable and sure as she glides along, she uses her intuition and knows how to appreciate life, she relies on her intuition and she represents wise guidance from someone, or wise communion with the higher self.

She is feminity and power all rolled into one, she is assertive, nice to look at and a joy to be around, she is the quiet achiever with a moonlike yin quality, but do not underestimate her power.


The King exudes yang energy, he is action and takes a mature outlook on life, he has a quiet knowing and takes charge, he knows how to project his energy and he offers wise counsel.

This is a sure personality comfortable in his own quest, he moves through life with grace and assurity, he has a way with people and draws them to him like a magnet, he stands tall, knows what he wants and has no qualms about actualising that which he envisages, he is a force to be reckoned with.


The Ace represents the dynamic life force that flows through you and relates to intuition and spirituality, it reveals how you interact emotionally with others, the Ace is a positive and powerful energy.




Ace of Wands;Ace of Wands

This card is energy and force and being receptive to possibilities, it says let your imagination have its way, show enthusiasm, and let the energy of creativity flow, be inspired and inspire, believe in yourself and trust your judgement. This card is urging you to dare to go beyond your limits, do not let fears stop you, you have the clarity, there is a new sense of direction when the Ace of Wands appears in your reading. This card is showing you that through decisive action and daring choices there is success and opportunity waiting for you. It is asking you to stop and look at your life and see what steps need to be taken to bring you that which you desire. What is there within you is waiting to be released, this cards asks you to take stock of your life, through the influence of this card pure creativity is at your fingertips, trust and use what you have within to fulfill your potential.







Two of Wands;Two of Wands

Use your authority wisely this card is saying, take a risk, be courageous, go where others do not dare to tread, this card speaks of personal power and how you use it. Think about a new approach and whether this will work for you, only you know what is right for you, if you are to lead do it well, guide those who work under you, you are able to command respect and if you choose you can be an innovator. This card depicts moving forward under any circumstances, it speaks of personal power and facing any situation fearlessly. This is the card of the chance taker, the one who dares, the one who recognises, claims, and uses their personal power to draw things to them, it is the innovator. It means that the energy from above is channeled and used constructively, anything is possible with this card. Look at your ideals and goals and use your personal power wisely and let your creativity surface.







Three of Wands;Three of Wands

This is to do with exploring and unearthing, it is treading in new territory and progressing with insight, you are preparing the ground before building, you recognise obstacles and have planned for them, you are looking at long term goals and you are charting your course. When this card shows you are assuming responsibility, possibly leading the way for others. The depiction of this card is someone taking a vast view of their life, they are standing back from the canvas and gaining an overall perspective. This card represents considered action with careful application, you understand limitations and how to overcome them, this card urges confidence and knowing and if you lead, others will follow. You are willing to progress using the knowledge you have gained to date, you are ready, your sights firmly set on the horizon.








Four of Wands;Four of Wands

A milestone of sorts is to be celebrated, something you have worked towards is to be attained, this card can also mean releasing yourself from a difficult situation, it speaks of determination and freedom from limitations, all in all the card is saying there is to be attainment and success, the card denotes happiness. You will be celebrating and rejoicing in the moment, this card says that you are to experience the fluttering excitement that comes with success. This card can also represents a celebration, and or, the recognition of a milestone, the honoring of a moment in time.









Five of Wands;Five of Wands

This card is to do with friction, disagreements and difficulties, feeling at odds over a particular matter, although you are being shown you will rise to the challenge, you do all in your power to win. When this card shows, you know that you will have to pay attention to detail, as the devil is in the details. This card represents that moment in time where you are at odds, and things are not working out in your favour, with this card you are being shown that you will experience difficulty and need all your patience to overcome. It can also mean that you are at odds with someone as both of you are vying for the same thing, this can represent any area of your life. It means if you want something badly enough you will have to work for it.








Six of Wands;Six of Wands

You will overcome if the Six of Wands appears in your reading, you are being urged to prevail because you will eventually succeed, there is a positive sense of self-worth and taking pride in what you have done. A sense of position and being on top comes with this card in a reading, this is the card of the winner, something that you wanted is at last within your reach, if you are momentarily stopped, be assured that you will attain what you are working towards, it is the card of triumph. A degree of ambition and ego is needed to succeed in life and you are being shown that you have what it takes. You are being told that with sustained effort you will win the prize that you are after, it is a time in life where the effort is worth the outcome.








Seven of Wands;Seven of Wands

There are times in life where it is necessary to stand up and be counted, to speak your mind, or to take definitive action, you will be making a point. If there is pressure on you, know that you will have the strength to do what it is you want to do, regardless of what others may be saying. You are being told to remain strong and to believe in your cause, do not succumb to outside pressures have the courage of your convictions. In life there come moments where it is necessary for you to stand up against opposition, especially as you know that you are in the right. The Seven of Wands is saying, you will be taking a stand and be a force to be reckoned with and have the energy to overcome. The card is saying pick your battles well, and be honest about that which you are defending, is it just that you want to win, or do you believe wholeheartedly in that which you are standing up for? It takes a strong person to stand up for what they believe in especially when there is opposition, but remember a worthy cause is worth fighting for.







Eight of Wands;Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is saying it is important to know when the time is right to take action, recognise the opportune moment, know when to speak up, it is a card that is saying, complete what you have started. There is important knowledge to be received by you, you will at last have the missing piece to your puzzle, you are taking your dreams and bringing them to the earth. This is the time for sure footed action it is not a time to second guess yourself. The Eight of Wands can mean that you are to receive some important information, this card can represent the ending of one thing and the beginning of another, this card can be telling you to finish what you started, and remember the past but realise that you can’t stay there, you have to move forward.









Nine of Wands;Nine of Wands

This card is saying tread carefully, keep your resolve, use the knowledge from past mistakes to help and guide you, whatever difficulties are taking place around you perseverance will help you through. You may feel tired from being challenged, but you have the inner strength to help you to overcome, keep your thoughts positive, don’t give in the skepticism. If you are feeling tired of meeting obstacles in your path, know that you will overcome, providing you remain dedicated to your cause. If you are feeling battle scarred, your scars are your marks of learning. When this card shows in a reading you are being urged to keep going and you will certainly succeed, you have all you need within, that will allow you to overcome.








Ten of Wands;Ten of Wands

There may be a lot of pressures on you and you are feeling overwhelmed you wonder if you have the strength to continue, you feel worn, there appears to be no time for quiet and stillness. You may have taken on more than you can cope with, and it is possibly time for you to reach out and ask for some assistance. Think carefully about what you are struggling against and look at ways of making things easier for yourself, try to put aside emotional reactions and to look at the situation rationally. It could be that it is necessary to rethink your position in life and take the necessary steps to allow you to manage things more comfortably, it is necessary to bring some balance into your life, and to create some time for yourself. You are juggling too much and it is time to rethink your priorities, this is a time of difficulties, but be assured you do have the strength to emerge the other side of the difficulties, unscathed.







Page of Wands;Page of Wands

This is a card of solutions and creative application, it may be that you are about to go in a new direction and you are being urged by this card to be optimistic, let the energy flow and have believe in yourself, know that through perseverance you will overcome. This card represents the chance taker and the path less travelled, you are being encouraged to be pro-active, and to overcome any fears you may have. The Page of Wands speaks of opportunity, serendipity, luck chances, something that you have been waiting for is coming to you. There is the spirit of adventure to be channelled when this card appears in a reading, let the inner voice speak out.









Knight of Wands;Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands has an anything is possible attitude, is self-assured and isn’t put off by incidentals, this card is telling the seeker, you can take on anything. The Knight of Wands is always
looking for his next adventure and is seeking newness, he is an ideas person and is not afraid to act on it. This card speaks of loyalty and always makes a stand, if it is a choice between action and withholding, the Knight of Wands will always act. This card is saying that there is sufficient energy to proceed, he has a certain charm and allure. The question this card posses is, how are you going to use the energy. When this card appears look at your alliances and your actions and question whether you are behaving wisely, passion and energy is needed to make things happen, but you must be sure the energy is being used in the right way.








Queen of Wands;Queen of Wands

The energy of the Queen of Wands is allure, it is sincerity and is has an outgoing friendly flow and an optimistic outlook, the Queen of Wands is not easily rattled and she has a belief in her abilities. People want to be around the Queen’s beautiful energy, nothing is too much trouble for her, she is active and influential. She is intelligent and behaves with dignity, this energy can represent a male or female, as it exudes the energy of confidence and trouble free application to all that is necessary. Because the Queen is an optimist and believes utterly in her abilities, she is successful in all she puts her energy in to, she is inspirational.








King of Wands;King of Wands

The King of Wands is an innovator, he is charismatic, creative and artistic, and expresses himself in this way, he is an ideas person, he is an original thinker. The King of Wands is a leader, he has an engaging presence, and commands loyalty and respect, authority sits well on his shoulders. He dares to go where his ideas take him and his positive fire energy helps him to surge forward, the King doesn’t hold back, he is a risk taker and his energy can help you to surge forward. The King embraces originality and confidence and pursues that which he deems to be right, he is no shrinking violet. He loves to be the center of attention, or at least loves his ideas to be the center of attention. He is an artist who creates an abstract piece that no one understands, but everyone loves, he is the sculptor, he is the writer, and everything is done in his inimitable style, he is positive active, creative energy. He is a planner and a doer.








Ace of Cups;Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is an emotional, feeling card, it is the inner journey, the communion with self, it is empathy and compassion, it is knowing and understanding, it is loving, it is the expressing of feeling on all levels, whether the love of a partner, or family member or friend, it is a card that denotes close bonds with others. This card is tapping feelings on every level, it may be necessary to forgive someone and you are being told that you have the capacity to do this. This is the card of inner attunement, it is the understanding that is heartfelt. It is saying you can trust your emotions and allow yourself to feel.









Two of Cups;Two of Cups

This card represents union at all levels, partnership, friendship, relationship, business, bringing two sides together. It can also be the union that comes at the end of a journey, it is the recognition of feelings and emotions, and responding positively to others. It is connectedness and working with others, it is the symbiosis that takes place when two compatible energies work together. This card can also represent making up with someone after a disagreement, if this card shows and is associated with a relationship be sure the relationship is not alienating friends and family by being all consuming, be aware of the feelings and needs of others.









Three of Cups;Three of Cups

Depicts a celebration of life, happy gatherings, sharing, and celebrating, appreciating friendships, possibly working on a project with others. The three women on the card representing the quality of nurturing that is inherent in all of us, it also represents the close bonds we form with others. This card represents the support network that is available to us in life, and can be support on any level, it can mean support from an outside source or from within your close circle of family, friends or partner. This card is re-inforcing the feeling of joy that comes from closeness and support from others.









Four of Cups;Four of Cups

This card shows a man sitting under a tree and refusing what is being offered, this card can represent you going through a difficult time and feeling isolated, or are you isolating yourself unnecessarily, it is depicting a pessimistic approach to life and feelings of being apart from others. If you are feeling withdrawn at this time look at it as a time of reflection, try to lift any pessimistic thoughts by looking at the positives in your life. By negative behavior you may be missing out on something that is being offered to you, this card is urging you not to get stuck in your emotions and becoming too self-absorbed. It is all well and good to go within for a time but not to stay there too long or you will become down and depressed. The stresses of life are there to learn from and to make us stronger, try to find some enthusiasm look for a project that will engage you and shake you out of your apathy.







Five of Cups;Five of Cups

When this card appears it is usually to do with something that you have to let go of, something has come to an end and you are feeling disappointed, it is possible you want to turn back the clock and you are questioning choices that you have made in the past. This card often depicts a time when someone is looking at what they don’t have rather than what they do have, they feel they have suffered a loss, it is a card of regrets. And it can be to do with a relationship, financial, or work related, something hasn’t worked out for you. If this hasn’t occurred then look at this card as a guide so that you can either, be prepared for or avoid loss. We all know that life is ever changing but at times the changes that are presented are difficult to deal with mentally, and emotionally. If you have suffered loss, know that you will overcome, growth always comes with change whether welcome, or unwelcome.






Six of Cups;Six of Cups

When you have abundance it is nice to share with others, when you have what you want in life it is important to appreciate it and enjoy the simple pleasures of being with those you love. It is nice at times to allow yourself to be carefree and childlike, this card can also represent children or babies and experiencing the joy that comes with being around these beautiful energies. This card is encouraging you to be thankful for what you have and to experience a childlike pleasure and the sheer joy of being alive, it is saying stop, breathe and count your blessings.







Seven of Cups;Seven of Cups

This is the card of the imagination, it is a card of daydreams and fantasies, it is the card of choices and options, and wondering what to choose, it can also represent disorganisation, it can point to procrastination. It may be that you have let things go, this can be as mundane as paperwork, or taxes, to bigger things like finances or health. When this card shows prominently in a reading you are being guided to look at your life, recognise the areas of disorder and to pay attention and do something about it. It asks, what are you being lax about, what are you not paying attention to, what is getting out of hand. Be honest with yourself and pay attend to what is necessary, as life needs a degree of structure and balance, which then allows us to be comfortable, serene and enjoy harmony in our environment. When this card appears you are being encouraged to not let your life get out of hand, if it already has, take action and do something about it, it is time to set your house in order.






Eight of Cups;Eight of Cups

This card represents over viewing your life and looking for answers, you recognise what is not working and disentangle yourself, you are about to embark on something new, there is the sense of letting go and new beginnings. This card can depict the end of something and the difficulty in letting go, even if something is not working it can be difficult to let go. You may also be overburdened with life and feeling overwhelmed, this card can also represent burnout and it may be time for you to withdraw from a pressing situation that is taking your time and energy. There are many situations in life where you know things are coming to an end, recognise when it is time to let go, this card represents the holding on of that we should be letting go of and the difficulty that comes with this. When something ends, or is ending it can be very difficult to let go. Endings are never easy but they are inevitable, now it may be the time to re-examine your life and the way you are conducting it.






Nine of Cups;Nine of Cups

You have finally reached a point in life where you can look and feel proud, it is the moment where you have come to a place that allows you to stop and rest on your laurels, you can look at and appreciate that which is yours. This card can also depict the joy felt within a relationship, it is a card of abundance and luxury, a card of growth, of enjoying the moment, surrounding yourself with beauty. This is also the card of indulgence, you are getting in touch with your senses and looking at the delights the world has to offer. Contentment comes with this card, you have a time of respite and can overview all that is yours. This card is saying, when you stop to look at that which is yours with a degree of contentment, think of and regard others. Stop for a moment and look at what you what out of life from now on.







Ten of Cups;Ten of Cups

This is the card of wellbeing and the letting go of difficulties, it is the restoration of harmony and the embracing of happiness, as you revel in your good fortune. This card is to do with family and caring and sharing, and represents what the world has to offer for all of us. When everything is in harmony and balance we can stop and experience the joy and peace that comes with that, everything is aligned and you are over viewing what you have. This card can reveal a time of abundance and fulfillment that is waiting for you. You look at the importance of who and what you have in your life, if there has been some disharmony within your family now is the time to overcome it.







Page of Cups;Page of Cups

Get in touch with your feelings this card is saying, tap your intuition, go within and gain a greater understanding, let your feelings show, revel in the beauty around you, rediscover your dreams and take steps to make them a reality. Perform an act of kindness, be empathetic and compassionate, let past hurts go, be less judgemental, the Page of Cups is all about emotional responses, it is a card of feeling, it is saying express your feelings. This car can also stand for the emotional reaction that is elicited from the young, or the young at heart.







Knight of Cups;Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups emphasises feelings, emotions spill over, sentiments are expressed, the unconscious offers answers, listen to guidance from the higher self, he is far seeing and far reaching, he can read the feeling of others, he is in tune. He can at times be moody, he is a diplomat and appreciates beauty, he know how to lead and is a wise guide for others. He looks at life from the glass half full perspective, he is the charismatic optimist. This card urges you to listen to your instincts, peel back the layers and go within to find answers. The Knight of Cups is sensitive and has a colourful imagination, he is creative, he is a lover of beauty and at times is prone to diverging from his path, he does not respond well to negativity and always tries to look to the lighter side of life. This card is saying if you are acting over emotionally now is the time to bring everything into balance and to act more rationally, if however you are acting purely logically you are being urged to get in touch with your feelings. You will understand the message depending on the placement of the other cards in your reading.





Queen of Cups;Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups exudes the energy of serenity, and sensitivity, she is patient and feels the pain of others, she is ever ready to lend a helping hand, she is diplomatic and gentle, she always listens to her inner voice. She is psychic and always uses her sixth sense, she is naturally attuned to the higher self, and feels at one with others, especially family members of whom she is very protective. Remember when in a reading we talk of male and female it can mean yin (female), or yang (male) energy, it is not always a male or female being depicted, it all depends on card placement and the seeker’s query. She understands the moods of others and because she trusts her intuition she listens well to the messages she receives, she feels everything. With this card showing in a reading you are to question whether you are listening to your intuition and to ask yourself if you allowing yourself time for quiet contemplation. It is appropriate at times to let your heart lead. This gentle loving yin energy can be experienced by either male or female.






King of Cups;King of Cups

The King of Cups is the wise advisor and understands others, he has a clear vision and sees to the core of the matter, he is calm and composed, he is secure within himself and is the one to turn to if you are having difficulties. He is very good with young people and often involves himself in healing work, he has a live and let live attitude and is patient and kind. He has the balance of emotion and practicality and he knows intuitively what others need and others tend to turn to him in times of need, his words offer solace, he is a loyal friend and an astute advisor, no matter what difficulties he is confronted with. When this card appears in a reading you are being urged to behave with diplomacy and calm, take action but respond calmly, this card can represent a man or a woman as it talks about energy and how you can use it to handle matters in a caring and tolerant way.







Ace of Swords;Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords always takes the objective approach, he acts from fact, and uses his intellect by applying logic and reason, he can overcome anything in his path, and resolve situations through deep contemplation and then decisive action, he is able to overcome obstacles. He is a good organiser and analyzer, he believes in doing the right things and always likes to get to the heart of things, he has the knack of eliminating that which is extraneous. When this card appears you are being told you will have the clarity and understanding that you need, and will be able to overcome challenges, it urges you to face what is there. The Ace of Swords is asking you to look at your life objectively and where there is imbalance take the time to bring things into order, you are being told that you do have the energy to overcome whatever is in your path. This card tells you that if you are seeking answers you will find them by behaving appropriately.





Two of Swords;Two of Swords

When this card appears it may be that you are neither listening, nor seeing and you are not being honest with yourself, you may be denying something and ignoring the signs because you don’t like unpleasantness. There may be some fears you are harboring that are stopping you from acting so you may be halted at this moment in time, change needs to occur and you are procrastinating about taking action as you don’t want to upset the apple cart. This card speaks of a blockage in your path and things seem to be out of control, you cannot deny what is actually happening. Sometimes avoidance seems the easier action, but is your feelings and action are not in sync you will be out of balance, this card is urging you to be honest with yourself, look at what is happening in your life, face whatever it is. By accepting the truth of a situation and contemplating action you are freeing yourself from constraints, this card is saying look at what isn’t working in your life and act upon it with wisdom, no more pretense or procrastination. The blindfold on the woman shows someone who is not acknowledging something. Maybe it is time for you to resolve matters with another person it is time for you both to stand up and face each other and come to a diplomatic solution.




Three of Swords;Three of Swords

This card represents difficulties to be overcome, and from these difficulties it is easier for you to progress, at times in life conflict is necessary for change to take place, something in your life is going to come to a head and you will not find it easy to deal with, but you will have the strength to overcome it. The way has to be cleared to allow you to move forward in your life and your future happiness is dependent on what is happening. There are happy times to come after the ending of something that is not working for you, this can be the ending of a relationship, a business partnership, or something in your life that is causing you difficulty. This card speaks of the calm before the storm and it is telling you that you are able to overcome. You may not realise from your present vantage point that positive change is going to occur, but this card is urging you to remain strong, as soon as the matter comes to a head it will be the beginning of a recovery, either physical or emotional and, or possibly financial. The Three of Swords is telling you that disappointment will soon become celebration so stay firm and strong and you will overcome.





Four of Swords;Four of Swords

This card is saying find a quiet vantage point and sit down to contemplate and listen to the inner voice, take some time alone to think, you need some perspective and it is the time to examine and question your actions. When the Four of Swords shows up in a reading you are being urged to focus inward and look at possibilities, pay attention to your foundation and make sure it is steady. We are active everyday and it is important to stop and listen, you are being told to stop and be still for a time, this can also be a message for you to slow down if you have been overexerting yourself. Also it may be that it is time for you to have a rest and to re-set everything in your life, stand back and look at things from a new vantage point, if necessary allow yourself to heal. The Four of Swords is saying, “everyone needs a break”, from this comes renewed strength, fortitude, and knowing. This card is saying it is time for you to be still and meditate and to commune with your higher self, within the stillness answers will be yours.





Five of Swords;Five of Swords

When the Five of Swords appears it is possible you are, have recently been, or are about to undergo some difficulties and it is time for you to concentrate on your own needs, at this point you may not be sure what is right, and what is wrong, you have lost sight and are possibly not directing yourself in the wisest manner. Be aware of the kind of alliances you form or are in at this time as they may not be in your best interests, it is likely that you are not making the most astute choices at this time and you are being urged to broaden your horizons and think laterally as well as communing with the inner being. Make sure the actions you take at this time are the correct ones and will not come back to haunt you later, it could be that you are isolating yourself and you need to come out of your shell. It may be time to set your house in order and rethink your position and progress in life. There may be excessive pressures or demands on your time and you are not sure which direction to go, this is a vulnerable time and you could be taken advantage of, think deeply and carefully and progress cautiously. When the Five of Swords shows up you are being guided to look at the bigger picture before progressing.




Six of Swords;Six of Swords

This cards depicts a sense of solitude, possibly loneliness and sadness, maybe even depression, there are difficulties surrounding you and there has likely been some trauma, and you don’t feel you have the strength to overcome it. It is actually the card of recovery it says you may be feeling down and be experiencing difficulties, but your spirits will lift and you will overcome. If necessary you will be able to pick up the pieces and regain your strength, the boat depicts a journey to a more positive place, this can also mean a change of location, depending on the other cards surrounding the Six of Swords. All in all there will be a new frame of mind and you will overcome doubts and fears, you are heading to a new place either physically or emotionally, or both. This card can also depict a time of self-discovery and changing thought processes, maybe a difficult state of mind is being turned around. The Six of Swords is telling you that if you are undergoing difficulties mentally, physically or both, you will be able to overcome them and your situation will become comfortable, and suitable.





Seven of Swords;Seven of Swords

What are you not paying attention to, this card asks, are you avoiding responsibility, what are you walking away from. Are you embracing solitude and keeping people at arms length, it could be that you are doing something that doesn’t feel quite right? If this is the case maybe it is time to peel back the layers and reveal what is underneath, are you being controlling and is it necessary to step back. If you are comfortable as a loner and that is where you gain your strength then keep working on this, sometimes it is necessary to step away from others for you to be more effective in the world, and some people gain their greatest strength doing their own thing and removing themselves from certain people who are not out for their best interests. If independence works for you, keep doing what you are doing, if you are feeling isolated step out of your comfort zone, open your door and let others in. Although when the Seven of Cards shows in your reading it may be in reference to something you are refusing to look at, or procrastinating about, question whether you are making things difficult for yourself. If you have made an unwise decision or choice, be honest, face up to it, and right the wrong, take a good look at what you are doing and whether it is making you happy.




Eight of Swords;Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords represents restriction imposed on you, you may be feeling limited at this time, trapped by circumstances and are unsure which way to turn, you could be feeling at a loss, you may be hoping for help. It is possible that positive action is not appropriate and you would like some help. It could be that you are feeling alone and can’t see the road ahead, you may have veered off your path and you are unable to move freely, helpful action may appear to be in the distance. Are there circumstances restricting you, are you wondering how you ended up in your current situation, problems can be compounded by inaction, or by rushed action. You want to make some changes in your life but feel trapped in a situation that you cannot see your way out of. When this card appears remember that you do have choices and it may be that making choices after quiet inner communion will give you the much needed answers, and little by little you can right what is wrong. Once your thoughts become still and clear, it will be easier to make decisions, remember to learn by your mistakes.





Nine of Swords;Nine of Swords

Nothing effective can be done in your life if you doubt yourself, worrying serves no purpose and can cause ill health, you may be going over, and over something that has taken place, and your thoughts on the matter may be weighing you down stopping any progress. If you are having difficulty sleeping and feeling that you are trapped in the dark, you are wondering if something will work out and what you are going to do about it. Have you done something that you feel wrong about, if your distress is extreme it is only logical that you will not be able to progress in any way. This card is saying that there are times in life where we can only stop and feel the sadness or anguish that is there, the thing to remember is that we always come out of these situations with greater clarity and understanding, although that cannot be seen during the mental isolation. It happens to everyone at one time or other, we stop, put our head in our hands and cry, look at this as a vulnerable moment in time that you are experiencing, and look carefully at the choices you are making at this time.





Ten of Swords;Ten of Swords

When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up, you may be at a low point and feel yourself to be in a dark place feeling powerless and questioning why this is happening to you, it may also be that you have been putting your own interests last and are feeling resentful. This card speaks to us of suffering over our suffering, it maybe that the drama queen is overreacting and behaving excessively, a molehill is being made into a mountain, stand back, take a breath and rethink your possibilities. This is the darkness before the dawn, and if you uplift your thinking you will realise that things aren’t as bad as they first seemed, be sure that you are not indulging in martyrdom. If you are experiencing some sadness know that you will overcome it, and if things are difficult, ask yourself if they are as difficult as you think, or are you overreacting? When this card appears it is saying that if you are experiencing difficulties, they are about to come to an end.





Page of Swords;Page of Swords

When developing a plan look carefully at your belief system and take notice of the facts, think all things through carefully and act with integrity, be direct and recognise that there is a right and a wrong way to do things, always do what you know to be right and listen to your truth. Behave in a responsible manner and let others have their point of view, confront any problems as they arise and keep your mood positive. When the Page of Swords appears, you are receiving the message that there are some challenges to be presented to you and you will be tested. Do not fear the challenge as you will come out of it feeling stronger, be reasonable and keep your integrity intact, life is all about learning and this card speaks of the learning that comes through events that take place in our life, and how we handle them. The mind is a fabulous computer that houses stores of knowledge and every learning curve is an asset.







Knight of Swords;Knight of Swords

You will use your intellect to act with certainty and have some influence, you will be able to express ideas clearly, you like to learn and to share what you have learned, you can make sense out of confusion and you act with logic and reason. You can take action objectively and are an astute problem solver, although can be a bit of a know it all. You have the courage of your convictions but can be a little overbearing with them, let others speak freely and try to be flexible when you listen to a different point of view. You like to be right all the time and find it difficult to back down, you need to question this behavior. It is necessary to have balance in life and to at least, acknowledge the views of others. Are you forcing your opinions onto others and speaking out of turn?, if this is the case it may be time to concentrate on changing your behavior. It is possible you need to be less subjective and to become more objective. If the opposite is true of you, then this card is saying use the energy of the card to have your say as he has the attributes of reason, self-worth and self-assurance, use these energies to enhance your life.





Queen of Swords;Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords doesn’t turn away from anything and she always plays by the rules, she is astute and is nobody’s fool, she always knows how to get to the heart of the matter and has no time for games or guile, she is forthright and speaks with clarity and honesty. She has the ability to read between the lines and is a natural diplomat, she also realises there are two sides to every story. The Queen of Swords has realistic expectations and is a wealth of knowledge, her energy is positive and powerful, she is worldly and she has an exceptional sense of humour. She values honesty above all else and has a profound understanding of human nature and the games that are played, which she has no time for. The energy of this card is saying are you clear and honest about what guides and motivates you, if not then let this card spur you on to be more forthright and purposeful, be inspired to communicate with integrity and sincerity.





King of Swords;King of Swords

The King of Swords is strong minded and thoughtful, he is inspirational and knowledgeable, he uses his logical mind and enjoys being mentally challenged, he is an astute problem solver and a scintillating conversationalist, he has the gift of the writer and is an eloquent speaker. He is objective and behaves impartially, he has a firm moral code and his principals are high. He is solution focused and can handle difficult situations with ease, with his high ethical standards people want to please him, and his way is enjoyed and at times, employed by others who are inspired by him. The King of Swords is a fantastic communicator and a fair judge, he walks through life with his head held high and his ethics intact, he has an energy that is like a magnet to others, his energy can represent either male or female in a reading.







Ace of Pentacles;Ace of Pentacles

Material success is very important to the Ace of Pentacles and he enjoys setting and working toward his goals, he is able to draw to him what he needs, he knows that by effort he will reap rewards. He know how to conduct himself in the world and makes objective and astute decisions, he understands where his strengths lie and where his support comes from, he realises the value of having and working from a sound foundation. Security in life is very important to him and he will work hard to obtain this end. When the Ace of Pentacle appears in a reading he refers to the area of finances and abundance and the security that comes from an ongoing cash flow. This card can also represent work that has been done and the rewards that come from this. The Ace of Pentacles can represent abundance coming to you from an outside source such as a gift or an inheritance. When this card appears in a reading look at your life and what is working for you, it is a card urging you to pursue your dreams and to make certain that your foundation is sound and well maintained. The Ace of Pentacles is saying that through efforts by you, abundance will be yours.





Two of Pentacles;Two of Pentacles

This card represents balance and making sure everything is in order and all bases covered, it represents dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, there are many possibilities of success around you and you don’t know which is going to come to fruition first, you are being adaptable and trying to give everything your attention. Do not be afraid to try a new approach this card is saying, see the possibilities that are there for you, you are being told that you are perfectly capable of handling challenges and could easily alter direction if you needed to. Know when to take action and when to be still, considered action is more effective than hurried action, you can handle what is being presented to you, this card is saying, providing each action you take is cautiously appraised. It is like diving into the water, you first make sure that the water is deep enough. To be successful in life it is necessary to be adaptable and flexible, while still honouring your thoughts and ideas. Don’t force anything, let things happen in their own time, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back before you take a step forward. When this card appears in your reading you can be assured that you will have the required drive to finish what you have started.




Three of Pentacles;Three of Pentacles

Teamwork, the support of others, completing something with help, co-ordinating efforts, looking at the obstacles to be overcome before you begin, this card represents finishing what you started, using your abilities with optimum results. You are sure of your actions and work well with others, the Three of Pentacles is all about teamwork and the co-ordination and planning that goes with a good team effort. This card is telling you that you don’t have to do it all alone there is help for you, there is a need for careful planning and preparation, and when you begin make sure that everything has been addressed so that you know exactly what to expect along the way. By paying attention to detail in the beginning you will be assured of success, this card is also saying that it is necessary to believe in yourself to make things happen and you have the skills to succeed. You will be able to draw the right people to you to help undertake the task at hand.





Four of Pentacles;Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles relates to maintaining what you have built and setting limits and rules, but to make sure you aren’t hoarding and not enjoying what you have gained. It is good to have abundance and to enjoy what you have without being frivolous. It is important to maintain the status quo in life while at the same time allowing yourself some freedom to experience the joys that are available. Things cannot remain the same they have to change and grow, and to flourish in your life, you have to accept change and flow with it. It is one thing to protect and maintain what you have built and quite another to try to control and stop change. You can preserve what you have in a more flexible way, this card can represent areas of your life where growth is stunted and new energy is needed to allow growth to take place. Realise that life is like the ocean, it is ever changing and the best we can do is to become strong swimmers, because life is not going to stand still for us.





Five of Pentacles;Five of Pentacles

When this card appears look very carefully at your financial situation as loss is more likely than gain at this time, if you are feeling a little insecure, stop and re-appraise you finances and see where you are out of balance. Are there areas where more is going out than is coming in and are you paying attention to where you money is going. This card is also saying look at your health and wellbeing, are you eating properly and are you getting sufficient exercise and vitamins? How are you treating your body, do you need to change your eating habits or give up smoking? The Five of Pentacles can represent lack on all levels, so if you are experiencing difficulty you are being urged to hold on and believe that things will change for the better, that what you are going through is temporary, and the vulnerability you are feeling will not last.






Six of Pentacles;Six of Pentacles

This card represents learning and teaching, giving and receiving, it speaks of leading and acting with authority, it speaks of abundance and of lack, this card is showing you that there is light and shadow in life, there is lack and there is abundance, you can be ahead of the game and you can be behind. The meaning of this card will depend on the placement of the other cards in the reading, but you are being asked to look at the aspect of profit and loss in your life. The Six of Pentacles is saying look at life from all angles, appreciate and maintain what you have, and if you suffer loss learn, and look at what steps you can take to avoid it happening again. This card speaks of the polarities in life and how something unexpected can happen and unsettle your life. This card asks you to look at where you are now and where you want to be.






Seven of Pentacles;Seven of Pentacles

Evaluating and reflecting, pausing for a moment and regarding where you are standing and how you got there, taking stock of your life and admiring the results to date. Being open and ready for something new, standing at the point of new direction. The seeds that you planted have now grown and you can stop to admire the blossoming of your work. The Seven of Pentacles is the reward that comes at the end of hard work. Reflect on your work to date and decide whether you are getting the results you want, when you reach milestones, or goals, make sure you stop and acknowledge them before moving on to the next thing. At times it is necessary to alter your direction to bring greater results.







Eight of Pentacles;Eight of Pentacles

Effort and hard work as you dedicate yourself to a task, you have produced results, you are now ready to learn more, this card denotes the gaining of knowledge in some form or other, and choosing your type of learning with great care. You are paying attention to detail, and making sure all is in order, you take cautious steps forward. The energy this card exudes is hard work and attention to detail, be diligent and focused it is saying, you will be rewarded for your efforts, but you must make the effort to be rewarded. Your work is productive and absorbing and it inspires and stimulates the urge to learn, pay attention to detail as the key to your success is in the details. The effort will be worthwhile you are being told.






Nine of Pentacles;Nine of Pentacles

This is the card of self-control and restraint, being disciplined and paying attention, take a pedantic step by step approach, isolating yourself while being very productive, working to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, using tact and diplomacy in your work. All forms of art and beauty are represented by this card, it is saying enjoy the finer things that life has to offer, work is important but indulging the senses is also important. If you are disciplined in your working life and pay attention to detail, this card is telling you that you can then enjoy the finer things in life. This card is saying that by showing restraint and self-control you will be able to reap the benefits, it is saying believe in yourself and work steadily towards what you want, and it is okay to withdraw as you give your work or business the necessary time and energy it needs.







Ten of Pentacles;Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles speaks of a secure financial position and the joy that comes with enjoying your success, and seeing your venture flourish, there is good fortune around you when this card appears in your reading. It can also represent finding a solution to something and creating a strong foundation, it also speaks of playing by the rules and creating workable life patterns for you to abide by. This is the card of success and the comfort that comes with success, abundance is yours and yours to enjoy, the Ten of Pentacles is telling you that what you have built you will have the ability to maintain. Although life presents us with change, there are certain constants in life that work for you and this card is saying that certain strategic action should be maintained to assure your ongoing success. What you have is workable in the long term.






Page of Pentacles;Page of Pentacles

As we progress through life we are always learning something new and this card is saying, take your learning and make it work for you, apply your knowledge and work with what you have, look at your life and what is effective, allow growth and expansion to take place. Be committed to your life and what you have learned, apply your knowledge well, brush aside uncertainty and work with assurity. Let people know you are reliable and can be trusted, the Page of Pentacles is saying there are opportunities for financial gain, for abundance and prosperity, something is to be offered to you that you have been waiting for, when this is presented to you, jump at the opportunity. This card speaks of trust, commitment, and stability, all areas of your life are to be enriched and you can enjoy the spoils.






Knight of Pentacles;Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is a very conservative character and has a dogged determination, he proceeds cautiously, possibly too cautiously at times, he doesn’t like to take risks he meticulously examines everything and can be a little obsessive. At times he can be inflexible and he is a perfectionist, he looks at all the facts and is a worrier, when he starts a task he gives it his full attention, he is extremely industrious, and is tireless in his approach. He can be a little too serious and has to be reminded to stop and relax, when he gives something his attention he doesn’t stop until the task is finished. He is a perfectionist and is meticulous in his attention to detail, dogged determination aptly describes him. Work always comes first with the Knight of Pentacles and he is always right, when this card shows in a reading it is to say show some flexibility, you may be pushing yourself too hard and it may be necessary for you to lighten up. This card can be interpreted in two ways, one as described above or it may be that you need some of the Knights discipline in your life, especially if you are spending too much money.





Queen of Pentacles;Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles has a benevolent warm energy and draws people to her, people always feel better for having spent time with her, she will always help those in need, she finds it difficult to say no. Any problems she handles with a no nonsense approach and is unpretentious, she is charming and will allow no obstacles to stop her progress. She will keep your secrets and is always ready to extol her wisdom, she is very loyal and a trusted friend. The Queen of Pentacles is nurturing and compassionate and she loves to care for others, problems shared with her, are problems halved, she is the perfect friend or family member if anyone is in pain or in trouble, she engenders trust. Be inspired by the beautiful energy of the Queen of Pentacles and draw from her wealth of goodness, this can be for a man or woman in a reading.





King of Pentacles;

The King of Pentacles is a successful businessman, and attracts wealth like a magnet, he is astute in his dealings and is a very capable energy, he commands respect and can diplomatically handle any situation, he is trustworthy and manages responsibility. He has a philanthropic nature, and follows projects that are worthwhile, he works towards goals with a steady pace, no doubts cross his mind. The King of Pentacles has no problems drawing financial abundance to him and many can learn from his canny behavior, he is intelligent and intuitive. He has much but he always encourages others to learn and build for their future. He seems to walk effortlessly through life, and there is no goal that he doesn’t obtain, his resolve is always firm. Whenever the King appears in a reading be inspired by his approach to life.

You now have an overview of the cards and their meanings, to do a reading shuffle the pack and place the cards in three piles from right to left, next put the middle pile on the right pile and pick up that pile and place to the left. To begin your reading you turn the cards over from the top of the deck one at a time, below are some spreads for you to try.





Card Spreads

Single card spread

This is where you shuffle the deck and choose one card in answer to a yes or no question.

Three card spread

You lay the cards out from left to right. The first card pertains to the influences in the past. The second card pertains to your current situation and how you are handling it. The last card reveals how what you are doing now will affect your future and the expected outcome.

Four card spread

You lay the cards out in a diamond shape. Your love life is represented by the card at the top of the triangle. The left point represents your career. The opposite of your career to the right, looks at your finances. The lower card opposite the love life position relates to your health and happiness.

The Celtic Cross spread

This is a classic spread and is manageable for a beginner. It relates to most aspects of life and is a very good way to start after trying the single card spread and three, and four card spread.

Yin Yang Spread

This is a very good spread if you are at odds with another person, business or group. It is used when parties disagree.


Cards 1 and 2, the heart of the matter

Cards 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 side A

Cards 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 side B

The cards are placed alternately, one on the left and one on the right, until all eight cards are placed. Before you begin using this spread make a decision as to which party is A, and which party is B. If the reading is for you, you will be side A. The center line is the meeting point for the parties and cards 1 and 2 are looked at as the heart of the matter, and the issues causing the problem. Card 11 offers the answers, and card 12 is the final outcome.




This is an ancient spread and is one that offers great detail in a reading, it is in essence two crosses a larger central cross comprising of six cards, and a smaller cross. The card that crosses the center card is the second cross and this represents the heart of the matter, what crosses you and what you are dealing with. It is the center around which your life revolves.

Card position 1. The heart of the matter

Card position 2. The opposing factor

Card position 3. Unconscious influence

Card position 4. Past issues

Card position 5. Conscious influence

Card position 6. Future influence

Card position 7. How you present yourself

Card position 8. Your outside environment, how others see you

Card position 9. Guidance

Card position 10. Final outcome


You now have enough information to be able to tackle a reading using one or all of the spreads, take it slowly allow yourself adequate time to learn all the cards and once they are familiar to you, you will find that through practice readings will become more natural. As you go through the four stages of learning;

The four stages of learning;


Unconscious incompetence, the beginning when you do not know what it is like to do something, you do not have a familiar past point of reference, it requires all your attention to master a new skill.


Conscious incompetence, this is where you recognise what you don’t know and your limitations, you want to become competent and it requires great concentration to learn to perform the new task. This is usually the most difficult stage, and the one where many people give up, finding it too hard, it is the point where it is necessary to push yourself a little harder and imagine how good you will feel when you attain mastery.


Conscious competence, when you reach this stage you will find that you are able to manage the new skill well although much concentration is required, you have become proficient, the next stage is when you master the skill.


This is the point when you have attained mastery, the effort was worth it and you are able to perform the skill without thinking about it, like riding a bike, or driving a car. A habit has been formed and the skill is now unconscious.

Learning a new skill is never easy, but the feeling when you do master something new is always worth the effort. We hope you enjoy your time with the tarot cards.


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